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Online Text Games: The Art of Emoting – Part Two

The first article of the “Art of Emoting” series dealt with making specific word choices in your emotes in order to make sure you’re conveying the image that you want to your fellow roleplayers in text-based RPGs. In this article, we plan to tackle another subject which, although equally important, deals more with the flow and even etiquette of text games rather than pure imagery; emote length.

Farmville: Follow the Farming Craze in Facebook

FarmVille has taken Facebook by storm with literally millions of users flocking to it every day. This real time simulation game gives you the opportunity to play farmer by planting and harvesting crops, taking care of your barn animals and decorate your place as well.

What In The World Is Farmville?

If you are using Facebook even sparsely, you will notice the Farmville application. It has already garnered a cult like following that includes around ten percent of Facebook users. Now, considering that Facebook has around 500 million, you can understand how huge Farmville’s user base is. But if you have never heard of it and are curious, here’s what Farmville is all about.

FarmVille: A New Way of Interacting With Your Friends

FarmVille is a game developed by Zynga and it is one of the applications that revolutionized the idea of social network gaming in Facebook. Up till today, it remains as one of the most popular applications on the site.

Fort Troy: Molisked to Death

This tribute is about the terrorizing trip from an outpost to Fort Troy. With an over growing Molisk population near the out post just south east of Fort Troy, this increase of molisk makes it fairly difficult, but not impossible to escape from this location.

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