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24/7 WPT Episodes

Modern Warfare 2 Capture The Flag Multiplayer Tips

Modern Warfare 2 is a game that has a multiplayer function. One game is to capture the flag. Find out what you need to do to improve your chances of winning in this type of match.

Text Adventure Games: Player/Character Distinction (Part 1)

It is a Saturday night. You are logged onto your favorite online text game, camped outside an enemy city as you wait for the battle to begin. The defenders are sitting just a room away, picking out some easy targets. You announce their names to your citymates, who promptly slaughter them. As you pat yourself on the back for a job well done, an instant message pops up. “WTF,” the player behind your in-game husband sends, “That was my alt.”

Online Text Games: How To Have Fun In A MUD

An online text game can be a tough sale by even the most fanatic of followers. Many people don’t see the appeal in a text-based RPG — such as the vibrant storytelling, the compelling characters, and the killer (excuse the pun) player-killing. So novices often ask, “What do we do to have fun?” For many veteran players, there inevitably comes a short period where the game has lost the luster it once held, so the same question arises in their minds: What makes text-based RPGs actually fun?

The WoW Gold Cap Never Changes

There is a common idea that exists around the WoW Gold Cap. That idea is that the cap itself increases as a player’s character also increases in level. Unfortunately, this concept that the World of Warcraft gold cap increases in lock step with the character is a myth. Read on to find out why.

Tips and Tricks For Mastering World of Warcraft – Eu Armory

Eu armory is a database for the World of Warcraft game. Eu, from Eu armory, refers to Europe. By searching the database, you can find almost real time data pulled from the World Of Warcraft servers. It’s the most comprehensive database of its kind that you can find.

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