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34 Winning Showdowns Deciding on $40,875,000 in Prize Money! MEGA COMPILATION

Why New WoW Cataclysm Ore and Herbs Will Be Worthless

Unlike in previous expansions, the new herbs and ore that are available in Cataclysm will not be worth nearly as much gold as their predecessors. Find out why in this interesting article.

Shooting Games

Did you know that shooting games can actually help improve your memory? A recent study indicated that people who play shooting games at least three times per week had a 35% better memory than those who just went about their everyday lives without taking the time to spend around 90 minutes per session playing shooting games. Needless to say, there is a little bit of controversy that revolves around this particular type of game.

Warcraft Pre-Cataclysm Gold

A new expansion pack for World of Warcraft means new gold making opportunities. However, these chances only come once every few years, so it’s worthwhile saying on top of the latest trends and information.

Starcraft 2 Mission Guide – 3 Powerful Strategies For Beating Every Mission

Some of the missions in Starcraft 2 may seem impossible at first, especially when played on the brutal setting. However, by applying these 3 tactics, all of the Starcraft 2 missions become much easier.

Cataclysm Worgen Leveling Guide – How To Get The Best Start Playing As Worgen!

When you first start out as the new race Worgen which of course is a Werewolf you will be able to take part in a few interesting things in the game and in fact as soon as you start you will be in the middle of a Civil war. You will then actually become a Worgen and you will be sent to Duskhaven and this actually takes place before the Forsaken invade Gilneas.

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