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Fast WoW Gold – Tips on Making WoW Gold Fast

Are you wishing that you could make some fast gold in WoW? You know what its like other players have items that you would like but for you to own those items you need gold so you want to find ways to get some quick.

Cataclysm Leveling Guide – How to Hit Level 85 Fast and Easy

With the new World of Warcraft Cataclysm expansion pack recently unveiled we find ourselves racing yet again to meet the new level cap. This time around though, at least there’s only a grind of five levels, rather than ten that we find ourselves facing. This cataclysm leveling guide will hopefully give you a few quick tips to get you blazing to 85 and on your flying mount in Azeroth.

Don’t Buy World of Cataclysm Gold

In World of Cataclysm you can easily make gold from gathering or crafting professions. Don’t be a fool and purchase gold which you will only spend and then need to buy more of soon enough!

The Reason World of Warcraft Has Realm and Server Population Issues

If you’ve played World of Warcraft for any length of time you are well aware of the population issues that exist with relation to the vast amount of realms and servers that Blizzard has released. They currently have well over 200 servers up and running at this point in time and a good chunk of them are labeled as “low” population and are considered “ghost town” servers. Blizzard has tried many things to fix this problem such as offering realm character transfers and labeling a group of servers as “New Player” servers in hopes of luring new players into creating characters on these servers. Nothing has solved the problem, however. So why is there such a terrible population problem and what can be done to fix it?

Aion Online Strategy Guides – Small Example Of How They Can Help With Leveling in Aion

Aion Online strategy guides are very important because they will tell you how to use your character the best way. I’ve learned this first-hand as I couldn’t do much grinding with my character.

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