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An Interview with Replay’s Poker Operations Manager by JenGen7

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When I first came to Replay, just over a year ago now, I had never played online poker. The thing that kept me coming back, besides the fun games and new poker buddies, was the friendly and helpful Staff, Moderators, Player Reps, and Volunteers. All these wonderful people helped to make my poker playing experience fun, social, and truly fulfilled my need to get my daily poker fix.

As I have grown with Replay and moved into league play, the Replay staff have been phenomenal and integral to my growth and improvement with poker playing and what I think of as the entire Replay experience. Over the past year I tried other sites. I have to say there is no place like Replay and I am happy to have had the opportunity and pleasure to chat with Chasetheriver, who is a Replay Staff member. I am very proud to share a bit about him and his role with Replay. So, meet Chasetheriver of Replay.

Can you tell us a little about you and how you came to Replay?

I grew up on a fairly remote family farm, so got to play games with my brother and father in the evenings. We played lots of card games and board games like chess and Risk. When I got older, I was excited to find that I could play cards for real money! Sadly, I never really made the big time, but applied for a job as a collusion agent in 2005 for a big online site at about the time the first so-called internet poker boom ended about 2005. I joined Replay when I was offered the chance to work remotely from home instead of making the daily commute to an office.

What is your job title with Replay, and can you share a bit about your job?

I am officially the Poker Operations Manager. My main focus is checking games for collusion and underhanded play. Besides that, I also write quite a few Replay blogs, invent trivia questions for social media contests, and help support answer poker-related questions sent in by players from the site. I set up all of the promotions Replay runs, and work with the rest of the team to think of new ones. I also set up all the Private League games. It is fascinating to see how they have grown and the different games people like.

What is your favorite poker game and favorite hole cards, besides the pocket Aces?

In live games, I like fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo, but limit poker is not as popular a game in the UK. Online, I used to play NL Hold’em tournaments on many sites and Royal Hold’em at Ultimate Poker many years ago, which I enjoyed for the short time that lasted.

My Hold’em road hand is 6-5 suited in Spades. I flopped a straight flush with it soon after I started playing and beat a fierce local rival, who had flopped a flush with K-10.

Thank you, Chasetheriver, for sharing your story with us. 


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