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Anatoly Filatov Wins GGPoker Super MILLION$ Main Event for Career-High $1.19M Score

Anatoly Filatov Super Millions
Anatoly Filatov won the $5M GTD GGPoker Super MILLION$ Main Event for a career-high cash of $1,193,332. (photo: World Poker Tour)

It was just two months ago that Anatoly Filatov celebrated a results surge that lifted him to more than $10 million in career online earnings. Since that time, the Russian poker superstar’s heater has continued and it all culminated with a victory in the massive $10,300 GGPoker Super MILLION$ Main Event where he bested a field of 748 runners to collect a career-high online cash of $1,193,332 and a WSOP Circuit ring.

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For Filatov, the past two months have brought him some of the best results of his career. In addition to this week’s seven-figure score, he picked up a fourth-place finish in the GGPoker $25K SHR Championship for $558,512 on August 30 and then followed it up a week later with a third-place result in the September 7 edition of the Super MILLION$ for another $250,053 – both top 5 career results prior to this current win. His success has pushed him into worldwide top 10 rankings where he currently sits at a career-high of #7 in the world.

Although he didn’t start the day with the chip lead, he was sitting just a couple of big blinds off the lead. He quickly took control of the final table, amassed a top stack that he only lost for a short time during heads-up. In the end, Filatov sealed the deal and now has more than $12.2 million in online earnings.

Roughly 15 minutes into the start of play, with the blinds at 80,000/160,000 (20,000 ante), the action folded to the short-stacked ‘Graf Tekkel’ on the button who picked up JsJh. After ‘Graf Tekkel’ moved all-in for his final ten big blinds, it was folded to Filatov in the big blind who looked at Ac8d and decided to make the call. The AhKs4h put Filatov’s top pair in the lead which he held through the 9c turn and the Td river. Russia’s ‘Graf Tekkel’ bowed out in ninth place for $149,166.

Just ten minutes later, as the blinds moved to 100,000/200,000 (25,000 ante), Ole Schemion was under the gun with just under ten big blinds when he open-shoved holding AdTd. In the cut off, Markus Leikkonen held 9d9c and made the call. The rest of the table got out of the way and pair were flipping for a 22 big blind pot. The board ran out Kc4h3d3s8d keeping Leikkonen’s pocket nines in front the entire time and ending Schemion’s day in eighth place for $193,445.

Seven-handed play lasted the better part of 45 minutes as the blinds moved to 150,000/300,000 (35,000 ante). From the button, online poker legend Isaac Baron pushed his final 15 bigs in with his Kc8c prompting Austria’s Marius Gierse to move all-in as well with his 9s9d from the small blind. Leikkonen folded in the big blind and the cards were turned up with Baron’s tournament at risk. The Qc7s3s offered Baron little help. When the turn came the 3d, Baron was left looking for a king, but instead, it was the 5d and Baron hit the rail in seventh place for $250,867.

Three hands later, a clash of huge hands took out the start-of-the-day chip leader Mark Radoja. From middle position, Gierse raised to 660,000 with the 5s5c. On the button, Filatov elected to just call holding TcTd. Then, in the small blind, Christian Rudolph also elected to just flat with his JsJc. When the action reached Radoja in the big blind, he made a move. He three-bet shipped all-in for just over 10 million. After Gierse folded, Filatov went into the tank and eventually shipped as well. Then it was Rudolph’s turn with pocket jacks, but he made a rather quick fold and Radoja was flipping against Filatov. The flop came Kh9d8d and Radoja had his overcards as outs plus backdoor straight possibilities (blocked by Filatov). The 3h turn was a brick and Radoja was down to six outs. But the 4c hit the river and Radoja was eliminated in sixth for $325,334.

Filatov soared to an overwhelming chip lead with five left as once again the play slowed down. Nearly two levels passed when at 200,000/400,000 (50,000 ante) Filatov felted another player. Brazil’s Pedro Garagnani picked up 8h8s in the cutoff and raised it up to 2.4 million, leaving himself just four big blind behind. When it folded to Filatov in the big blind with KcKh, he raised enough that a call by Garagnani would put the Brazilian’s tournament life at risk. He did just that and the board ran out AhJd4h2hKd giving Filatov an unnecessary set to send Garagnani home in fifth place for $421,906.

With the blinds as high as 250,000/500,000 (60,000 ante), Rudolph picked up AhQd under the gun and opened it up to 3.5 million. Right behind him, on the button, Gierse picked up KcKh and moved all-in for slightly more than Rudolph’s entire stack. Both blinds folded and Rudolph committed the rest of his chips. The flop came Kd6c5s, giving Gierse top set and leaving Rudolph looking for runner-runner outs. The Qc was not one of them, and Rudolph was drawing dead to the Jd river. Rudolph walked with $547,145 for fourth place.

Leikkonen and Gierse both had roughly 20 big blinds to Filatov’s massive stack of nearly 70 bigs. After taking a pot off Filatov, Gierse climbed to over 22 million putting him in position to deliver the final blow to Leikkonen.

At 300,000/600,000 (75,000 ante) Filatov opened the button to 1.2 million with his QsJs and Gierse flat called from the small blind holding 9c9h. Leikkonen looked at 4h4c and moved all-in for just over 11 million. After a short trip into the tank, Filatov decided to fold and Gierse quickly called. The Jc6h2s offered Leikkonen little help, but it was the 9d turn that closed the door. The 7h was a meaningless river and Leikkonen, who started the day as the short stack, laddered to a third-place finish and a $709,559 payday.

The knockout was huge for Gierse who has battled back to start heads-up play against Filatov in a near dead heat in chips. The pair battled back and forth and were nearly even once again, with Filatov holding a slight lead when the tournament ended on a setup.

Filatov picked up AsAh on the button and raised it up to 1.4 million. Gierse, in the big blind, raised it up to 5.25 million with the QsJs. Filatov flatted his pocket aces and the flop came Qh8h6c, providing all the action needed to bring an end to the tournament. Gierse led out for 3.5 million and Filatov called. The turn came the 3d and Gierse led again, this time for 9.4 million, leaving himself 18 million behind. A few seconds passed and Filatov shipped for 29 million and Gierse took just a few seconds before making the call for it all. The river came the 9s, shipping the pot – and the tournament – to Filatov. Gierse ended up as the runner-up and walked with a stellar score of $920,184 while Anatoly Filatov collected a career-high online score of $1,193,332.

Super MILLION$ WSOP Circuit Final Table Results

  1. Anatoly Filatov – $1,193,332
  2. Marius Gierse – $920,184
  3. Markus Leikkonen – $709, 559
  4. Christian Rudolph – $547,145
  5. Pedro Garagnani – $421,906
  6. Mark Radoja – $325,334
  7. Isaac Baron – $250,867
  8. Ole Schemion – $193,445
  9. ‘Graf Tekkel’ – $149,166

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