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Introduction to League of Legends

One of the online multiplayer games that have been going up on the popularity charts continuously for the last few years is the League of Legends. It’s a MOBA, multiplayer online battle arena game, which for the first time was launched during 2009. Produced by Riot Games, it was meant for PC and Mac, however the latter version was subsequently closed.

Why You Should Play Online Games Occasionally

Online games have recently become the in thing among many generations due to the many benefits that they come with especially to growing children. Although there are many demerits associated with the games, some benefits come with their day-to-day indulgence. Many scientists have gone further in an attempt to list down some confirmed benefits that come with the games.

Elders Scrolls Online Leveling Guide: It’s Complicated

A few years ago, Facebook started allowing people to choose “it’s complicated” as a relationship status. For the many, many people who didn’t fit neatly into a single category. Elder Scrolls, an MMO based off a long running single player RPG series, has brought “It’s complicated” to gaming. ESO wasn’t content to make a traditional-style MMO set in their world. Instead, they tried to bring their systems of crafting, combat, and other things, into the MMO. The result is works surprisingly well, with a high amount of flexibility and unheard of character customization available. The result is also that normally simple systems MMO player has been familiar with for years, have gotten complicated.

Dark Anchors in The Elder Scrolls Online

As you explore Tamriel you might have heard the sound of a fright-inducing horn and see a huge anchor drop from the sky rooting itself into the earth. Dark Anchors are creations of Molag Bal and a part of his evil plan to gain control of Tamriel. Their purpose is to pull Tamriel into Coldharbour, merging the two realms with Molag Bal as the supreme ruler.

Questing in The Elder Scrolls Online

In The Elder Scrolls Online, Player vs Environment is extremely important for your heroic character always on the quest for new adventures. There are loads of things you can do in terms of PvE starting with quests.

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