CCG VLOG #120: “Tournament Breakdowns”

Hey every person ken right here, a ccg vlog for occasion this weekend break for occasions this weekend break, uh thursday, friday saturday sunday, we’re gon na solve into it. This vlog, no like amusing, small talk or anything enjoyable. It’s, simply it’s also cool exterior.

Do you people see this pile of snow back right here? I do not understand if you can see it, it’s terrible. I’m cold. It’s, so cool in below i obtained the warmth method up. I presume i ignored the no woody banner point.

I think the wintertime obtained, the much better of me. I do not understand like if i needed to see another jon snow meme regarding wintertime. Coming it’s below as well as it’s chilly. I’m chilly. It’s cool outside uh anyways. 4 occasions this weekend break, thursday, friday saturday sunday, it’s a split weekend break so thursday and also friday.

We’re, mosting likely to go to the bridgeview recreation center, to ensure that’s, thursday february 18th and also friday february 19th. We’re, mosting likely to go to the bridgeview recreation center saturday, the 20th and also sunday, the 21st.

We’re, mosting likely to go to kings hall in lombard. That’s, the one that’s on 355 as well as north opportunity. Everyone understands where bridgeview is bridgeview resembles 79th in harlem, so sort of a north side occasion and also a south side occasion .

4 occasions, uh still doing events as well as money video games events are seeking out this previous weekend break. We had some terrific yields for the events, in some cases also great , however that’s sort of where we’re at with 50-person occasions.

So they’re still going actually well so, you recognize half a hr prior to the begin of every event is when um we open enrollment or the holding charity opens enrollment, so uh both o’clock event.

is the only exemption, so allow’s. Obtain this straight 15 mins prior to the beginning of the occasion is when we will certainly begin offering seats for the 2 o’clock events um. Anything else will certainly be half a hr ahead of time.

So, on thursday and also friday we’ Ve obtained the 20 early riser at 2 p.m at the bridgeview recreation center. To ensure that implies at 1 45. You can begin acquiring seats. Currently they’ll, begin offering cash money video game chips, uh half a hr prior to the begin of the occasion, 15 mins prior to the begin of the occasion for the events every various other competition.

Besides that half a hr ahead of time, they’ll begin offering chips. I understand it’s a whole lot, however that’s sort of the standard. If you have any kind of concerns on that particular struck me up in the remarks however uh a great deal of individuals have been asking like: when can we sign up? Can i conserve seeds? Can i do that things? We’re.

Doing very first preceded offer all the competitions have actually been offering out in the feeling that the readily available seats that we have, which are in between 5 as well as 6 tables, relying on the event as well as the moment .

I think 3 to 6, yet you understand the majority of the larger occasions of the day like the 2 p.m competition they restrict to the initial 5 tables, to ensure that’s, 5 tables of 6, that’s; 30 gamers. So if you’re one of the very first 30 gamers, they’re, usually marketed out by regarding a quarter after , and after that then it’s re-entries.

So if you arrive prior to completion of enrollment for any type of competition from the early riser to the deep pile to the pile competitions to the large bounty which we’ll speak about on sunday, regardless of what it is.

As long as you’re there prior to completion of enrollment, you will certainly 100 percent enter the competition trouble. Is you reached wait to enter as a change? It implies someone needs to break out of the event prior to you can obtain your seat, due to the fact that we’re just restricting it’s.

Not me, it’s, simply kovit it’s. What we’re permitted to have as well as attempt to make it reasonable for everyone that’s. The very best situation circumstance: we’ve, create to ensure that’s. What it is a little run-through on events uh thursday, 2 events 2 pm 20 early riser late enrollment up until 3 p.

m. The birds have actually been solving around. You understand 40 on a slow-moving day, 60 on an excellent day, to ensure that’s, type of where those go to thursday, 2 p.m. Early bird 20 early riser, we’re, just doing 20 early risers today, uh and after that at 6 30 pm is a 115 3 table.

So 3 tables um restricted uh last friday. I assume they had 20 gamers by the time they obtained a number of alternates know those 3 table competitions. So respectable great turnover friday exact same timetable, 2 p.

m. 20, early riser, , 6, 30, p.m. 1, 15. Saturday is the deep heaps deep heaps navigating 50 plus gamers, 120 buck buy-in that’s at king’s, hall 7. 30 p.m. Is the 50 rest and also go sunday? Is a brand-new event? 250, large bounty, my battery’s gon na go out right here, so i’m gon na attempt to make this fast, 250 large bounty at twelve noon.

1. 15. At 4, 50 sunday, unique at 7 30. appeared and also see us this weekend break. 2 days at bridgeview, 2 days at king’s hall, if you have any type of concerns strike me up in the remarks. Many thanks for enjoying, we ‘

Ll, see you following time, bye, everyone, [, Music,] You

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