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Daniel Negreanu Comes Through For Series-Long Staking Supporters

Daniel Negreanu Staking 2
A million-dollar swing late in the WSOP helped Daniel Negreanu bring a nice return for his series-long backers. (photo: PokerGO)

It came down to the final week of the 2021 World Series of Poker but, in the end, Daniel Negreanu dug himself out of a half-million-dollar WSOP hole and booked a win for himself and more than 300 supporters who purchased a piece of his series-long staking package.

“I give people a chance to take the ride.”

Two months ago, Negreanu announced that he would, once again, be offering shares of his entire WSOP campaign. He was honoring a promise to those fans who missed out on his 2019 campaign and had yet to have an opportunity for a series-long sweat. He gave those people the chance to “take the ride” with him at the WSOP. And what a ride it was.

Starting with WSOP Event #2 ($25,000 H.O.R.S.E.) Negreanu dedicated himself to a non-stop grind. He fired in 46 of the scheduled 88 live events, plus all 10 of the online events. He posted a total of $1,052,773 in buy-ins (of $1,627,484 potential) and, in the end, cashed in 18 of the 56 events – a 32% in-the-money record for the series.

Daniel Negreanu’s 2021 WSOP Cashes

Event Buy-In Place Earnings
Event #2 – H.O.R.S.E. $25,000 10th $46,002.00
Online Event #2 – Big 500 $500 53rd $1,536.48
Event #20 – GGPoker Flip & Go Live $1,000 124th $2,155.00
Event #21 – Mixed PLO 8/O8/Big O $1,500 18th $6,846.00
Online Event #3 – NLHE Ultra Deepstack $400 45th $1,660.00
Event #25 – 6-Handed NLHE $5,000 22nd $21,838.00
Event #28 – PLO 8-Handed $1,000 140th $1,603.00
Event #32 – H.O.R.S.E. $3,000 8th $17,526.00
Online Event #4 – PLO Crazy 8’s $888 56th $1,545.12
Event #36 – Dealers Choice 6-Handed $10,000 9th $25,741.00
Event #47 – NLHE 8-Handed Freezeout $5,000 32nd $11,601.00
Online Event #5 – NLHE Championship $1,000 96th $1,614.06
Event #49 – No Limit 2-7 Lowball $10,000 8th $32,162.00
Event #60 – Poker Players Championship $50,000 9th $91,595.00
Online Event #6 – NLHE $666 64th $1,420.02
Event #80 – PLO 6-Handed $3,000 50th $5,648.00
Event #84 – PLO High Roller $50,000 3rd $519,764.00
Event #85 – NLHE High Roller $50,000 3rd $661,041.00

The total of those cashes adds up to $1,451,297.68. But there’s a bonus $500 added in from a bounty captured from Event #71 making the total $1,451,797.68 – a profit of $399,024.68. When that is added to the unplayed amount collected at the beginning of the stake ($574,711) the end result is a profit for backers of 24.52%.

So, for every $20 investment, there was $24.90 returned. For those who put in the maximum amount upfront of $1,000, they took home $1,245.18.

Stake Return
$20.00 $24.90
$100.00 $124.52
$200.00 $249.04
$300.00 $373.55
$500.00 $622.59
$1,000.00 $1,245.18

The Million Dollar Swing

When Negreanu first offered the action this year he decided to forgo the High-Medium-Low tier of investments that he used in 2019 because “I want all of us to win together, or…if I lose, we all lose together.”

That turned out to be beneficial for all Negreanu’s backers. As the series was coming to a close, Negreanu was looking at a near half-million deficit. The entire stake was riding on a series of high rollers – two $50Ks, a $100K, and the $250K Super High Roller. The buy-ins alone could have pushed Negreanu under $1 million if he wasn’t able to make something happen.

But after picking up a small cash in Event #80 ($3,000 PLO), Negreanu rode that momentum into Event #84 ($50,000 PLO High Roller). He busted his first bullet but fired again, and this time he shot straight. He took his second chance all the way to the final table. It looked like he might capture bracelet #7, but after some hands didn’t go his way, he bowed out in third place. His $519,764 score turned the tide for the stake and put him within $10,000 of being even.

He was right back at it the next day in Event #85 ($50,000 NLHE High Roller). There were 113 entries, but Negreanu only fired one shot. The momentum from the PLO High Roller carried over and the sweat became real as he made back-to-back final tables. Unfortunately, Negreanu fell in third place again, unable to break through to the bracelet. But he added a critical score of $661,041 to not only climb into the positive but ensure that he would be profitable with only four total events left on the schedule.

It was a million-dollar swing in the course of 72 hours and for those following along, it was the reason for backing Negreanu in the first place. Not just the profit, which is of course nice, but the entertainment of being a part of an epic run with a fantastic finish.

The World Series of Poker may be over but keep your eyes on PocketFives Staking for plenty of future opportunities to be a part of the action of your favorite players.

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