Daniel With Another SOUL READ | Dnegs vs Doug | High Stakes Feud

I do not, understand white football, like i, i recognize what’s taking place, however, like i, do not have like a solitary group that i assistance whatsoever i much like when, like 2 excellent groups clash – and also I obtain a possibility to enjoy such a great video game christian.

Do you require to head to mexico for using gg online poker? I indicate if you stay in the states, you reached go someplace. They’re around the center. Currently this expense’s, not taking place currently. Oh my god. Uh it’ S obtained the vodka.

I assume dead. Allow’s, go buffalo, [, Music] I such as the remark from on your own. A screwdriver, oh david, claims kalanchoe appears positive, yet secured up when laid off in a space with lin. Why, oh, what does he suggest by left alone in the space with lin? Possibly, when i relaxed recently, uh in the zoom space and also you entered yeah the zoom space – oh fine, i was cooled.

All i intend to do is zoom yes you do not strike me as the man that would certainly clam up nah. I’m. Pretty cooled there’s regarding 20k in the center on table. 2 yeah. Are you clammy? Jeff huh you a little clammy.

No. You simply stated that. I claimed that, oh no! No! I was describing something in the conversation. They were asking carlin. Why clammed up when laid off, in the area with linus, that’s? Phony information? Oh carlin! Does not clam up.

I might see you obtaining a little clammy me club yeah. I presume, however mostly jeff. You obtained ta phone calls with ace as well as no jack which woman with ace high is excellent. A 46k pot was that was that truly what we assume it was.

What simply occurred: yeah that’s, insane? Okay, that’ll please, the old uh? Okay, it feels like daniel uh type of is manipulating uh the ducks river steps. You understand he went from tanking to such as simply calling with tough hands that’s, ridiculous [Songs], oh [, Music,], [, Music,], you

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