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Starcraft 2 Hot Key Guide

Starcraft 2 is a game all about mechanics and strategy. Hot keys are known as keyboard shortcuts that drastically increase the speed of players.

StarCraft 2 – Taking eSports Global

The original Starcraft was popular enough in Korea to become a national sport with live TV broadcasted matches but never reach that popularity outside of Korea. StarCraft 2 has done what its predecessor failed, turn StarCraft into the worlds largest and most popular eSport!

The Basics of Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2 becomes a very fun and even addicting game once you know how it is played. There are some basic guidelines to follow with each match you play. Read on to learn more.

Starcraft 2 Micro Guide

Micro refers to the control of your army while macro refers to the production of the army. Learn some key Starcraft 2 tips in this article.

Starcraft 2 Guide – How to Learn From Replays

Want to better your game by taking a different approach? Many players do not realize how powerful watching their own replays are as well as other good players.

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