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Dario Sammartino Wins GGPoker Super MILLION$ WSOPC Ring Event for $740K

Dario Sammartino
Dario Sammartino scored his first GGPoker Super MILLION$ title for $740K.

It’s going to be a happy holiday season for Dario Sammartino who, in his seventh trip to a GGPoker Super MILLION$ final table, took down this week’s $10K tournament for his first Super MILLION$ title, a World Series of Poker Circuit gold ring, and the $740,917 first-place prize.

Sammartino started the day third in chips, but there was a massive gap between the top two stacks and the rest of the field. Sammartino simply bided his time, held tough through the early levels, and eventually picked up big hands in key spots to position himself to win. It looked like it could be a tight final table, with only one person busting before the first break, but soon enough the knockouts picked up with Sammartino driving the action and amassing a chip lead he rode to the end.

But this holiday edition of the Super MILLION$ was no easy gift for Sammartino who was forced to fight past a number of big-name pros including Mike Watson, Francisco Benitez, and previous Super MILLION$ champ David Miscikowski who started the day as the chip leader.

Roughly twenty minutes into play, Mike ‘SirWatts’ Watson’s stack evaporated in two consecutive hands. With the blinds at 60,000/120,000 (15,000 ante), Watson and Austria’s ‘Intermecik’ got it all-in with Watson holding the KsJs and ‘Intermecik’ with the AsQs. The board ran out clean for ace-high and Watson was left with just over one big blind. He open-shoved the very next hand with AcQd and Michel Dattani woke up with AsAh in the small blind. The board ran out 7s4s5d9dQc to end Watson’s day in ninth place for $92,614.

Watson was the only elimination before the first break, but with five of the remaining eight players sitting on 20 big blinds or less, the bustouts were right around the corner. Just a few hands after players returned, with the blinds at 80,000/160,000 (20,000 ante) Dattani raised to 1.175 million with the Qd8d, leaving himself just 240,000 behind. David Miscikowski picked up 9h9d and shoved over the top pushing Sammartino out of the pot in the big blind. Dattani called off for his remaining chips. The flop came Ah3c3s, providing no help to Dattani. When the turn came the 9c, Dattani was drawing dead to the Jh river. Miscikowsk scored a full house and Dattani scored $120,106 for his eighth-place finish.

On the very next hand, Miscikowski made it 320,000 to go on the button with the Jc6h and ‘Internecik’ defended the big blind holding the JdTs. The flop came Jh6d2s giving Miscikowsk top two pair and ‘Internecik’ top pair. ‘Internecik’ checked it over and Miscikowski put out a bet of 160,00 which ‘Internecik’ called. The turn was the 6s, and once again Miscikowski hit a full house. ‘Internecik’ checked again and Miscikowski bet 422,200. Again, ‘Internecik’ called. The river was the 2c, and ‘Internecik’ checked a third time, this time Miscikowski put it all in the middle and after a short tank, ‘Internecik’ called it off, ending their tournament in seventh place for $155,758.

Over the next twenty minutes, Sammartino started climbing the leaderboard and into second place. On the other end of the spectrum, ‘TheRayGuy’ slipped to the bottom of the chip counts. The blinds climbed to 125,000/250,000 (30,000 ante) and from UTG+1, ‘TheRayGuy’ shipped their final 960K in the middle with the As2s and was called by Russia’s ‘fizoka’ in the big blind holding ThTs. The flop came Js4d2c, giving ‘TheRayGuy’ a couple more outs with the deuce. But the turn was the 7d and the river came the 3s and ‘TheRayGuy’ hit the rail in sixth place for $201,994.

The eliminations picked up with five left but it wasn’t the big stacks just picking on the short stacks. A classic cooler took place to speed things along. Russian ‘Topgrek’ opened to 1.875 million from late position with the AdQs, leaving just 1.3 million behind. Then, Miscikowski flat called from the small blind holding the KdKh. In the big blind, Sammartino woke up with the AhAc and shoved all-in for 12.6 million. ‘Topgrek’ made the quick call putting themselves at risk and Miscikowski, who had Sammartino covered by just 2.5 million also called with his pocket kings. The flop came the Ts7c3h, not providing any help to the two underdogs. But it was officially all over when the case ace, the As, hit the turn guaranteeing Sammartino the hand and a huge chip lead. The meaningless river was the 8c and ‘Topgrek’ was out in fifth for $261,954 and Miscikowski went from the big stack to the bottom.

Moments after the third break, with the new blinds at 150,000/300,000 (35,000 ante), Sammartino was the beneficiary of another cooler. He raised to 660,000 on the button with QhQc and ‘fizoka’ three-bet shipped from the small blind with the JdJc. Once again, no drama for Sammartino as the board ran out 9h8c3c5h2d ending the Russian’s run in fourth place, good for $339,712.

With three left, Miscikowski was sitting on seven big blinds and needed to make a move. From the small blind, he shipped his 2.1 million with the Js7h into Sammartino in the big blind who snap-called with his 8d8s. The ThTs2h flop kept it clean for Sammartino’s eights which held through the 9c turn and Qd river. Miscikowski settled for a third-place finish and a $440,552 payday while Sammartino took a nearly 9-to-1 chip lead into heads up against Francisco Benitez.

Although Benitez found a double-up early on, it took only seven hands or so for Sammartino to close it out. Sammartino limped the button with the QdJd and Benitez shipped just over 7 million from the big blind with the Ac7d. It took about 10 seconds for Sammartino to call and the pair saw a flop of Td7c2s, keeping Benitez in the lead with middle pair. However, the turn was the Js putting Sammartino in the lead. The 9h river sealed the deal for Sammartino, sending Benitez home as the runner-up for $571,325 and awarding Sammartino his first-ever Super MILLION$ title and largest Super MILLION$ score of $740,917.

Super MILLION$ Final Table Results (12/21)

  1. Dario Sammartino – $740,917
  2. Franciscio Benitez – $571,325
  3. David Miscikowski – $440,552
  4. ‘fizoka’ – $339,712
  5. ‘Topgrek’ – $261,954
  6. ‘TheRayGuy’ – $201,994
  7. ‘Internecik’ – $155,758
  8. Michel Dattani – $120,106
  9. Michael Watson – $92,614

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