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Be Dynamic With Dynamic Events in Guild Wars 2

A brief description of the totally new game mechanic Guild Wars 2 brings into the MMO world. Although you should have heard about dynamic events by now, not many people really like to take a look deep within its finely crafted scripts and challenges and see if it can really impact the gameplay of the casual player or not.

What Is The Game WoW?

What is the game WoW? WoW stands for World of WarCraft which is an online role-playing game that is set in the colourful Warcraft universe. Here you’ll take on the role of a Warcraft hero adventuring his or her way through a truly vast world which has the capacity to allow thousands of players to interact in the same world. Here you can choose to either quest together or fight it out and as you progress through the game you will have made allies and enemies as you contend for dominance.

Practical Steps For Parents To Protect Their Children When Playing Online Games

Despite the many challenges of raising children today, parents can succeed in doing so. Parents need to be especially cautious when it comes to online games. Without a doubt, these can be an amazing source of entertainment and even learning for the family.

An Important Message For Parents About Online Games Supervision

Online games can be a great source of fun and learning for the entire family. However, it is vital for parents to appreciate fully what the experience of playing these games encompasses today. Since such games are played over the internet, many include interactive and social elements such as online competitions and chats.

Crowdfunding Diaries: A Look Back at Runaway Success, Zombies, Run!

Our Crowdfunding Diaries series continues with London-based game developer, Six to Start, which successfully raised $72,627 (over its initial pledge of $12,500) for its innovative game app, Zombies, Run! Before Tim Schafer’s Double Fine record pledge, Zombies, Run! had been crowned as the biggest video game project on Kickstarter in 2011.

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