Doug Polk All in with KINGS for $255,400!

This hand is underway and also nui has actually been dealt out, uh having actually taken a time-out. I took a time-out to review his adoration for sievert. He appreciated that twenty thousand, that’s. He ever before paid him off last time.

Precisely there’s, a great armani hoodie of roble red kings for doug roble ace queen, and also i believe we’re, visiting roble 3 bed doug below you are proper: 9 000. drops back to pulk and also doug might call, yet I assume he’s gon na restrict, below, regularly than call calling is great, yet taking into consideration that he 4 wagers with genuine negative hands, he needs to be 4 wagering with actual great hands.

He elevates to twenty 2 thousand 5 hundred. He began the hand with a hundred and also twenty 6 thousand or around 9 percent of what roble has when you place it like that ideal begun there. He goes whoa.

Exactly how around that? Well, you keep in mind aj. I was examining a few of polk’s. Pre-Flop elevates gain an excellent cost, whatever you desire awesome re-raising, a great deal with some rather poor hands, yet check out what he’s done currently.

He’s, he’s, made this circumstance as well as andrew truly decided, as well as simply stated adequate suffices and also they’re gon na run it two times queen 85 on the initial flop offers debris some assistance as well as there it Is oh as well as you would certainly? Actually you would not recognize it by considering either among them wow pulp.

Currently with 2 outs that was an enjoyable one. Roble looks prepared to eliminate someone, although he looked this way when he struck the queen too certain tough to check out, since all the aces live, though it’s like large remarkable win in the initial flop, 5.

10. 4. Not a lot dramatization right here, robo still seeking an ace or running straight cards, 5 on the turn, no assistance as well as jab simply needs to evade an ace, and also he does that’s, a good dual up for doug poke, that wins both runs and also The 255 thousand buck pot certain is

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