Horde Leveling Guide 1-85 – The Fastest Way To Reach The Level Cap

Looking for a 1-85 Horde leveling guide for World of Warcraft? Then you probably want to level one or more of your characters fast.

Horde Leveling Zones – Cataclysm New Neutral Quest Hubs

Beginning with level 10 and up to level 85, there are plenty of neutral quest hubs in World of Warcraft. Because neutral camps provide many easy-to-complete quests, the zones that contain neutral camps should also be your Horde leveling zones. Cataclysm has also brought new neutral camps to Azeroth. So, in this post I will point out a few of the most important ones.

Elements of a Superior Horde Leveling Up Guide

Are you looking for a Horde leveling up guide? Well, there are plenty out there, but not all of them are worth paying for. In this post, I will point out the elements of a superior Hord guide for leveling. By knowing what you’re supposed to get for your money, you will surely make the right decision.

How The Secret World Is Going to Redefine MMORPG

The upcoming MMORPG “The Secret World” is being developed by Funcom and is promising to revolutionize online gaming and the way gamers have been playing online games. The developers have promised to deliver the best experience ever in online gaming to the players. I have been following the game real closely and if you happen to pay a visit to their website, you will come to know about the various innovations that the developers have promised to deliver, once the game is released. Some of the unique features of the game include…

Horde Leveling Zones 1-85

The leveling path from 60 to 85 is about the same for every Horde player. However, you have plenty of different alternatives to choose from, when it comes to your 1-60 quest path. In this post, I will provide you with a complete Horde leveling path, pointing out the Horde leveling zones 1-85 that I usually go through every time I roll a new character.

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