Final Table Replay: WPT Spring Festival Sponsored by Poker King – ¥1,750,000 (~$270,305) to Winner!

You never know when your time is gonna come to rise, above the rest, to seize the opportunity to be crowned a champion. [ Applause, ], [ Applause, ]. Is it time for your story to be told, [, Music, ], the world poker tour.

Welcome everyone to the final table of the main event of the wpt spring festival looks like we’re about to get underway. I’m daniel devoras, hey patrangelo, here with me. What’s up danny? How you doing? I am doing well bright and early here and i’m ready to go nice man.

Yeah so looks like we got a couple short stacks. The stuff could start start moving, quick right away, chips will be flying. We’ve played a bunch of file tables like this. Over the last several months right, you’ve, been playing a lot of online poker yeah, and this uh stack distribution is uh familiar and interesting.

Uh yeah, i’m. Just looking at all right, we got the payouts popped up here. You got a little bob music going in the background here. So what do you like? How do you approach a final table like this? If this is you, you’re? One of these guys, whether what your stack is like do you kind of set up a game plan like do you look at stuff before you just kind of figure it out when you get there, because people are going to do all different types of stuff um.

You got any kind of a standard approach you use before you get in there or you just kind of get in there and start making decisions. So for myself, i generally just get in there and start making decisions because the you know the player pools that you and i play in.

They tend to be pretty small. Everyone kind of knows everyone, but for something like this, my approach, i think, would be a little bit uh. Well, it’d, be harder to approach because i don’t know the players.

Obviously yeah looks like we got something going right off the bat here we’ve got a little bit of a spicy raise with the jack 6 off. I don’t think that one is supposed to get in there sevens yeah. This a lot lots happening real fast here.

Okay, so, like the jack sticks off yeah, you want to be aggressive when you have a big stack, but definitely not opening, really junky off suit stuff, and then the sevens looked like an alright call ace king yeah.

You always want to squeeze that one and then maybe maybe with the icm stuff, the little pairs just aren’t good enough to go all in. It would be my my quick assessment of that one right off the bat here, yeah i agree and with the open you do want to apply pressure as the big stack, but he does have a couple of other pretty deep stacks behind him.

At least danny ace had uh had a lot of chips as well yeah, so not like you can get away with everything yeah. You want to stick with your your worst open, so you probably want to have an ace in your hand, a junkie, ace or a suited king or something like that and then uh oh looks like we got a little uh, so the ace two off is definitely One you can, you can consider three betting, maybe from the big blind, but it’s.

Just gonna be a fold in the small blind. I guess, and then yeah looks like this is great. The play is so much faster than i’m used to uh everyone’s. Just kind of i think that one actually might have been was that a limped pot, i couldn’t, see if it went raise or if it was a raise on the button and a call but yeah some it.

We’re off to a rapid start here, so yeah off. To start, we’re, not quite used to seeing chips. Fly this hard at the beginning of a final table, um a little bit too. I guess the word. The fancy word is uh, linear of a check raise from the small blind tier meaning.

You know it looks like he’s, taking the ace to ace deuce and check raise that wow. He got away from it kind of amazing a couple things there. Even though it’s, super fast, no reason to fast play the top pair with the nut flush draw right.

You want to keep the guy in there if he’s bluffing or making a weird play with exactly like the handy, hatties too, and then ace two yeah. I mean too loose all over the board. You definitely don ‘

T want to be check, raising one that has uh could potentially just be drawn dead already to another two pair and obviously, with with the two. Your kicker is pretty pretty weak, so as weak as it gets so yeah.

I probably tighten up with that one, a little bit yeah another hand that needs much protection either just on an ace high board, not many hands that can draw out on you – and i agree with the top pair and the spade flush.

Draw kind of want a slow play, keep a worse flush draw in there. Maybe let the guy bluff if he is bluffing with something else and kind of hard to get in kind of hard to get called by worse. When you jam uh with the ace five of spades there, your equity is always good, but not accomplishing much yeah, the other flush.

You know it’s, going to be a lot of flush, draws that when the guy does have a check raise there and then he can’t call a jam, obviously with a flush draw. So this a6 off is a little bit more in line with what we expect from a wide open.

It’s still too wide, but you know that being like one of the worst aces to open, but it’s. Fine um! I think, with some of the short stacks, we would typically see maybe a sh this one’s close with the tens.

I don’t know if you want to call that one or put in a three-bed or a shove. I guess all threes are kind of fine. I think i would default towards calling definitely folder four-bit the a6 off there, not calling that one in position, um and also probably don’t need to forbid that one.

But i mean using an offsuit ace. Is whatever never call it yeah? I like the uh, i actually like the small three belt with the tens given uh what this guy’s, actually opening uh, but i agree i would generally default towards calling against a more uh a tighter opening range.

A more normal open range two’s, nice fold with the twos. What the way this final table has been going. I wasn’t going to be surprised to see just the snap open with the pocket twos there, so good yeah good for a friend there, and then this king ten suit looks normal the the ace six off raise on the flop after he does Make the call pre-flop that we think is loose.

I mean it looked like a pretty solid, raise a good hand to do it with yeah. I think once he gets there a pretty decent one yeah i like that one, the jack is a pretty big. I mean like it’s not connecting with that, even if it is a wild bluffing range.

The jack is usually a card that’s, not going to connect with it too much from the big blind there so kind of a bricky board in that situation, yeah for sure, and i’m assuming the jacks and the ace three Uh, like with the two short stacks here there’s, just not much uh icm pressure right both of these guys are kind of clearly and lost.

So i i just want to get this in with the ace three and it’d. Be pretty nice for the the ace three to bust that make those calls and bust that other short stack as opposed to somebody else doing it yep.

So it looks like that. One’s. Gon na hold and yeah. We’re. It’s moving fast here, let’s, see so yeah. I mean nothing, nothing uh, so uh player could do differently there yeah, so oh yushuan uh with the ace with the jacks rather uh, looks like he still has some chips left.

A little bit, he’s, of course, going to put it in here, so you want to give us just a tiny little. What are you supposed to do with these tiny stacks like it’s, super confusing like do you have one big blind here? Are you like any idea what we’re supposed to put it in there with, because i feel like when i get that spot it’s, a it’s, it’s, tough, to know what the thresholds Are when you’re sitting at a final table like? Are you trying to make some folds and ladder up, or you just like put it in, because your odds are good that spot? With this specific stack configuration, i just play very close to chip ev.

It’s, just going to be very hard for you to ladder. Maybe in the context of this final table uh it makes more sense to try and ladder just because it seems to be playing really loose. But generally you won’t watch the ladder yeah gems are flying, but generally you won’t really get to ladder uh and having the big stack in there.

So you should get a nice price on the money that you put in beautiful all right. I guess we’re on a little bust out break there. We’re back, so let’s see we got two real big stacks now: 55 blinds and 47.

. The 55 blind stack has definitely been our most active player so far, um yeah. What do you think of this uh shove? I think it’s a hand that clearly needs to be played uh. Where are you at with regards to shoving versus men, raising that one? We want to play a min, raise there with the eights and then start folding, some of the smaller pairs that really don’t play well at that depth.

And if i want to start just shoving stuff, it probably might just be stuff like ace. Queen off king jack suited type stuff stuff that you really benefit from getting a fold, but also has that good, blocker and all in equity.

I think the pairs are pretty bad uh in these spots and especially with a few players behind you. You’re, a middle stack, i mean you know. If you raise the eights, they play fine post flop. If you could fold to multi-way action behind you – and also you got this, this chip leader, that’s, been pretty active, might give you a little spot where now you’ve already seen enough to know hey, i can raise my eights And shove over this guy’s, three bet and i’ll be fine, so i think grazing just goes better.

You know you can play post flop, you can get it in pre, get a little three bit bluff against you sometimes, and then you can. You can get out of the way if a bunch of people go all in behind you yeah.

I agree and when you shove it’s, uh it’s hard to get called by by worse. Oh that’s. So tight it’s, a jack jack 8 suited fold there. I don’t know if he could see danny ace’s cards or what but uh [ Laughter ] it’s.

That’s, not one where i don’t think we’re, looking to fold that one and actually from yeah versus the cutoff i don’t know you. You want to have some light jams in that range to take it down because it’s hard for him to call you that loose.

But i don’t know. I think i’d, probably just defend the jacket suited. Maybe shove something that plays a little worse post flop, maybe like a king king at low king x suited, would be one of the the loose ones i’d shove and then i’d kind of yeah.

I might that that fold looks good in the small blind, but uh yeah the jacket suit. I’d, probably just go pose flop there i agree um. I i think like this is kind of where you kind of have to look around the table.

If there was like a one, big blind stack at the table and then you kind of don’t want to get in a messy situation, then it makes sense to start making really tight folds out of the big blind right. But here you’re still trying to accumulate chips.

Yeah, i think uh, our chip leader, definitely could have done something. I i like to defend with the eight six off when you have a bunch of uh leveraged post flop, but um, then, when you get the 433 with one of your suit, i think you can play leads.

I think you can check raise. I think check raising eight six with one of the flush cards on a 433 when you have that icm pressure, when the imposition player is going to be pretty high card heavy, you probably want to do something post flop right i don’t know If you saw yeah a lot of a lot of good turn cards for you, and i suspect that generally, what happens is that the opener just ends up see betting a little bit too often on those boards.

Just because it looks like a dry board and then you, you really put them in a tough situation with uh when they have a broadway which is going to be most of their range yeah. Some lead subject: grades, whatever it’s funny when you see a crazy aggressive opponent, they they look like they’re ready to to go nuts and put everyone in spots and they find the a6 raise post flop and you’re like wow this guy’s, really doing it and then that the eight six is a little bit of an easier one.

So now we know he kind of got some got some drive to his game, but definitely feeling it out. Yeah not not just uh straight up aggression, maybe he just kind of had a bad feeling about that. One. This one just jamming the ace nine that’s, definitely a hand where we want to just put in a raise and fold.

I mean it’s way too weak yeah position that would be okay, but not from uh, not with five people behind you. No and it’s a great hand. You you need a min. You need to raise something that’s, your steel and that’s, the one right that one and like king jack off and stuff, like that.

Now we’re, going to have an altercation here. Soho is probably i assume, just gonna shove, 25 blinds from the big blind you don’t want to put that one in a three bit range right, yeah. I think i would prefer to shove that one just because going post flop is it’s.

It just doesn’t, go well for you. I think, with uh kind of a biggish middling stack versus the chip leader yeah. So generally, i’d, be looking to avoid those spots and we thought it was gonna go just raise and shove, but they managed to get four bets in pre, oh and he gets it on the river that’s uh.

That’s, a swing pot for those two players for sure that’s. That was the chip. Lead pot looks like we’d, probably want to see the queen 10 put in a little raise there, but i think folding’s. Okay, but that’s.

You probably want to raise the cut off there. F18 blinds even with the stacks behind you, like you, said you’re, you’re kind of in you’re. Second to last, like you got to pick up some chips somewhere, it’s.

That’s, actually a good play with the king. Seven, he’s gonna run into it yeah it’s unfortunate for him, because i’m actually on board uh. With this player, you got a nice blocker uh. You know you’re playing against uh someone that’s.

Probably opening like a super super loose range on the button um. It does paint me a little bit but yeah uh that he runs into it because i think it’s. Uh yeah. I i like what he’s going for there ye downey jr.

I think that was unlucky and i think it was kind of a sharp spot to take the rejam. I don’t want people to go crazy with the king x reject, but i think i don’t know that looked like a perfect depth and first the button and all that i think kind of yeah.

He ran into it and he’s gonna get seventh but uh nice heart. I like that, and i wouldn’t like to defend that one right i mean i’m. Not i’d, probably start defending like pretty a little bit tighter than that so yeah, not one that plays uh well post flop.

You just uh end up with uh, like the best thing that can happen, for you really is that you end up with a bluff catcher in the form of a king, uh pairing up which isn’t super appealing, and the seven is a tough Top pair you got ta, you know, then you’re gonna.

Oh there we go walk there, so the chip leader walks, the single big blind. The short stack i don’t, see i don’t. Remember exactly what his hand was, but i’m expecting that that’s, a spot where you just get to min, raise a ton yeah.

He he had queen six, i i would have uh definitely kind of leveraged the yeah, like the stack advantage over the middling stack there, and when you have that spot with just a single big blind, i think sometimes it’s.

Easy to forget, like you know, you’re, actually like a later position than the button. You only got one guy, so you get to widen up and just min raise here. Standard c bet looks good good hand for it.

That was the first normal hand. We’ve, seen so far. Yeah it’s been uh, it’s been a wild one. I think um. What do you think about that? Uh? King eight? I was gonna say i think enough. The king eight’s, probably right there into the with the other big stack with other.

You know you cover everybody and then the the largest stack is the small blind. So i mean yeah. I think i would open the king eight the ace five suited on the button. Do you wan na the big blind had only i think, like 12 blinds right, so that’s, a tricky spot when you have 20 and 12 in the big blind? You know that might have been a spot where, if you have like 17, you just shove yeah, that seems uh.

That seems like a close one in a tough spot. For i don’t. I don’t think that ray’s. Folding is, is all that bad. It’s. If you calling that off, i think, is the tough it’s, a tough spot for you. I think that wasn’t a too bad of an option.

I don’t know that’s, a loose open from a short stack that’s, more of a gigantic stack, open hand yeah and with the ace five. I think i would like i’d, just lean towards uh kind of playing in a way in a way that leads to as many decisions as possible in a field like this uh.

So in the tougher field i might jam also because i can kind of trust my opponents, like especially the small blind, to make the appropriate tight folds here, i’m, not sure uh, just min right be willing to do that.

Yeah and post flop. Generally will tend to go a little bit better in fields like this yeah that’s. True too you mean you might get away with some bluffs. You might not. You might get away. You know you might get tricky with some value and make more money than you’re supposed to when you’re when you have a big post flop edge so yeah, i think what you said is true.

You want to keep. You know give yourself the opportunity to play post flop a little bit and don’t just rip it in and keep everything simple for everybody um. We did see our former chip leader in the uh.

I guess now in the big blind just made a gigantic open. After that, wasn’t standard ace queen off, went for the 4x open, so the first time we saw that keep an eye out for those. When you’re trying to figure out new final tables, you always keep an eye out for little sizings right, because sometimes it might mean nothing and then sometimes you might just catch something that’s.

Super consistent, like oh it’s, got only four x’s with ace queen and ace king off yeah um. Definitely so well, i mean easy for us uh, obviously with cards up uh, but you really want to be paying attention to showdowns uh when, when you’re applying, so we found the lead with the 6’5 off here.

I think you know not a hand you want to lead, but the right idea, when you do cover someone by twice as much, that you’re, going to start being able to lead flops but uh yeah. This is just kind of a. This.

Is a yeah i’m curious how this ends up it’s, tough, to build a strategy where you fire bats into the deep dark woods here. Yeah you’re, just gonna that was yeah. That was spicy yeah, like the theoretical uh part of me.

Just goes: oh man, nines uh, you know like the nines, just blocking all of the uh, more intuitive bluffs like stuff like jack. That would work nine yeah. Oh for sure i’m uh. Pitching the nines there uh, but you know, if you’re, seeing bluffs from just complete air balls, then a totally different ball game.

Obviously yeah it’s. Funny that the player the the player found the leads with the 6’5 there, but then something more more natural or easier to find. With the eight six just a snap holder, nice nice raise here, i would like to see it a little bit.

Bigger but um yeah that’s, exactly the type of hand when you have a nice icm pressure on somebody that you take and make the tiny raise put the pressure on them: yeah uh, but a good one to bluff. Um and again here, like you, were saying about the sizings uh, we haven’t seen much, but this is almost a 3x with jax uh yeah.

You know a little bit bigger than you’d, normally see, and we saw min raise the ace five suited on the button right. So then there are these like little. Who knows if they’re? If you can pick anything up or not, but it’s, always worth trying and there’s, a bad beat.

You need those, sometimes at the final table and uh yeah. We’re gonna we ‘ Ll. Have uh lynn gilmartin joining us in a few minutes cool? If there’s, anyone left playing yeah there’s, we got. Are we down to five now? Okay, e downey juniors definitely definitely has my favorite name so far.

I i know it has to have something to do with robert downey jr, but i don’t know what exactly the ee and the yky yeah and then in sixth uh. We have you, you can shh. I’m, not even gonna try to pronounce the whole name.

Uh, locking up uh looks to be around 50k usd. So now we ‘ Ve got the two chip leaders right next to each other. Now we’re gonna expect to see the king jack open the tens three bet uh. I guess 30 from the big blind.

It’s, a lot to shove. You could you probably make arguments you probably want to play three bets or [ Music ]. If the stacks were really skewed into these two players having most of the chips, you would see a bunch of calls right, um, this guy uh, that’s.

A nice flop, when you three bet the tens that’s, a very loose float with no back backdoor hearts and also pre-flop. You just want to be folding that one um, this kind of shows you the problem with making a loose float like that.

Like you turn the shin card, unless you’re, trying to turn top pair and then you have to fold so that kind of shows why you can’t do that yeah! You want to have a little bit more behind. I think so that um, just so that you realize more of your equity, so that this doesn’t happen where you play a two streak.

Game and uh have to fold a good hand and yeah. I definitely like the non-all-in three-bet, with tens with the stacks, as they were. I’d, be looking to like bluff that spot a lot put a lot of pressure on the kind of middling stack as as the guy with more chips, so definitely want to have a substantial value range as well right, yeah, so just expand down To the to the tens or so, and then you get to bluff a lot a lot more of that big blind junk high card low card, whatever good fold with the jack 10 soho is on an absolute heat, show right now he’s.

Getting all the pocket pairs and this should get defended for sure um and a little bit lower than that. I mean you, can you can jam right and you can go? You can jam the lower suited kings there versus the chip leader and expect to get it through wouldn’t.

It work this time yeah, i think um like if so in that spot. I think if, if i think, someone’s really abusing uh, not the bubble, but i guess the uh the pay jumps as the chip leader um. I think just shoving anything reasonable out of the big blind um like if they’re.

Just opening way too loose is going to be fine. I think you got ta still, even though you’re covered and stuff. Like that, the seven three suited you still try to throw a limp in there. You’re gonna limp.

A lot of your range when you’re, that 16 blind stack, so you’re allowed hi lin, you’re, allowed hi guys how’s it going. I’m just creeping in on. You know you guys yeah, we’re. We’re, losing players uh every couple minutes here it’s been uh.

It’s, been pretty crazy. So far, yeah there’s, only five handy. What yeah yeah we already lost three, so some aggressive plays like this one are leading to the chips flying around so yeah dan. I mean you know.

You definitely want to raise stuff early for us all right. We might potentially yeah but yeah. We might potentially lose one more. It looks like we’re and that’s, it yeah, so so, dan, of course there you know you don’t want to raise call the uh the 10 high.

You want to have some some, not all in raises from early position for sure, but you want to use high cards right. That’s. The big the big thing here is, you know you want to have like aces or kings in your range.

When you make that under the gun, raise probably not 10 high, if you do make it, you, probably don’t want to stick it in with 10 high, but yeah and uh. With short stacks like this, you’re, just looking uh.

I’d, be looking for a blocker uh for making any sort of open uh like the suitedness and the connectedness of 108 doesn’t really uh do much uh with sub 15 big blinds right yeah, but i mean you know that Player clearly felt like it was time to gamble and run up a stack or get out of there right.

He’s last place, uh just kind of wanted to get it moving. Let’s see so we’re four-handed. Now um 14 blinds with the fives, i think shoving into a single big blend, totally fine and then maybe you even just start raising sixes it’s like right.

There right, yeah, uh and got ta go with the a7. Oh and now we’re gonna really dropping like flies here. This is hilarious. All right catch, you later guys, yeah seriously. Now we’re playing. Are you a three-handed specialist? Do you come in for the just the three-handed part? I am the worst person to have brought in with you guys at this point.

Have you you’ve, been playing any poker yourself during when you’re on your home and stuff, like that or a little bit i have. I’ve, been playing a little bit and i played in this event, although i lasted about an hour.

Oh really, i catch this event. By the way i know last bounty standing congrats. I saw that cat yep wow. I was the last bounty standing. I feel like probably there’s. Other people, didn’t, try hard enough.

I was trying. I actually i actually tried super hard and uh it. Just it. Didn’t work out. I tried super hard three times. I think i tried too hard one time deep, and i made a bet now that i’m watching these guys play.

I think i made some bad folds. I was trying too hard. Sometimes i needed a little more gamble in me. I think to get deep in this one, but here yeah i mean i think this one’s kind of like the 1066 stand.

It’s, a spot where, especially versus the 250 blind stacks. You expect that flop to go check, check a ton right like the in position. Player doesn’t really gain too much from putting a lot of volume in c bets there.

When you know the 1066 is one of those boards, where you kind of want to play passive in position, i think yeah. I think it’s uh with these stacks. It’s, a bit of icm chicken everywhere, so uh just kind of expecting a lot more passive play than you would normally uh.

But from from what i’ve, seen from this final table so far, uh that’s. Just not going to be happening and, like everyone’s, just being super aggressive and chips have been flying. I mean no back doors here, king high, thank you you just let that one go on rainbow.

You can choose uh a bunch of different suited stuff that has back doors to continue with right. You’d, have a bunch of different straight draws and gutters and stuff like that uh here you want to be three betting, this one, a bunch that looks very small and gets through so dan.

How do you uh like when everyone has the same stack here? It’s harder to decide like? Am i under icm pressure or not, because we’re kind of now? We all have like 50, the we’re. If we’re, not making a deal like all the values of our stacks are the same, and is it kind of like you just decide who’s, going to take control, or are you still respecting icm like? How do you decide how much pressure you’re under when the stacks are all kind of similar like this, like? What kind of adjustments do you make? It’s a little bit tricky because i think there’s, a kind of like a snowball effect uh, where, if the stacks are even um, clearly everyone’s, equity yeah.

Clearly, everyone’s equity in the tournament’s the same. But if you get a little bit ahead, then suddenly you can put more and more pressure on the other two shorter stacks, so yeah i’m kind of uh. I’d, be looking for spots to kind of build a little bit of a chip lead so that i can leverage it further right.

So you’d, probably be pressing the aggression i mean this like this imposition flap raise. I feel like you need to kind of play a bunch of calls here and on such a wet board, even with ace jack. I think i’d, probably mix a lot more checks than i would normally at that stacked up in position.

Just because you know you get check, raise a decent amount on board like that and your hand. Isn’t amazing versus uh aggression, but here i mean a lot of money was going to go in. I just don’t know if i would have got it in the same way.

I think i would like we are. We are very close to going heads up super quickly, so now exactly what we were just talking about is a crazy scenario. That’s happening right now there’s. The ultra shorty second place is in a horrible spot now, uh in terms of the chip leader, getting to run them over right, yeah, uh lynn, have you been uh like watching any of these games uh? How uh like how familiar are you uh with uh, with the play? I guess well that’s.

Actually what i was gonna ask you guys you spent a lot longer in this tournament than i did [ Laughter ]. Is this how the entire event has been like? What has it been this fast-paced, i yeah, i think i think, generally, we have some experience playing against uh some of these types of opponents and yeah.

They’re, very aggressive, all the nerdy icm stuff. We like to talk about kind of they don’t really like to play by those rules as much it seems like and, like i said already, i think i probably played too tight in this tournament for sure it is amazing to see you know Different regions of the world just just embrace the game in different ways: it’s.

It’s, nice to see yeah this uh yeah. I got that there’s, a that was a tricky little uh lead and defend from the short stack. I think we we want to be folding those types of hands when we’re that short, but uh yeah, like we were talking about dan, that’s exactly what we’re saying now, this 60 blind stack is has To play, i mean, if you’re trying to do the right thing play really really tight right until this 11 blind stack gets out of here yeah he is kind of between a rock and a hard place.

I do have to say, though, like this uh. The payout structure for this tournament is extremely top-heavy. Uh, you have 270k usd up top uh. Second is 150. Third is 112., so like laddering from third to second uh.

Clearly it’s worth something, but when first is almost double. What second is uh it? It is kind of going to should be playing a little bit closer to chippy v than uh. Maybe one is used to when it’s. Three-Handed right and as the chip leader here, you probably just want to be just shoving that ace queen right.

He just limped into the 11 blind stack but uh. You want to be shoving so much that you need to shove. Hands like ace queen and it happens to work out that ace queen isn’t amazing in a limp checks post flop.

So i think he limped that one and i want to see that one shove and then this one’s, probably also a shove yeah, where in the world are you guys uh? I’ve, been kind of hanging out in europe and canada since all this started so all over the place uh so but yeah and dan.

I think dan’s, a canadian boy yeah i mean i’ve, been in toronto for the most part, uh spending some time in alberta, uh, which has to be nice at my house at your house yeah, which is also nice, [ Laughter ] yeah, i got it neighbors, oh, as you said, i have a vacation house that dan spent more time at than me.

I think in uh, oh, how nice, canada yeah near your banff, looks like we got some action here i mean the flush draw. Is not going to fold, he’s, probably just going to stick this in and then this guy’s, going to call it off.

Well, okay, i’m wrong. I don’t, know dan. I mean with eight lines behind in a nut flusher on straight draw. You think you probably want to get the money in on the flop there. I guess yeah. I think it’s just a hand that always has good equity when called and when you do make your hand um after taking a passive line, it’s kind of uh, like it’s hard for good things to Happen, you know if he like makes a straight nine.

Six, probably isn’t going to put more money in right, so i got the big sweat and he missed it yeah. So now our short stack doubled up a little bit. So you’ve, been up to lynn uh. I’m in australia, so i’m on the other side of the planet, to you, guys, um and it’s late at night.

Here it’s like 11 p.m. I’ve just been hanging out. I’ve, just been here in our little bubble of this island, which has been quite beneficial for the last 12 months being in a very foreign island. Yeah it’s.

Pretty i mean it’s very strict there right in terms of uh regulations with so i mean i guess you’re in terms of being healthy and safe. It’s, a good spot. Yeah, absolutely life feels pretty normal. We can move around pretty freely, but the the international borders are closed.

So no one can come in uh as easy as usual and we ‘ Ve got the hotel quarantine and all of that which has has has helped. So i’m very grateful yeah. Are you spending all your uh extra free time now? Well, i’m pregnant yeah.

Oh well, that’s. That’s, a full-time job right now yeah, so i’ve, actually been spending a lot of it on the couch, because that’s. What pregnancy does to you yeah congrats, that’s. Awesome. Thank you exciting.

It’s, probably sweet to be lazy and hang out for a while. After you travel around the world working all the time for so many years yeah it has been a nice change. It’s, been it’s, been fun, not having um having something to pack.

For you know to move on to the next thing i can just. I can just chill for a minute, but i think i’m being told i’m switching over to the indian stream. Now before this thing finishes, i’m going to pop in and say hi to those guys yeah.

You don’t have that you might want to hurry, because you know you know there’ll, be a champion by the time i jump over it’s, so good to see you and yeah see ya, guys, see ya. Yeah, so it seems like it looks like danny ace a couple times so far with this big chip lead.

He’s actually done the thing where it ‘ S like he didn’t want to double up the short stack. Take a couple passive lines: um, i feel, like you know that that can happen. Sometimes we’re, like i got this guy whittled down to 10 blinds like i don’t want to do anything crazy and get him back in the tournament type of thing, but you really need to keep the pedal with metal right And make sure that you’re, like you said you’re using this.

When you build a little lead there, you get to be super aggressive um and when you’re chip leader, i think you still get to defend hands like this. First, the min raise at 25, although they get a lot worse than they do for chips right yeah, but i think um.

I think you should realize a little bit more equity um and i actually think this is a great play. I was gonna say this is exactly the type of hand class you like to check raise here. Yeah, you have some back doors, you have a blocker.

Obviously, you might get a fold from some pocket pairs that beat you uh, either now or later in the hand. So i really like the play. Obviously, didn’t work that time uh, but right idea for sure yeah it’s, a good.

I mean, i think you know when you you have you just you, can take those with the an under card that has maybe a straight draw. You need a little protection, a little backup uh, get that one through a bunch.

So soho really made a comeback here. Now he’s almost even with that middle stack. Who actually has the middle stack has been? No, no decisions have come up yet, but he ‘ S definitely seems like he’s on the plan to be tight yeah, at least in the uh like in the context of how everyone else has been playing um.

I don’t. Think we’ve uh. We’ve, seen them do anything too crazy, so this is going to be a three bet opportunity in a small blind, definitely verse the middle stack with ace five off. I would. I would definitely consider three betting that one sometimes yeah, that’s, the spot, where you know you have a blocker.

You clearly can put a lot of pressure on the middle stack um, but you know at the same time, every time yeah you don’t have to do it. I like the limp here with the plan of having the chip leader. You know raised a lot and then you just stick it in you.

Could you could make some arguments for limp, calling very strong and then limp calling a lot of your range, but i think so i i think what happened was he min raised and got three bet? It just happened: okay, yeah.

Okay. So if you m, if you min, raise and get three that, i think you have no option but to just shove like we talked about, i mean ace queen off. First of all, against the chip leader. He’s. He can three bet a bunch of different types of stuff, so it’s not like he only three bets asex and then you have him dominated and the call works out well when he has so much stuff.

You got two blockers. You know you’re up against a high frequency. Three bet, i think you just put it in. Take it down pre that changes your stack a bunch now when you lose this pop post flop, you just you really gave this guy uh kind of the opportunity to run the tournament.

Over with now you’re. You’re kind of two middle stacks. First to chip leader yeah, i’m. I’m on board with all of that danny ace folding, the king four off on the button i’m, not saying it. I think it’s good, but you know some people take the chip lead and decide that they’re gonna open the button 70 or something.

So i think that that’s, definitely a data point that he’s, not going complete chip, lead rampage mode yeah. I think, given the way these guys have been playing, i don’t think you can get away with all that much right right! That’s, a good opening yeah! I don’t.

Think we’ve. Seen um like i don’t think we’ve seen any tight, folds really see so here i would expect that’s, a good fold. I would have expected him to call it. I i think that was a good fold, the tough hand class to play.

You want to just be more aggressive with a lot of three betting and uh just use high cards like we said right, yeah and uh pretty standard all around. I think, for this hand, yeah, i mean never a huge concern at the at that depth, but when you’re talking about final table ranges, normal final table ranges uh.

Those low boards are a lot better for the three better than than they are usually right, because the imposition player just doesn’t doesn’t open and call these small pocket pairs or suited connectors and stuff like they usually do.

They’re way tighter, and so the low cards are just way more bricky king seven’s a little bit too loose yeah and also just the stack to pot ratio is low enough. That uh, you know if they have a set. Obviously it sucks, especially if you bust a tournament to a set, but it is kind of uh stacks – are short enough where you can just kind of like shrug it off and if he has a set, he’s.

He has a sight. You know. I’d, probably be folding. The jack 93 there with 33 blinds, but you know whatever good flop. Nice nap nice easy one to check back there yeah that one’s, uh an intuitive one, hard to get like three streets of value or even two streets of value.

Um. You can call any turn after checking back uh and you you keep in some hands, you dominate as well, and you don’t, really get um better to fold like better flush draws to fold uh. So i like how uh i really like how he played it there yeah, and so this one should just go full bold.

It does feel like things have calmed down a bit once we got three-handed yep. I think it’s. Uh! Let’s, see yeah, i think. Maybe it dictated a little like that. Our chip leader isn’t doing it. Hasn’t done anything wild.

Yet that’s. A big deal uh, but i mean you know the king three open that’s, that’s. Why the 30 blind shove with the sixes is close um. It’s, probably pretty great right right yeah. If he’s open too wide um, i would definitely consider three betting.

The big blind with a hand like this as a bluff. I think you know it makes for a good one and it doesn’t play as well. Post pose flop, but now he’s got the top pair, so i think it’s. Fine, just clearly not going anywhere yet just barreling at the speed of light here out of position.

There we go but yeah i mean the ace of diamonds, jack of spades. It seemed like a fine hand to put in a couple bets with blond versus for sure you have a draw to the nuts you have uh blockers to good draws and then the 10.

I feel, like you kind of, have to give up it’s, just uh it’s. Just such an awful card for you, like you’re, probably not going to be betting with a 10 twice a 10’s, gonna call twice uh, so it’s, just uh kind of a hard card to bluff.

On and you could win right sometimes and you could win yeah, you can definitely go check check and you could win against uh a flush draw or another straight draw. The 4-3 off is above the law type of raise that’s.

Uh yeah you don’t want to be putting money in with two low cards, but hey it’s all right. This is a good candidate for a little uh little raise if you wanted one the k and then yeah all right. This looks kind of stan kind of normal, the way it played anyway, the free flop was normal, um yeah, i mean post flop.

I think when you have 20, that was a large c bet. I think that the broadway board is really good for the imposition player and he ‘ S allowed to just c bet a bunch so c betting, seven high is fine shoving.

The king, eight, you’d, have to think that the imposition player is like super linear with his with his pot size with his a half pot c bet and would like be back calling some other not flush, draws, or you know second pair type Stuff, which i think is a little bit of ambitious plan, good three bit here with the king queen.

I expect this button player. To probably, i mean definitely consider shoving from the way this player has played and always will fall at least yeah, certainly not folding uh, and i think which way you go with regards to shoving or or calling just kind of like that’s.

Kind of, like a feel it out sort of spot, i try to figure out how aggressive they’ve been playing and then do you ever stick in a little raise on the flop with some hands like this or you have to be deeper.

For that, or do you just always call it? I don’t think i want to raise this hand just because our equity is so bad against uh hands that continue and i’m yeah. I’m, just like really not looking to i’m trying to avoid big confrontations right um, which is going to be hard to do.

Uh in the three bet pot uh, when you’re, like 50 60 big blind, steep uh, but the least you could do is at least not put a raise in with like an under pair. So it looks like he played it perfectly there.

He got called twice when the money was uh when he was ahead and then got rivered and made the fold so well played hand. I think danny ace, i mean you know i would prefer to start barreling a hand like that with a heart on the turn, but it doesn’t.

It seemed like a fine hand to bet and he on bricks. First, a lot of different types of hands. He if he went all if he was three barreling all in he was probably going to get it through a good bit because uh yeah so yeah.

I like danny ace’s line uh for sure um. Like the river values, that’s, the c but yeah i mean like the flop he gets to see but uh turn. He gets. Some ace highs to fold. Uh still has equity when called and then river uh yeah river.


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