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The Rise of Online Strategy Games

The gaming industry was rocked with the emergence of online strategy games around a decade ago. This was mainly due to the known truth that strategy games are often played on LAN or Local Area Networks. This is in accordance with the technology that was predominant before the development of the internet and the World Wide Web. Nowadays, games such as MMORPGs or Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games, RTOSG or Real Time Online Strategy Games and War themed Strategy Games are just three of the most commonly examples of games that are anchored on the power of the cyberspace using the information superhighway as the means to transfer information and data during gameplay.

Development of Online Gaming Programs

Millions of people participate in role playing games globally. Through straightforward online games spontaneously constructed on forums, role playing games have advanced into extensive virtual universes displaying real-time player connections via the internet. Furthermore the large variations of the above online games are becoming a billion us dollar industry.

Book of Ra: A Novoline Game Overview

As internet gaming becomes more and more popular by the day, there are different games that one can actually play online. Internet has indeed made gaming more exciting. There are a lot of perks and bonuses that gaming websites offer for a more fun online gaming experience. May it be just your regular game or a casino game, there are tons of choices that you will be able to choose from.

Making Gold in Cataclysm: The First Week of Cataclysm

  Last Post before Cataclysm is released! I hope you’re all as excited as me.   This months Carnival topic was what things people will be doing when Cataclysm is released to make gold.

FarmVille Cheats? – Learn the Secrets of FarmVille Without Cheating

FarmVille the Facebook game is a hugely popular and sometimes controversial game with a loyal following. The game is in constant development with new additions and tweaks being added all the time. As with all games this leaves room for bugs and glitches that players can sometimes use to their advantage.

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