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How to Make Gold Quickly and Easily With World of Warcraft Dailies and Events

World of Warcraft can be fun and enjoyable when you know what you doing. It is very time consuming though, and the game certainly has its financial demands. In order to meet the monetary requirements for the best items in the game, you’ll need to have heavy purse of gold at all times. Knowing how and where to acquire this kind of gold is key to providing the highest level of experience the game has to offer.

Farming in Mists of Pandaria

Mists of Pandaria (MoP) is slated to be released later this summer, sometime in either August or September based on Blizzard’s history of beta tests and expansion releases. This will come int eh shadow of their latest big hit Diablo 3. This is not going to phase World of Warcraft though, the biggest online MMO to ever exist.

Tera Berserker Guide – A Beginners Guide To The Berserker!

If you are looking to play the Berserker class in Tera then this article will give you an overview of the class and a few tips that you can use. So back to the Berserker: This class is an offensive juggernaut and wields a massive axe. The cool thing about the Berserker is that you will be able to take on multiple enemies quite well and the arc of your attacks is immense due to your axe so you will knock most enemies off their feet.

Why Players Are Loving Tera Online

Tera Online MMORPG provides spectacular visuals – a nearly Japanese anime style that does not fail on amazing special effects. There is a nice range of races to choose from – including the funny looking rodent Popori. Do not let the lovely anime style and rodent like creatures fool you into thinking this is a kids game. Tera is packed with Mature game rated action and there is ample blood spurting everywhere as well as beautiful females dressed in outfits Lady Gaga would be proud to wear.

Tera Class Guide – Get Info About Each Of The 8 Classes And Which You Should Play!

In this guide we are going to give you an overview of each class in Tera and tell you how they will play so you can pick a class that will suit you. We will also give you a difficulty rating for each of the classes as some are easier to get to grips with than others. If you play a lot of MMO’s then you will be fine picking any class but if you are new to the game then there is definitely a learning curve here! The first class we will look at is the Archer…

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