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Gargamel: If You’re Going To Fuck Me, Don’t Fuck Yourself, Too

In which Gargamel explains his side of the hand.

After years of endless braying, D’artagnan had enough. He looked at his stats one evening and was embarrassed. He was capable of playing better and now he would. This week started out great for him and he upped his hours with the ambitions of a 10k month.

Inevitable runbad ensued, but he even wisely and correctly folded KK, an overpair on the flop, to a nit who wound up showing AA. I loaned D’artagnan a buy in since the game was good and the night was young.

We were $1000 effective. Lucky Smurf opened to 20. He’s one of those players who will open to 25 or 30 with monsters and make it 20 with everything else he wants to raise. I looked down at QQ and flatted, hoping that someone like the Banker would put in one of his frequent 3b. Plus, in a heads up spot, Lucky Smurf would likely just fold to my own 3b based on history.

It folded to D’artagnan who 3b small to 60. Lucky Smurf called. I figured D’artagnan for 99+, AQ+. I back raised to 200, which itself was too small and both called. We have a $600 pot and a flop of JT4r. Lucky smurf checked and I decided to check as well with the assumption that there was little to get value from or even protect against.

Now, D’Artagnan fired $220 or so into the $600. What did that bet mean? Well, it was terrible sizing for a bluff and a bluff here in general wasn’t a great idea. Again his range is 99+ and AQ+. Lucky smurf then check raised to 600. This has become a real problem since there aren’t many combos of draws and lucky smurf seems to always have IT. I didn’t sniff out what was going on and folded. Then, D’artagnan folded too.

WTF??? Lucky Smurf showed 98cc and D’artagnan later told me he had AK. There’s no good reason to even bet AK, especially for 220 into 600 then fold. After the session I asked D’artagnan what possessed him to take that action. He said that he was finding out where he was at. Oh really? How did that work out? There’s my giant mistake. I gave both of these players too much credit. I gave Lucky Smurf a stronger calling range in a 4b pot given stack sizes and I gave too much credit to D’artagnan.

It brings to mind the story of the scorpion and the frog. The scorpion asks the frog to carry him across a river. The frog doesn’t persuadeo.nlwant to at first because the scorpion would sting him, but the scorpion points out that doing so would cause them both to drown. So, the frog relents and the scorpion stings him, dooming them both. The frog asks why and the scorpion says it’s in his nature. On this night I was the frog. Never again.


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