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Best Games on Apple’s Game Center Platform

Game Center is Apple’s version of xBox Live. It has become pretty popular over the past couple of years. Here I am going to tell you some of the most popular games on Game Center as we speak.

Dragonvale Review

Dragonvale is a different take on the city builder genre whereby you’re in charge of a dragon amusement park. Technically, it’s a city builder in a fantasy setting but its main focus is on collecting different dragon breeds, you do this by either buying them or breeding them yourself.

Brownie: Spirit of the Woods Review

A storm is approaching and the woodland creatures are in danger, Brownie the bear is the forest protector and must collect the forest critters and teleport them to safety. Confused yet?

Motorbike Games Are Fun and Are Beneficial to People

Motorbike games have been around for decades. They are so popular in everyday life that game makers decided to tap into that fascination and create action packed motorbike games. The games were a huge hit when they first came out, and they are still a big hit today among gamers. Motorbike games are fun, because they are usually packed full of stunts, action, adventure, and obstacles. People love games that keep them on the edge of their seats. In some parts of the world a motorbike is the only means of transportation that some people have, so people are intrigued by motorbike games worldwide. They can relate to them. You will have to learn the skills to work your fingers like magic in order to beat the obstacles thrown at you during game play.

Fun Dirt Biking Games Require Quick Thinking

Many people enjoy the activity of dirt biking; whether it’s going through sand dunes or struggling through muddy tracks, it is an activity that is enjoyed by thousands across the globe. A lot of people like to bring their biking home with them in an all new way with the inclusion of their computers. There are a ton of these games that are available for free online for those who want to ride dirt bikes in a simpler, cleaner, and fun way. Although the online versions won’t have the same effect as riding for real, there are still many fun games that are incredibly popular to the biking community.

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