High Stakes Duel II | Round 1 | Hype Show | Phil Hellmuth vs Daniel Negreanu

How to Play Blackjack and Basic Strategy

Blackjack is a very simple game. You want to make a hand with a higher total than the dealer but still less than or equal to 21 points (when player or dealer goes over 21, they “bust” and lose the hand). Cards are valued as follows: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 – worth that number of points.

Fun Ms Pacman Online Games

What ultimately makes online Ms Pacman so popular is the fact that a lot of people can play at the same time. This is not to suggest that it’s a multi-user game in the traditional sense of the word, but rather, one website can have multiple people playing the same game and enjoying themselves at the same time.

Tombola Bingo Is the Aladdin’s Cave of Big Wins

Play at Tombola Bingo and let a world of opportunities open its doors and embrace you. With a wide range of bingo as well as card games to choose from, this is the site that is your one step destination to big wins. No wonder it is also the site everybody wants to try their luck in.

5 Reasons You Should Do Daily Quests Every Day

Daily quests are a very important component of World of Warcraft. Here is 5 reasons why you should do daily quests every day.

Mahjong Solitaire – The Game of Intelligence

There are different types of Solitaire but this one is an appreciated one. This one can be a good challenge for anybody’s mind.

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