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One WoW PvP Tip For Each Class

Do you play WoW PvP? If so, I’m sure the following tips will help.

WoW Zones By Level From 1 to 60 for Horde and Alliance

When starting a new character, choosing the right WoW zones by level is really important if you want to level up fast. Needless to say, the best Horde leveling path is different from the Alliance one. These paths can however intersect at some points. To make sure you’re going to level up without a hassle, at least from level 1 to 60, here are the best WoW zones by level to go through, for Alliance and Horde.

Ever Played Mahjongg?

The institution of the legendary game of mahjongg dates back to around three thousand years ago, where it existed as a traditional Chinese game. It bears a close resemblance to solitaire, which uses cards. The game is quite simple-looking and can be confused for an uninteresting game. However, with time, you realize that it is actually very addictive.

Three Great Zombie Games

So, do you want to play zombie games? Thousands of zombies, some weapons and you… only you. You know what you must do, don’t you? Yeah, it’s time to rock!

Mining in World of Warcraft

Mining for gold in World of Warcraft can be a very long, hard and time consuming task. In fact, it is so hard and time consuming that many players end up getting frustrated when they try to mine for gold. Still, mining in World of Warcraft is a crucial part of playing the game because gold is used to purchase various items and better equipment that can be helpful in your quest.

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