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MMOs and the Lack of Innovation

Describing the current schematic for all things MMO. Massive Multiplayer Online. Innovation that is lacking, concepts that adhere to ideas that work, and these ideas are stifling the market, abstaining to a tradition that completely creates replicas of the same game in new skins. An entire category of the PC market is dedicated to MMOs, and the lack of innovation is surprising. A general rant with this topic at hand.

How to Select the Best Online Games for Girls

There are many websites on the internet that offer free flash games to the users. These sites offer handpicked flash games for girls that include a variety of games such as dress up, puzzles and many more. These games provide the opportunity for kids to be introduced to basic math and physics skills in a fun learning approach.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Walkthrough

Star Wars: The Old Republic is a Star Wars computer game like never before. It revolves around the unending battle between the Imperials and the Republic. This game requires skill, patience, and a love for light sabers. This Star Wars walkthrough will help you master the many different tasks that this game sets before you.

Stick Cricket Tips to Help You Win the Game

Playing stick cricket can be real fun if you know the tricks to win this game. Like all other cricket matches, there are certain rules to this game that needs to be understood. As online playing has become very popular, there is lots of information available about these games, cheats, passwords and tips that can be used to score high points.

Play Free Pool Games With Excitement

Playing free pool games can be real excitement and fun. Without leaving your homes, you can now sit in your drawing room and enjoy a couple of rounds of this excellent sport. The Internet has certainly made everything much easier for us, including gaming.

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