High Stakes Feud | Negreanu vs Polk | Round 36 | Exclusive Interview with DNegs

Monk Talent Builds – Mists of Panadaria

Monks can do DPS, they can heal and they can tank. What more can you ask for from the new playable class coming in Mists of Pandaria later this year?

Must-Have Features When Selecting the Best Flight Simulator

As an ex-military pilot, I’m often asked what I recommend to obtain a flying experience as close to reality as possible. What is the best flight simulator? I will go ahead and give you all the info that you will need to know what to look for.

SWTOR Gifts And The Affection System

As you start getting deeper into SWTOR, you will realize that there are computer controlled characters that you can befriend. These characters ultimately become your SWTOR companions. Having a SWTOR companion is very useful, in that they can help you craft items, gather resources and even engage in missions.

SWTOR Speeder Bikes

Throughout the majority of your adventure in SWTOR, you will mainly be moving around on foot. This can be in the form of walking or sprinting, if you’ve earned this ability. You can also access transport service lines found on major areas of the planets.

Online Game Makers Eagerly Await the Results of Primaries

In 2004 and 2008 we saw many online games parodying or protesting the White House contenders. What kind of games will we see for 2012?

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