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The World of Warcraft Guide on Linen Cloth Farming

No money on your first start? This World of Warcraft guide will teach you a surefire way of earning a decent profit for you to spend as you like! Like any game World of Warcraft needs currency to outfit your character to make it stronger and to fight better.

The World of Warcraft Guides on What to Farm at Low Levels

Starting out in World of Warcraft you won’t need much money or gold. But it is good to have ample amount of gold as your character grows to be able to afford better equipment to fight much better foes or join groups fighting special bosses. This World of Warcraft guide will show some pretty easy farming for beginners.

The World of Warcraft Guide for Easy Moneymaking Tips for Newbies

One thing people who never played World of Warcraft ask me always is how easy is it to earn money to buy stuff, so I decided to make a World of Warcraft guide to show how easy it is to make money for newbies. The wonderful thing about WoW is that there are so many ways to do so.

The World of Warcraft Guide to Cloth Farming

The item cloth is like gold in World of Warcraft. It sells pretty fast in the auction house as it is the main ingredient used for leveling one of the most useful profession in the game, First Aid. Cloth is made into bandages for healing.

How To Make Gold From the Auction House in The World of Warcraft

The economy of World of Warcraft revolves around the gold currency. Selling items to NPC’s or auctioning it off in the auction house gives you a tidy sum to buy better equipment for your toons. You need to know how to work the auction house in order to maximize your profits.

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