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Mermaid Dress Up Games

They’re by far more mysterious than princesses, far more fascinating than fairies – in one word, mermaids are the the ultimate fantasy beauty icons for every little girl in the world. Now, the opportunity of travelling to their dreamland underwater world you add the chance of working one’s fashion talent and expressing one’s creativity by styling them up according to one’s own tastes, then there’s no wonder why online mermaid dress up games are increasingly popular.

Wedding Dress Up Games

Reading bride fashion magazines and fantasizing about the dreamlike wedding reception is like the second favorite “sport” for all of the young girls out there, after shopping, of course. Still, what if they could “fantasize” about their perfect wedding ceremonies, about their amazing bridal fashion looks by putting their great ideas into practice, too, playing fun online wedding dress up games?

The Best Virtual World Communities

There are plenty of articles out there on which virtual worlds are the best, but never from this perspective. In my opinion, virtual worlds are not fun because of the content that they have, but the communities that inhabit them.

The Best of Action Games

Be it the internet, or personal computers, action games enjoy widespread attention by both console and desktop gaming crowds. They enjoy perhaps a major chunk out of the market share of games on the internet as well as on consoles, and the trend is not likely to reverse any time soon.

Cheerleading Games – Fun and Work Can Mix

Have you ever been asked by your school team to cheer for them in a match against a particular archival school’s team? Most of the young girls out there (and guys too, sometimes) will answer in the affirmative.

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