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Hindsight Poker Academy, Take One

thumbnail hell

“Jim, the DP is here. Can you do your makeup… later?”

“For the last time, it’s called a palette and it’s just to help with glare.”

“Seems a little ironic with a real DP here to talk about exactly that kind of thing.”

“You think I don’t know what works? You know, all we basically do is use footage from the streams, why do we even need all this production?”

“It’s the future. And why do you need all these dolls?”

“We call them miniatures, Bob, not dolls. Not… dolls.”

“Whatever. Oh, great, now he’s talking to the writers.”

“Now why do we need writers, no one needs writers! I just describe the action and ask what the subs would do! Honestly, I’m really not feeling the vision here. Can’t we just take content from other people like we always do and say fare use or whatever it is you told me… FUUUCK! You made me mess up my eyebrows.”

“Shut up, shut up, shut up, here he comes. Sven, this is our lead coach Jim Chancre and the talent you’ll be working with.”

“Great to meet you Sven, I really admired your work with the Only Fans Chess Channel.”


“Amazing amazing. Jim, this is going to be just legendary. LEGENDARY.”

“You know what’s legendary, Bob: a cheating scandal. Can we do that again! What do you say, Mr. Sven? Everyone wants it, everyone wants cheating coverage.”


“WHOA! Haha, maybe not that kind, but look, Jim, you’re going to love what Sven and I have talked about. Now can we run this once? I’m just dying to see how this might work! Yes, okay, places! And where is that gel on three, the gel on three people!”

“Thanks Sven, I have been collecting these for a while. No, we call them NF – tokens, tokens. No, it’s not anime… no actually, I don’t look at those girls… what? Really, no I have not seen that done… live… before.”

“Sven, buddy, gotta chair for you right here. Mind the lights, coming up. Jim, ready. Text monitor is – up, check. Cameras on, we are rolling. Oh the goddamn gel! Forget it. Here we go. Action.”

Hey it’s Poker Coach McCoach here with some incredibly trite analysis that takes no account… WAIT A MINUTE WHAT THE FUCK!”

“HAAAAHHHHAAAAHAAA… look at your face!”

“Oh, sure very, funny, Bob! Now can you fix the text! I’ve got my may- my palette on! This is fucked! Oh, Sven’s laughing at me too. Great, this is my life now.”


“What? Bob did you hear that? Goddamn it can we just get back to using other people’s content. I swear, it’s like you guys don’t want endless free money from chumps. When did poker content get so complicated?”


“Well, I have done that before, Sven! Not in make – with my palette on, no. but you’ve given me an idea. Bob, can we at least do the thumbnail now, like right now? Thank you, maybe we can finally get some real work done.”

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