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Text-Based Roleplaying Games: Controlling the Rage

So you just died to something ridiculous, or maybe you are frustrated by the politics of your organizations, or maybe you just can’t stand the existence of a single person. Before you bust a blood vessel or break something or someone, calm down. You may not want to hear this, but a text game is still just a game. Here are a few tips to help keep the rage in check.

Online Make Up Games: Your Chance to Walk Into the Shoes of a Celebrity Make Up Artist

What are your red carpet fantasies? Do you fancy yourself flaunting the same diva-like, gorgeous make up look that Beyonce sported last time, on the red carpet, in front of the cameras? Are you a ravishing red carpet beauty queen, in all of your glam life related dreams, striking her poses under those blinding spotlights, dazzling everyone with her beauty?

Rift Leveling Guides

In Rift, there are a variety of strategies for the player to make their way through the game. The easiest and simplest way for a beginner to accomplish rift leveling is to level up their character by completing quests. To assure the player does not run out of quests, read more…

Best Gaming Computer: Schools of Thought

With the current advancement in the computer gaming industry, more and more people are contemplating on what are the best specifications to include in their gaming PC. After all, in a world were graphics and speed really matters, who wouldn’t want to own the best gaming PC there is.

The Most Wonderful Super Mario Games

In recent decades, there were many game systems that were created and put out for sale. One well-known system was made by Nintendo. It was named the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Even today, Super Mario games are still very widely known. They are the most popular-selling games in history. Many variations of these games have been created for different systems.

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