I Win $1000/Hr In Crazy Game Of Poker!! Poker Vlog Ep 148

About 12 hours, after playing the session that you might have seen in the previous vlog, i get a text from my buddy jeff who’s, been in several earlier episodes, saying that he’s about to make a trip to talking sick.

In arizona, i hit your ride because it’s, one of my absolute favorite places to play – and the same is true for jeff. You know how many trips i’ve, taken out there, how many this is number six in the last.

Like two months or what, since the 19th of december, it’s, a long drive from las vegas, we get some snacks at a place where bob lazar’s. Good buddy is a greeter at the door. After almost five hours in the car you finally arrive at the casino can’t tell you how excited i am.

The staff is great. There’s, tons of action and, as you’ll see the games play big. The first thing that i do once i get there is check into the hotel they’ve got a nice and comfortable room. This is one of the most basic with two queens that’s.

All we need, neither of us will be spending too much time in here. The second thing i do is buy into the 510 game. For 1500, it’s actually 10 to 600 spread limit. There are a few unique rules. Talking stick to make the game interesting: there’s! No cap on the buy-in, seven-handed poker at 1 40 in the morning with massive stacks at the table.

Hang on it’s about to get nuts the first orbit. I pick up is 8 suited under the gun. No waiting around, i’m. Getting involved right away, i opened a 35 talking. Stick is just how i remembered it. No one likes to fold the button calls the small blind calls.

The big blind calls. We’re, going four ways to the flop. The dealer puts out ace five three with two hearts: bop top pair and the nut flush draw and a multi-way pot. Small blind and big blonde check. I don’t need to bet too large.

I’m happy to keep people in with a variety of weak holdings, since my hand has a ton of potential to improve, even from top pair, i make it 60. in the history of arizona poker. No one has ever won a pot with a flop bet.

The button calls quickly small blind wants to put us to the test. He raises to 200 to somewhat odd sizing, considering he’s up against two opponents, who have already put money in on the flop with a third opponent that still has cards, and the razor is out of position on everyone.

If he hasn’t made hand and wants to charge straws, he’s, certainly not making it too much for us to see additional cards. The big blind folds it’s. On me, this is a situation in which plenty of people tend to overplay their hands.

I have a strong combo draw, but i don’t need to inflate the pod. At the moment, the small blind could have a set two pair or an ace with a better kicker that he raised with for value. He won’t, be folding most or possibly any of those combinations.

If i put in a re-raise could also have a weaker flush draw or a bluff with something even worse, those hands will be drawing extremely thin, and i want to keep them in. For that reason, i call for 140 more.

If i had a set. This would be a different story and i’d, be trying to pile in as much money as possible. The button folds it’s now heads up with the small blind. The turn is the eight of spades. We have top two pair to go along with our draw.

Now we’re, beating a lot of the combos that the small blind may have check raised for value. He doesn’t, let up, though he fires for 400 to make sure that i keep the opponent’s. Bluffs in i call again, i still might be up against the set.

The river is a miracle. Deuce of hearts got better on every street for us it’s like i’m back in san francisco, walking away from the tenderloin trying to hold back my excitement. Meanwhile, the opponent isn’t phased by three hearts or four of the straight on board.

He bets 600. Remember this is a spread limit game so that’s. The max that you can bet. I have 780 total guess what come on great takes a little while to get all the chips in it’s only 180 more for the small blind to call, and he seems reluctant to do so.

It’s safe. To say that i’m, not up against six four hearts – or maybe i am – and this is the sickest slow roll ever eventually the player calls for a tiny bit more. I turn over the cards. We get a little redemption with ac8 suited since in the previous vlog i turned the nut flush with ac to spades, and i lost a big pot.

When the opponent rivered a boat, you can see the small blind show his neighbor. What he had usually the rule is, if you show one player, you have to show all the guy just lost a big pot, so it’s, not good etiquette to ask him to show the whole table, but later the player on his right would Tell me that the small blind had four deuce and flopped the straight.

He’s a bit in disbelief that he lost and got an unfortunate run out. I’m pumped to get a double up 10 minutes into the session. I was considering adding on there’s, no need to anymore. We’ve got about 3 000 in front of us, and we’re just getting started a long time passes before without pocket eights on the button to straddle pot under the gun, plus one limps in for 20 cut off calls.

If there was one limper, i’d, raise with two limpers i flat the small blind calls for 15. More. The big blind is a player named jason that just sat down. He’s, a hilarious dude that informed me that he watches the youtube channel.

He’s, not going to stand for a limp spot on his watch. Jason raises to 110 honor the gun, plus one calls for 90, more the cutoff folds. I’m. Okay with the bigger pot. I call to set mine small blind folds.

We’re, going three ways to the flop in position. It comes 663 rainbow it’s about as good as it gets for our hand. When we don’t make a set the big blind bets 125.. It’s, a paired board with low cards and no real draws to be concerned about so just because he’s.

Betting, small doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t have anything under the gun plus one folds. I call to see what develops we’re heads up. The turn is a seven this time. The big one checks i consider checking if i was in vegas, i almost definitely would.

Instead, i bet 200 to deny equity from hand to overs. He has a big pair. He’ll likely call. Then, if he checks the river, i can check back and get the showdown potentially cheaper than if i check back turn and he bets large on the river.

This is a board that isn’t going to connect well with someone who’s, raising out of the big blind and straddle pot. So i don’t expect to get raised very often, don’t, always get what we expect, though the big blind makes it 800.

This is the last thing that i wanted. Why didn’t i just check. My gut. Is telling me that i’ve got the winner here. I’ve, never played with this guy before and he’s only been at the table for about 10 minutes, but gives off the vibe of someone who’s willing to do some crazy things that doesn ‘

T exclude him from raising with a hand containing a six pre-flop, though i really want to call. I know it’ll, be capped at 600 more on the next street, so it’ll, be 1200, more total. For me to get the showdown.

The problem is that it’s. The worst hand that i’ll ever be betting for value. There are almost no good rivers for me other than an eight. Even if he’s bluffing, he still probably has some outs. Something feels fishy, but if the opponent is making a big play on me right now with nothing, hopefully there will be better opportunities to catch them down.

The line i don’t want to necessarily get half my stack in with a pair of eights. After tanking forever, i reluctantly fold to see another day all right, dude’s. Nice time show the bluff show the blush.

I still haven’t. Looked at my hair. Have you not lost your hand? Oh god. This is gonna be painful. The first card is a three. He at least had two pair. The second one is a ten we folded. The winner got played like a fiddle.

Nice and nice hurts to lose. I’m, more upset with myself for betting. The turn the good news is that we’re in a great game. Still, i’m, a little pissed off, which means when i look down at a6 suited under the gun plus one i’m out for revenge.

Someone’s. Gon na have to pay back those bradley dollars. I lost with interest and the interest rate is high. Under the gun. Limpson i raised to 50 jason calls in the cut off he’s, the one who bluffed me in the last hand, hopefully i can get the dollars back straight from the source.

The small blind just lost a big pot in the hand a few minutes earlier he three bets to 150.. He’s been three betting, a decent amount. He may be a little steamed up the under the gun. Limper calls for 140 more.

I have no idea what to put him on. The three bet was small and i’m. Getting over four to one. I called for a hundred more cut off is at the front door of a big party. There’s, no sense for him to turn back at this point, he calls we’re, going four ways to the flop in a three-bet pot.

Welcome to the grand canyon state, the dealer puts out 843 with two diamonds, with the nut flush draw with one over and a backdoor straight draw, despite this being a terrible flop for typical small blind.

Three bet range against three opponents, particularly when i’m, holding the ace of diamonds, small blind, bets 225 under the gun. Folds small blind should never have a hand better than one pair on this board.

I consider just flatting i don’t. Think there’s. Anything wrong with doing that. I’m, worried that the cutoff may do something silly. If i call – and there’s, a strong possibility, i can win this right now with a raise.

I make it 800.. This will give me control of the pot. Put the small blind in an extremely tough position could play pocket, eights, fours and threes. The same way in full ring tough games, i won’t, have fours or threes under the gun, plus one, but remember this is seven handed.

So i’m really in middle position. The cutoff isn’t immediately folding. I’m getting concerned about that after more than 30 seconds. He finally lets it go. I let some air in my lungs go as well. Small one looks annoyed to be in the spot that he’s in, but he almost immediately folds we win a big pod with ace high.

We got bluffed, then we put in a nice little bluff of our own. We’re back up to the 3k mark. Here we’ve got king eight suited in the big blonde. The cutoff raises to 30. small blind calls. I’m super loyal to the crown, so i’m.

Happy to defend a suited king, we’re, going three ways to the flop. It’s. 10 6 deuce with two clubs we’ve got another flush draw with one over and a backdoor straight draw the small blind checks. I checked to the pre-flop razor he’s, not giving us a free one.

He bets 55., the small blind doesn’t have anything that he wants to stick around with he folds. The bet seems reasonable to me. I call the turn. Is the jiggity of spades no help to us? I check the cutoff.

Doesn’t appear to love his hand. He checks back. This opens the door for us to bluff. If we want the river is the deuce of diamonds, we do want a bluff. We’ve got a weak king high, but in the opponent’s eyes we could reasonably have all kinds of strong hands like maybe even tens or six is full ace.

Deuce jack 10 club draws containing a jack. I’d, even bet ace 10 for value as well. I make it 150 to rep those types of holdings, because i don’t think king 8 will be good enough to win all that often showdown.

If somehow it is the best hand, i’m not going to get called anyway. This bet just gives my opponent an opportunity to fold ace or king high hands that are better than mine hands like pocket, sevens, eights or nines, the cutoff folds.

We get a couple of back-to-back bluffs through they’ve woken up, a sleeping giant. Next, we’ve got queen nine suited in the cut off under the gun. Limp sin to me, limps are neatly packaged invitations to raise.

I make it 50. jason bluffer with 10-3 off suit earlier calls in the small blind. The big blind calls under the gun. Surprisingly, folds three of us are in the mix. The dealer puts out 993 rainbow we flop trips, we shouldn’t, be holding many nines in our range checks.

To me, i mentioned previously that you, don’t have to bet much on paired boards, especially when you have trips. You want to keep opponents around. I bet small before and jason raised. I’m, hoping he’ll call a raise here.

I put 50 out there, jason almost immediately reaches for chips, and he calls the big blind also calls i like it. The turn is a four checks to me. Once again, this one would crank up the heat. I bet 175.

It’d, be great. If one or both players sticks around, neither of them do they both return their cards to the dealer. I let them know that they made good folds and show them the nine. A lot of people in the comment section say that i shouldn ‘

T show my cards, i think it’s fun for the game. I was planning on reviewing my cards to a few hundred thousand people with detailed explanations. Anyway, a couple more people, shouldn’t, hurt too badly.

Later we pick up pocket queens under the gun. It’s. The first real premium hand that i’ve gotten all night, i open to 30.. The cutoff wants to play a bigger pot. He three bets to 105.. I’m gonna have a narrow range when i open from under the gun, consisting of a lot of premium holdings like the one that i have.

The cutoff should know that his three bet indicates a ton of strength. I call for 75 more. I’m gonna be treading cautiously. We’re heads up. The flop comes seven three deuce with two diamonds. If i was ahead, i should still be ahead.

I check the opponent continues with his story that he has a hand like aces or kings. He bets 165.. I’m, definitely not folding. If he has me beat it’s, just a cooler, i call may end up losing a giant pot.

The turn is the five of spades it shouldn’t have changed anything. I check this time. The cutoff eases up. He checks back. It’s, a lot more likely. The queens are good. That’s, at least until the king of diamonds comes on the river boy, straws get there and ace king has me beat i check.

Luckily, the cutoff checks back. I turn over. Second pair i don’t, beat many hands in the cutoff, with a three bet for value. Yet somehow i ‘ Ve got the winner. The opponent lets go of his cards.

Everything’s, going right. For the most part, we win another medium-sized pot and are up over 1800. This is when i need your help on the count of three. We’re, all going to jump as high as we possibly can, and then land on the like button.

At the same time, we did this in the last video and we ‘ Ve got the two-piece mcgiggity’s. Let’s, see what happens this time ready one. Two three: we’re, dealt pocket aces on the button. You all did your job this time and we got rewarded for it.

Cut off limps in i raised a 50.. I’ve, been raising a lot of medium strength, hands to isolate limpers. This should help me get value when i’m at the top of my range like right now. The small blind is a vlog watcher who usually plays in the limit games but hops into the 510.

To get some of my money. He three bets to 150. small three bet. Considering he’s out of position, i haven’t. Seen him three bet much. I get the feeling that he has a strong hand. The big one cold calls the 150.

it’s. An interesting play there’s, lots of action already the cutoff folds it’s back on me. I want to narrow this down to one opponent. I four bet to 700.. Certainly, on the larger side, the thing is that the small blind calls the big blind will still be getting almost three to one.

Another interesting thing is that, in this casino, the betting is capped at four bets. This means the small blind can’t fight that that doesn’t stop him from trying, though he slides in about 1500 more before the dealer informs him that he’s not allowed to do that.

It’s, pertinent information for me, because the opponent has a hand he’s, willing to get it all in with pre-flop for over two thousand, most likely he has kings. But his enthusiasm makes me think that he might have aces as well once the dealer gets a 700 for the call.

He gives the remaining chips back to the player. He has 1340 behind it’s less than the amount that’s in the pot. The big boy knows that he’s up against two monsters. He folds we’re heads up with a massive amount of chips in the middle.

I’m, hoping it’ll, be all low cards coming out. The flop is queen 93 with two diamonds. If i’m up against queens, i’m gonna throw up, the player is still trying to pile in as many chips as he can. 600 is the most that he can put in.

The action goes quickly from here. I raised the 1200 small blind announces that he’s all in for 1340 total and i call in a session full of big pots. This is by far the largest one. For me, we get some good news.

Two kings heavies, i lost in the last session, but overall i’ve, been running good for a few months. I’m kind of expecting something terrible to happen which need to fade two kings. Unfortunately, we don’t.

Do it the turn? Is the king of clubs just kidding it’s a queen? We’re one card away from winning a pod of over four thousand the river. It’s. Another three: we’ve done it. I show the aces. The opponent flashes, two cowboys it’s, a brutal beat for him.

Lately i’ve, been winning some huge pots. A lot of things been going my way in the previous three sessions. I won: 3 100, 3 700, then lost 900, and in this session i’m. Currently up 39.50, i’ve, actually never had a win in four thousands before i’ve won over 5 000.

Once, though, i play for a little longer to win a few more small pots to get me into the four thousands. For my first time ever what an amazing session this has been six in the morning i’ve, got a lot of poker left to play on the rest of this trip time to rack up great way to start out the trip i won.

Four thousand and sixty dollars over four hours i started out with that 88 hearts hand 10 minutes in and doubled up, so that was that was awesome, and then it got bluffed by jason uh when he had the 10-3 off suit and uh then was on the Right side of the cooler with aces versus king, so i lost 900 appalachia less than 24 hours ago and my buddy jeff told me he was going to arizona.

So it was a last minute decision for me really glad i decided to come and uh. Hopefully this is just the start for a great week, i’m, going to be out here for a couple more days and i’m, going to get some sleep and then get back after it in a couple hours.


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