Jamie Gold High Stakes Poker Greatest Moments

He’s been raising a lot of pots raises 4 500.. I know one thing: daniel elia has gotten this game out of the muck. He has started the fire on all cylinders. Well, it seems like mike’s been paying attention.

He’s almost doing danny’s, advertising for him firing on cylinders. Did you hire him as your agent? He’s, trying to sell the fact that danny’s been raising a lot and, of course, this hand. Danny wants some action, he’s, got the two kings and he’ll.

Get that action from jamie. I had a feeling you were going to call that yeah. I knew you knew jaime called him with ten five of diamonds. It only makes sense that he’s. Gon na call him with queen ten.

He’s in big trouble. Here, though, against two kings jack ace, now that’s, not a good flop for danny the one card he was worried about with two kings was the ace not only that jaime’s got a double gut straight draw, meaning a king Or a nine would make him a straight, so a king on the turn would really cost danny a lot of chips.

Allow you bet. 7 000 gold calls immediately well jamie’s just calling. Now he’s, trying to hit that straight. He’s trying to get into your head. Of course, danny has to be really worried now, with his two kings: seven spades on the turn.

Now you know the end result: danny’s. Gon na check in here he’s, playing careful. He’s, worried about that ace. Some dealers, well, the straight didn’t, get there. So danny’s. Gon na win this pot unless of course, well jamie steps in and he’s.

Gon na try and steal it for ten thousand. Now danny has to ask himself what can i beat here if he had nine ten, the straight got there. If he had an a some b, i can only beat you know some kind of goofy jamie gold bluff.

Did you watch this guy play poker on tv? You have to call jamie gold. Are you kidding me case of a tie? Well, jamie makes a nice bluff there and he picks up a pot with queen eye. He got danny to lay down the kings.

He’s, not playing aj. He’s. Raising 4 200 is a raise okay. So he’s, stepping out a little bit now. This is a race two nines sammy raised the 20 000., that’s, a serious race and it’s right into jamie gold who’s got ace queen brandon adams just stepped out again at the wrong time.

That was my plan. This shut up is right behind me here you can imagine who has the best friend i’m, not calling 20 000 with nothing. Well, of course you’re, not me. Neither i’m, not racing with nothing right.

I know we both have hands it’s a queen. There is jamie’s, going to raise that’s. Why he checked on the flop he’s playing against sammy. I had a feeling. Sammy would bet that’s. 50. Sorry, oh, it is raising 50 000, but it’s.

The correct move! Yeah! I’m. Not a loser buddy that’s. All i got to tell you looks like sammy’s going to call. I find this a little strange. He’s, putting jamie on a draw and he’s going to call he’s right.

You got it. I checked the ark i’m. I’m, probably going to check, but i’m, not yet no better than the dog ace queen. Anne was very well played by [ __ ] ace king of clubs, ace queen two nights could have been played a little better.

If you bet on the river, but oh oh you mean don’t, think sammy was calling sammy sam, you said well and then you didn’t, say wow, because i just remember jamie gold going through that ordeal. That guy, just basically handed you still hurts you could have caught anything if three spades come out there.

We might see another ordeal here between sammy and jamie yeah and – and you know i was quite committed – still his place sick. I know eight four, seven on the fly, how many times that flop’s been out there today.

Anybody noticed. No, i thought that was a nine seven. Four excuse me: barry greenstein has flopped the set. I can’t see jamie’s going to bed here. He’s, got a double belly buster. If that’s, three grand he would make a straight with a five or a nine and missed a set of fours barry greenstein raised to 13 000.

that’s. Great jamie’s. Gon na call and say give me my five or i’ll, take a nine also. This is five that’s. What i was pulling against barry does not like f5. I expect jamie to bet about 25 000 here the best car or check or check yeah.

He’s, trying to trap, barry no trump. He became the trapee and not the trapper. Barry’s got quads. Now, barry’s, not checking anymore. No. I bet’s. 30. 000. I think i let you get there. I call i got a straight, i let you get there right.

I knew it. I knew it. Ah, he was not gonna fall. Anyways yeah, you’re, just saying you, weren’t folding. No, how can i say if i got ta sit here? I’m, not fooled! You save money, all right, you save money.

I guess look at this now he can ‘ T complain about kings. Kenny, congratulations feels like aces yeah. I wish it was aces, but it feels like it. Okay, what feels like aces is an aces is higher than queens and starts with a cup.

You ‘ Ve got a problem with this hand. I i got ta, you know what the problem is. I got a problem with every hand that i like it. I appreciate it. I hope everyone folds. I i would like to win the pot patrick’s, going to call and need an ace to take the lead here.

Three queen 10 on the flop. Let’s, see how much jamie’s going to bed here. Doesn’t want patrick to draw 15 000.. He only bets 15, 000 and patrick would win. If an ace came or a king would make him the nuts patrick calls and patrick’s.

Gon na call jamie should probably bet a little more as a king. There’s. The king. There is the king. This is terrible luck for jamie, that was like 22 and a half to one wow and now patrick’s. Gon na bet it 45 grand like he’s got ace.

King jamie knows that patrick doesn’t have jack nine, but jamie should also realize he only bet fifteen thousand on the flop. So it’s possible that patrick has ace jack, but i don’t. Think jamie can stop himself hi race, jamie’s going to raise and he’s going to be pot committed and patrick’s.

Gon na be a three to one favorite, oh man, because whatever he raises patrick is gonna go all in and, like i said, jamie’s. Gon na have to call man, patrick looks hungry. I’m. Just counting looks like a lion.

He really does and jamie looks like a gazelle right now. Oh well, he ‘ S got a little better chance than the gazelle i’m. All in i i got a set of kings. You got ace jack, huh, yes, chuck unbelievable, and now you’re watching the biggest pot in the history of high stakes, poker, 743 thousand dollars and change.

This is unreal. No is there a hundred stacks because they don’t see anything. No, no 210, 230. 245 about two more little 250. Maybe what am i going to do right? You’re right 300.. You want to run it uh, run it three times or something.

You can run it twice twice: okay, or can we turn it twist three times you can do whatever you want? How much is it he’s got about 300 here the table just came alive. Man kind of feel a little sorry for jamie.

That was really unlucky, they played it three times now and each river card will be worth almost 250 thousand dollars. Jamie’s, hoping to win one of them as a queen’s guy. He wins the first, oh man, all right.

It’s, a pretty good start that’s, a good start. Well, you wish you hadn’t run it for you. I wish i hadn’t run it three times. I know, but why better than twice jamie’s got 250 almost! Maybe here’s. The second one diamonds wow two out of three, that’s yeah.

I don’t like my chances on this one either, but now comes the 10.. Now comes the king. I don’t think he can do it three out of three three in a row: okay, okay, wow. Nice thing: i guess we have to count down your money.

Remember originally patrick wanted to run it twice running it. Three times was a last-minute decision on his part, save them 248. 000. I sure did oh man, we don’t really end. On our first hand of this show jamie’s got kings.

Mr tilly, he’s. Just gonna call a big blind, really hope to trap somebody. I’m. Not i don’t know. Maybe i don’t think he ‘ S like it could be no raising and jamie’s going to get trapped here, sammy’s.

Got the bullets very unlucky for jamie. Here you want to play, probably is it you can’t re-raise? Actually, i could talking about a circus act. No key la liberte is thinking of calling with nine deuce in between aces and kings.

On my home, this is my. You know there’s. Doyle’s. Ten deuce – and i have this. This is my favorite. You’ll, see on tv, should we should we get it over with now or you don’t have to depends on your hands.

Should we get it all in now or later it’s too much money? Let’s, see some gambling over here. You know let’s, see a big one too much money for it. Let’s, see a dark bet in a dark race. Let’s, see something like that.

I’ll call. It called dark brown. I’ll bet it in the dark if he checks that surprised me. Jamie. Just called ten thousand, i love you guys. Maybe i’ll. How would the action go then? Then we have to see the turn? No, no! No! No you have to do it.

You can call dark. If i just call, we see the turn, we got to see it, but if you turn no, we see the turn yeah. If i just call, we see the turn, what does pokers come to, of course, yeah, where it is god i really like this country.

I really, and if i raise now it’s up to me, then you get to see the flop or maybe you’ll re-raise before the flop. That’d, be tough. I probably would do it. I’ll, probably jamie thinks he has the best hand and he’s.

Trapping sammy wow, you guys are the sickest i’ve ever met in my life and there’s no flop, yet no flop. Re-Raise me re-raise me: re-raise me, boy, sammy is playing this to the hill. Oh, my god wait. I got ta, go to the bathroom.

I’ll, be back hold the deck, stop the camera. That is so sick. Is this game here every day? Why can’t this be here every single day morning? This is good tv. It’s, a great tv, buddy, sick versus sticker.

What i don’t understand, wait and you know what i’m gonna tip the dealer in advance. You heard numb and dumber. I don’t understand why didn’t you raise me before the flop. You think what do you think i have? I have it.

I have the hand if i call that means the flop. Is there and we just see the turn yeah. We just see it move all in right or you can move all in now. You got involved. You’re, a sick man. You always get to see the people sammy fargo calls me a sick man, always a flop and a turn.

If you call because it was a pre pre, it’s. Funny there’s, something wrong with his hand. You understand, and the problem with his hand, is that i raised before the flop he just called and he’s. Doing a show right now – and i know he’s weak and i know, but he might hit the plot i might have.

I can’t get in the flop. You got a problem with your hand, buddy, because you didn’t raise me, but you made a statement. Let me think about what you said. Computer is working sammy. You might have made something.

This is the slowest computer i’ve. Seen on tv, so somehow the way he played the hand i’m trying to shoot in texas, not in my head. You can fold too buddy. No, i don’t. Think you have a hand i don ‘

T. Think you have a hand that’s, a good flop. I’m glad i didn’t. I have. I have something crazy sammy. I have something i have something at this point. Do you think jamie thinks he has the best hand? Oh absolutely yeah, oh absolutely! Well, i don’t have aces.

I’m. You know i got something, but there’s no flop. You can’t have something if he moves. You know what i mean i’m, saying, like i have a hand, i have a potential decision. I think i bet 10. You bet 20 20 more.

This is for tv. Okay, i’m gonna race. It you’re, raising yeah, you got the aces yeah. What do you hear me? Well, i mean no. It’s, not that it’s that you don ‘ T have a hand i’m betting against you.

Wait, wait! Wait it’s like when you play yourself with the aces to me. Well, i have a hand sammy, you told me: i have a handle. I have the aces. I have a hat because i’m in deep. I’m in deep. I’m in deep with.

If you have aces, i’m. Indeed, i’m in so much trouble. If you have aces well, throw your hand away, i’m happy with it. Sammy jamie is basically told sammy that he ‘ S got kings right. You’re, not gambling.

Well, i can’t go away now. Now we just now what happens? We just see the turn. If i just call it yeah, we’re playing the flop right, yeah yeah, so he puts the flop and then the turn yeah flop and turn four cards sammy.

You’re. Expecting me, with the aces the whole time you want to make a deal. No, we got to see the flop on the turn right. You were playing me with the aces. The whole time i can’t see the flop. That’s, hard! Okay! Go ahead! Now we’re, going to see the turn right yeah.

We have to oh, my god. Okay, you’re. Doing all this to me with aces, i’m. Not doing to you, you did it to yourself, i mean i bet. Ten thousand you raised me. Twenty thousand jaime i didn’t. Do nothing to you.

You blaming me and now you’re gonna hate me. I check. I may have a set, so don’t, be upset. I’m, not upset. I’m upset that the whole hand should have went all in before the flop. Now i’m sick of it. Now everybody at the table knows what’s going on.

Believe me, i am, they know exactly what both players have 20. 250.. Oh, i got two. I guess you want to just check it down. Wait. I got a lot of money. I probably might have to do that. I don’t know i have that much well.

It sounds like this high level negotiation is going to go on for a while. We’ll, be back. My daddy knew. I was losing this pokemon that’s. What i was saying come out of the grave and beat the heck out of me that is sick jimmy i can’t put you in your hand, you’re, such a sick player.

I’m, putting you on aces. Okay, are they the best hand? If i ever? Maybe not? I believe you that’s, the funny part, the funny part. I believe you i i like you. You know i like i, like you too, but i’m losing so much.

We’re playing pokemon, we got ta go, go on, go home, get daniel here. Instead, there’s, no love in poker. Who wants to play with doyle? He’s too good for us. He can ‘ T blame us molly, i’m losing and the guy is crazy, just check sammy or bet ten thousand.

No, that’s a lot. I want to protect my hand, jamie, i want a better hundred i have to. I have to call you why, because i i told you i have a monster hand. I’m. Sorry yeah, i’m. Trying to win it. You don’t have to call buddy sammy.

I do too. I’m. Sorry, i can’t. I i’m telling you. How much do you want 3. 000 sure i’m, pretty sure that if any cod buddy king or possibly a queen comes off on the river is going all in and jamie’s. Calling i was telling you that i have a monster.

I’m. Trying to wow hold it, let’s, see jamie couldn’t get away from it. If an ace comes on the river, let me think i mean i’m, not calling you with nothing. You know what do you think? I’m, calling you with well it’s, it’s.

Did everyone? Do we want to hurt each other enough? Well, it’s, not that it’s already there. True it’s, the river it’s, not gonna make any difference. It’s just either. You make your hand or i’m gonna win.

Isn’t poker all about hurting somebody that’s, no different, just the word poker. If i have nothing, i might wan na bet right. Do you wan na get all the money and you to check it come on? No, i don’t want to get it now.

Maybe at the end i want to block fine. Let’s. Go let’s. Go wait. Wait, wait, keep going. What are we waiting for tommy said? Wait, you said: wait right, you can’t bet anymore. I called. Ah you got to put the card yeah.

Okay, it’s the river! Now, okay, if you have it, then you got me. I got you anyway. I check i don’t. Think you got me, i do sammy. I’m, calling whatever you do, i’m calling i call go call i can’t. I’m, not going.

You think. I’m, laying down my hand after putting in two hundred thousand dollars. You think i’m, laying down my hands so whatever you’re doing i got you beat. I want you to know so then check check. I have your vehicle.

Why would i check if i have your bills? I call i’d. Call, let’s go. I call that call is not binding. I know you’re, not calling till sammy betts sammy. I call you don’t have enough to get me off the hand i put in too much.

I can’t fold. I understand so just bet. I’m. Closing mock your hand, because i got you. I bet you bet i called i already said. I call i call i call i call a call and call a call. I want to count my money and put it in.

Can i do that or what you can bind me to it? I’m, calling there’s. No chance, i’m falling. You think i’m folding. After all this, of course, not all right. So bet me, you want more money, take it it’s, not that it’s.

I have to bet my hand. I’m losing too much, but what am i i, like you muck your hand. I, like you too. I can’t muck my hand. It’s too late. You have to lock your hand. I have the best hand you don’t. Okay, i try.

I gave you an opportunity, i’m. Sorry, don’t forget. I was nice, the whole way sammy. I was trying to check it down with you the sickest moment in my career. I tried you guys. I tried i like you somebody else.

I like you too. I thought we should just check it because it’s enough already. What do you want me to do check it out? I told you we should check it from the turns you shouldn’t put any more money. I got.

You beat buddy all right, i’ll check. I got you being kings here, buddy. I know you have aces enough. I saved you this okay, you understand because i like you, i know right. I know, but i can’t get off of it.

What am i gonna understand, but somebody else i’ll bet him look at this. I could also. I know you’re, calling of course i’m calling yeah, but i want you to call you understand. Wow, of course i didn’t think he had killed anybody.

You understand. I want you to call i, of course, if i had two jacks or yeah queen’s unfolding, i can’t fold. The kings, jamie you saved 185 000. You made it, you played well. You owe me just remember what you ordered, because you know albert aces.

Anybody i don’t care, of course, and i know it’s. Good everybody else would have lost another 185, the whole wide world huh. I promise you. I would have yeah he limped with the kings and he only called before the flop that’s.

True jamie’s, talk paid off in the flowers. Just remember how much you owe me 180. Just remember right all right! So do you think sammy showed some mercy here? No, no! No! No! Not at all. No, it was not mercy.

Sammy was a little confused in the hands and then, when the 10 pair, he just decided not to bet. So the best actor award goes to jamie gold. They asked me: how did you check? I said something but sammy.

If i knew it, you think i’m, putting a hundred thousand dollars in there. If i knew it, i know i understand. Of course i didn’t know i i thought i had your beat. You asked me to do it i did i did. I really thought i had.

You beat okay, just remember next time i thought i was doing you a favor. You owe me 180, favors, 180. 000. Okay, is that the first hand of the show you shouldn’t, be i want some more action. Some more.

I want to see some weird things on this show.

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