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The Ill Shuffled Cards – Play Poker

Jonathan Swift puts it in a wry manner, that until he gets a good hand, he will always blame it on the cards to be ill shuffled. Well, now you can be glad to know that cards are digitally shuffled for making the whole gaming experience perfect with highly sophisticated software. The big point that must be realized is that one needn’t have the best hand to win a poker game, as all that one needs to know is the opponent’s cards and then quickly convince that person that he is beaten up!

SWTOR Scavenging Leveling Guide – How To Level This Gathering Skill To 400

In this article we are looking at the Scavenging gathering skill and how you can level this up as well as make some credits from the Galactic Trade Network. Again, as with all of the gathering crew skills in SWTOR there are two ways that you can level them up. The first is to level up the skill while you are heading from planet to planet doing your missions. If you are completing missions anyway this is the best way of leveling the skills simply because it will not cost you any credits. However if you are already at a certain level and halfway through the game and you have just picked up a skill then you may not want to have to head back to the starting planets. If this is the case you can send out your companion and other crew members on Scavenging missions and they will deliver the rewards to you.

Alliance Leveling Places Where You Can Also Make Gold

Do you want to level fast in World of Warcraft as an Alliance player, and also make some gold along the way to the level cap? Well, there are a few Alliance leveling places that you shouldn’t overlook.

SWTOR Slicing Leveling Guide – How To Get Slicing To Level 400!

In this article we are going to cover the next gathering skill which is called Slicing. Now slicing is fairly unique in relation to all of the gathering and crafting skills because it is pretty much straight forward credits. For instance if you look at Archaeology or Bioanalysis you can use these gathering skills with crafting skills or you can just make the “base” items and sell them on the Galactic Trade Network. However with slicing you are pretty much making credits by sending out your companion and getting lockboxes in return and you open these up and you will get credits inside.

SWTOR Bioanalysis Leveling Guide – How To Get This SWTOR Gathering Skill To The Level Cap!

In this post we are going to run through how you can level the Bioanalysis skill from 1 to 400 and basically with all of these gathering skills there are 2 different ways to level them up. The conventional way like the gathering skills on other games such as World of Warcraft is to run around the game universe and “gather” the materials that you need. This is actually the best way and as long as you know which planet you should be on at each level it is the cheapest way in terms of credits that you will spend.

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