Mike Matusow Funniest High Stakes Poker Moments

Online Text-Based Games: Roleplaying a Female – A Guide for Men

What is this? I can CHOOSE whether to be a male or female when I create a character in a text game? I’ve always been a male though! However, I have always coveted a nice set of b- erm, a nice set of emotions. Yes, those. Being the manly man that I am, I am just way too manly to ever be able to show emotions like the fairer (arguable) sex do. Well, I suppose I can try this whole ‘be a female’ thing. What do I do though? I don’t know how to be a woman!

Runescape Merchanting Dos and Don’ts

Runescape Merchanting is a process which is easy to begin but difficult to master, and unlike many things in both the real world and in Runescape there are definitely some definitive rules you can put in place which means you’re more likely to win more of the time, and when you do win maximize your profits – which as a Runescape Merchanter is obviously going to be top of your agenda. I think one really important thing not to do is invest all of your capital in one item for a number of reasons. Firstly, even if…

Easy Ways to Earn Gold in WoW – Vendor Items!

Just starting WoW and wondering how to get starter gold? Check out this guide!

Techniques for Effective Mining in WoW

Due to so many professions in WoW having a need for smelted bars and raw ore in order to level their skills, if you are mining then that is a sure way to be profitable. This is because once you get a player that has already leveled skills like engineering, jewelcrafting and blacksmithing it is very seldom that you will find that same player wanting to focus his time on farming materials for themselves. However, these same players still need plenty of ore and bars to create the many items that they sell to make gold.

World of Warcraft PvP Guide to the Arena Ring of Valor

When I play arenas in world of Warcraft and get matched against the lower ranked players I’ve noticed a huge difference between how the high ranked players play and how the low ranked players play. In the arena the low ranked players see every arena as the same, they don’t utilize their surroundings, or take advantage of the way the arena is set up. On the other hand the higher ranked players do.

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