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Niklas Astedt Wins Fourth Career GGPoker Super MILLION$ Title

Niklas Astedt Super MILLION
Niklas Astedt took down his fourth career GGPoker Super MILLION$ title for more than $315K.

Niklas Astedt has done it yet again. Sweden’s former worldwide #1-ranked online poker legend, won his record-tying fourth GGPoker Super MILLION$ title on Tuesday, this time for $315,882.

Astedt has no shortage of ways he can win a tournament, but when he’s on a heater it’s almost unfair. Astedt knocked out six of his final eight opponents, the majority of which he had dominated by picking up premium hands in key spots. That said, it wasn’t all just rungood for Astedt who, after starting the day eighth in chips, made all the right moves to put himself in a position to win against a tough final table that included Damian Salas, Chris Puetz, Christian Rudolph, Rui Ferreira, and Artur Martirosian.

Nearly thirty minutes into the final hand, one of Russia’s premier players, Artur Martirosian, hit the rail. After his AsAc was cracked by China’s ‘d7777’s 9c8h, Martirosian was sitting on the short stack. With the blinds at 25,000/50,000 (6,000 ante), chip leader ‘0asis’ made it 100,000 to go holding 7d7s and when it folded to Martirosian in the big blind, the Russian defended holding the 9d4d. The flop came 8d7c2h giving ‘0asis’ a set. Martirosian checked it over to ‘0asis’ who checked it back. The river was the 9c, giving Martirosian top pair. Martirosian led for just over 117,000 and ‘0asis’ shoved. Martirosian called and found himself drawing dead to the As river. Martirosian exited in ninth place for $49,109.

Two hands later, Astedt opened from early position to 275,000 with his AdAc. It folded around to Chris Puetz in the big blind with AhKd and the Austrian shoved for nearly 1.4 million. Astedt called instantly and the board ran out 4sQs3h2hKh keeping Astedt’s pocket aces ahead the entire time and ending Puetz’s run in eighth place for $61,974.

Astedt did double duty just minutes later when ‘RRomashka’ opened to 100,000 from middle position with 9c9h. When the action reached Astedt in the small blind, he just called with the KcKh. Then from the big blind, Rui Ferreira three-bet shoved more than 1.2 million holding TcTs. ‘RRomashka’, with fewer chips called for his tournament and when it was back to Astedt, who had both covered, he stuck it all-in as well. A three-way all-in with three pocket pairs. The flop came AdQdJc leaving ‘RRomashka’ looking for a nine or running cards. Ferreira picked up a gutshot straight draw if he could find one of the final two kings and Astedt held a healthy lead. The turn was the 5s, leaving both Ferreira and ‘RRomashka’ with a less than 5% shot at hitting their hand. Both missed when the Qc completed the board. ‘RRomashka’, with fewer chips, is the seventh-place finisher for $78,209 and Ferreira settled for sixth and its $98,696 payday.

Five-handed play lasted for over an hour, and the blinds had climbed to 70,000/140,000 (17,500 ante) when Astedt used another big hand to take out another dangerous opponent. This time it was 2020 World Series of Poker Main Event champion Damian Salas. From under the gun, Astedt opened to 280,00 holding QcQd and when it reached Salas on the button, he shipped his final 15 big blinds. Astedt, again, snap-called with a dominating hand and the pair watched as the board ran out Kh9h6s7sJh. Astedt dragged another big pot and Salas was out in fifth place for $124,550.

Christian Rudolph, who started the day fourth in chips, was slowly slipping in the chip counts with just four left. Eventually, after Rudolph lost an important pot to Astedt, he was left with just fewer than five big blinds. It all came to a head when Astedt put in a raise to 400,000 on the button with 8d8c and Rudolph, in the big blind defend with Kd2c, leaving himself just over one big blind behind. The flop came 6h5c4h and Rudolph committed the last of his stack. Astedt called, leaving Rudolph looking to hit his gutshot straight draw or his overcard. The turn was the 7d, bringing in a straight for Astedt and the best Rudolph could hope for was to hit one of the two remaining eights for a chop. The river was the 2s and Rudolph was out in fourth place for $157,177.

Astedt built a substantial chip lead over his final two opponents. But after ‘0asis’ bested ‘d7777’ in a big hand where ‘0asis’s AcQh dominated ‘d7777’s AdJc, ‘0asis’ got healthy and ‘d7777’ was left with just four big blinds. ‘0asis’ completed the elimination just a couple of hands later when they got it all-in preflop holding As8s against ‘d7777’s QhTs. The 8c5s3c] flop kept ‘0asis’ in the lead with ace high. The turn came the 2h, leaving ‘d7777’ looking for a queen or a ten to stay alive. However, the river was the Ah, giving ‘0asis’ top pair and sending ‘d7777’ out in third with a career-high $198,351 score.

After the elimination, ‘0asis’ held a slim chip lead over Astedt when heads-up began. It was a short back-and-forth affair with the chip counts of both remaining tight. However, after the next break, with the blinds up to 125,000/250,000 (30,000 ante) ‘0asis’ pulled way ahead, grabbing a three-to-one chip lead. But Astedt isn’t considered one of the best of all time for nothing. The Swede battled back and brought the stacks back to even. Then the deciding hand of heads-up took place.

The blinds had climbed to 175,000/350,000 (45,000 ante) when Astedt called on the button holding TdTc. ‘0asis’ raised to just over 1 million in the big blind with the AcQs. Astedt shoved for 7.8 million and ‘0asis’ called leaving themselves with less than a small blind behind. The flop came 8c5d4s, leaving ‘0asis’ needing some help. The 9h turn changed nothing and when the 4h hit the river, the massive pot was shipped to Astedt. ‘0asis’ was all-in the very next hand with 8h5h and Astedt held QhJc. The board ran out KcQc3c4d3d and ‘0asis’, the start of day chip leader, ended up as the runner-up which was good for $250,311.

Once again, Niklas Astedt took down the GGPoker Super MILLION$, this time for $315,882, and became one of just three players to have won an event in both Season One and Season Two.

Super MILLION$ Final Table Results (9/28)

  1. Niklas Astedt – $315,882
  2. ‘0asis’ – $250,311
  3. ‘d7777’ – $198,351
  4. Chris Rudolph – $157,177
  5. Damian Salas – $124,550
  6. Rui Ferreira – $98,696
  7. ‘RRomashka’ – $78,209
  8. Chris Puetz – $61,974
  9. Artur Martirosian – $49,109

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