No Gamble No Future – Ep. 5 | Is Daniel Negreanu a Degenerate?

This is insane like i don’t even [, __ ] believe what i really do not believe what i’m. Seeing i can’t believe it i just can’t believe like it is. Like luck, i mean it literally has me speechless like how many big spots where i have like a [, __ ] flush draw with all this extra [, __, ] or whatever, and end up literally with my [ __ ] sausage.

In my hand, my [ __ ] beefy sausage, just sitting in my hand and that’s. All i got it’s, just a [ __ ], dick in my hands by the river and [ __ ] got [ __ ]. Some! You know queen nine off just holds like it’s, [ __ ].

He runs so [ __ ] good in this match. He had no [ __ ], clue no [ __ ] clue how good no [, __ ] clue thinks it’s normal. This is insane. I’ve played poker a long [ __ ] time to be able to tell the difference between like [ __ ] sun running these spots or just [ __ ] holy [, __, ], [, Music, ].

Ah, yes, and with that, we welcome you in this is no gamble. No future. He is brent hanks. I’m jeff platt. We will be joined by daniel nagrano in just one minute. Coming up on today’s, show we also have cousin christians.

Oh yeah, we’re, looking forward to seeing her and sure what do you want? We’ll. Just i just want to get her what she has to say. We’ll, go over our cards, it’s kind of a rough rough weekend. For for me, don’t know every weekend.

Every week every weekend is rough, some nba futures talk. We will, of course, hear from our dear friend uncle ron hope he’s, doing okay in the cold. I doubt it yeah. He only wears his underwear. He can’t survive the freezing kansas city, so you’re joining us on youtube.

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We want to do this every single week bring in big guests just like daniel negrono, who’s going to be with us in one. Second, i think one second, that would be right now, yeah, let us bring him in the sixth time world series of poker bracelet winner daniel welcome in to no gamble no future.

Well, thanks for having me, gentlemen, i love the tagline, no gamble, no future. The motto of my generation, where you know gamblers, just put the chips in the middle and they helped that it happened.

They didn’t, have any roi or spreadsheets. They just had cleones and coke cans no cans. Indeed, oh, we love it and that is no gamble, no future. So the two of us have interviewed you. You know 46 times about high stakes feud, so so, most of today we want to look forward instead of look backwards, but i think one important question now that you’ve had a little bit of time to reflect.

I know you’ve, been playing a lot of chess, so maybe not that much time to reflect. How do you look back on the overall high stakes? Feud experience? Well i mean it was the learning process was fun.

You know getting, you know, nailing it’s; fundamentals, because that’s. What i love learning stuff, as you mentioned, you know now i’m on the chest. I’m like addicted to watching pog champs and seeing all the moves and it’s like i’m watching chess at my level, so it’s actually more.

It’s kind of like poker. I see the analogy where there’s like dumb mistakes that are made. That makes it more interesting right at the highest level poker. It’s, fun to watch sure, but, like sometimes seeing you know, donkeys plays good as far as the match goes.

Um yeah obviously disappointed with the result like i just felt like you know, as you heard in the intro um, you know, and i’m – not going to bother doing this, but i was going to just like look at the stats in terms of How many times like i completed, draws in big spots, because i already know you know whatever doesn’t matter.

Listen! I’m, not suggesting that i i actually had some of my favorite tweets this week. I saw uh breto and tweet something like during the super bowl saying like how many points do you got to lose by before you stop complaining to the reps, and i replied: 1.

2 million – that’s, pretty good! That’s pretty good. At that point you know i was going to lose the match, but i definitely felt you know super unlucky throughout. Well, i’ll. Tell you what i’m. I’m. Tired of dwelling on the past daniel, let’s, let’s.

Look ahead, and perhaps i don’t know, listen to what phil hellmuth had to say about the upcoming high stakes duel or i should say what led to the upcoming high stakes duel. Let’s, have a listen. I was disappointed in the way that daniel played, but i know his coaches as coaches are brilliant, and so he has brilliant coaches, and i, and so everything that i’ve talked about with his coaches.

You see, i talked to these guys for a couple of hours. I love the way they thought about no limit. Then i sent them to my agent and then they ended up with daniel, not with me, because i was like what are they going to teach me.

We’re aligned on our philosophies, so i think they’re great coaches and they know what they’re doing. I think that their heads up theories about you know three betting. Every time you have jack three of clubs and jack five of clubs and a lot of these hands.

You know that you know that seemed seem like that’s, a lot of money to get into some weird spots. So i was betting on daniel’s, talent and uh. I think that uh, you know. If daniel’s, gonna try to play doug playing pure gto or next level.

Gto, then, to me, doug has a lot of fire and he’s. You know, and so daniel’s trying to fight fire with fire. I thought daniel should have fought fire with daniel, and so i told doug i’d, play him uh next and uh.

You know uh and i’m ready. So i’ve won 29 of my last 30. 30 heads-up matches. I won the last heads-up tournament i played in, and so i think i ‘ Ve only lost once to carry cats, our boss at a world series tournament, and i remember i had aces and he had sixes, but i mean to be fair.

Uh most the money went in after it came king six deuce. I overplayed the huh he doesn’t have anything to learn from coaches. I i definitely heard that part just uh. No one can coach him so daniel. What were your thoughts when you heard that from phil last week? Okay, like if you look at that in its entirety, it is a large bowl of word.

Salad, nonsense. It’s. Just such insanity, because here’s, the thing right he says he starts off by saying i didn’t like the way daniel played yeah. He watched exactly zero of the match. Okay, so typically, when you watch a game like if you you don’t, say: oh, who played last night lakers and uh timberwolves yeah, i didn’t like the way the lakers play.

Did you watch any of it? No, how do you know, then you don’t, know [ __ ], you’re, just literally talking out of your orifice, that’s sitting in the you know that you’re sitting on um. Just complete word, salad of nonsense, like i don’t think he has any idea, and you know this idea with the coaches, the coaches thing where he keeps mentioning that, like they’re aligned, they talk for a couple hours.

They probably said a couple things that phil said: oh, that’s, it i got it all. [ __ ] figured out right. I think phil represents a generation. Well, i mean i don’t think he represents it necessarily because there are people from his generation that have a deep respect, guys like eric seidel.

They have a deep respect for all the hard work these young guys put in on just analyzing the data it’s, reminiscent of like old school football coaches. You know down by nine with three and a half minutes to go fourth and one on the 40 and they’re like well man.

Let’s punt. It hope we get the ball back. You know just like old school forget about data, forget about game theory, all that kind of stuff just use the eye test or like sports bettors, who are like going to just do it based on going i don’t know i feel like they’re gonna win today, because i got a good feeling.

You know i mean, though, like and today’s method. Is you know using data which is similar to poker right where you can dissect the game at a very high level? So, first of all, he’s just talking out of his ass, because he didn’t watch any of the match.

Second of all, this idea that, like you’re, not you know, raising with jack three suited. This just shows like how little he knows right of like of actual you know, theory, and i will say this: phil hellmuth has done a really good job, his entire career of being, and he doesn ‘

T know this, because this is so [ __ ] funny. When i tell you this, he is in he’s, the most he’s, the most extreme exploitative player. I’ve ever seen and it works because people make big mistakes against them.

Okay, that i won’t be making necessarily um, and i remember when i first said that we were. We were filming the the final table of the world series poker. We’re sitting there on the couches in the back room and i we mentioned game three optimal and he ‘

S like – and i said, phil you’re. An exploitative player he’s like i know i’m, not he’s like i’m game there. I’m gto and he’s like and then he literally said, swear to god. I invented gto. Oh my, he said unbelievable.

I invented he not the internet. He didn’t invent the internet, but he invented game theory. Optimal play and he didn’t understand what the hell it is still doesn’t understand what the hell it is um, but claims that he invented it.

No phil is good and i try to say that’s, not an insult to say that you’re, an exploitative player because you’re, very, very good at what you do right. The issue is, is when somebody does understand game theory and can poke holes through all the exploits that you’re making.

Then you can’t win you just i mean like not even like win some. You just can’t win against these players, like obviously the [ __ ] worked against antonio, but that’s, just not going to work against me.

I’m glad you mentioned antonio, so for you guys in the chat by the way shout out luke, allman, uh, jonathan gray, yeah we got the audio figured out mitch hacked everyone out there. Thank you so much for tuning in good question.

What are daniel and phil going to play? I’ll. Tell you what they’re, going to play high stakes, duel wow daniel just mentioned it. Phil kicked antonio esfandiari’s; ass three consecutive matches in high stu high stakes duel.

One here comes high stakes, duel two danny negrano versus the defending champion; phil hellmuth. He’s. Gon na unveil a championship belt uh. The date is to be determined, but i promise you. It is coming very soon very soon great questions from you guys in the chat uh.

Also as much as it’ll either be fifty thousand or a hundred thousand dollars that they’re going to play in round one okay. So there you go there’s. Some details there, daniel uh. There was an interview that you did: what’s, that one other thing too about what he said.

You know how he said he’s, ready to play doug yeah, he’s. Full of com like that is such complete. [ __ ], like he wants like ten to one wants to play like you know, ten thousand hands one table whatever, because i said to him: listen, you know because he would never do this.

He’s, so much blow smoke, yappity happity, at least when i say i’ll play. I do it and i put my money where my mouth phil is total chicken [ __ ]. He would never play me the same format as dumb yeah and uh.

You mentioned chicken [ __ ]. You’re on record with the review journal here in las vegas of saying. I think he’s, a chicken. To be honest with you, i think he’s, scared. I think he knows he’s, going to look bad.

Do you fully anticipate whooping his ass in high stakes duel? I will say this here’s. What phil does a good job of right protecting himself from environments that he’s, going to look really really bad in right? So you protect yourself in a tournament.

You know you’re limited. You play short stack there’s, not as many big mistakes. You can make right, as you saw in my match, with doug, when you play 25 000 hands day in and day out, heads up there’s, nowhere to hide bro.

You know you don’t, just lose a buy, and then you’re done. You got to keep growing, you got to keep playing and playing and playing and in the end the better player is just going to win but phil. He’s.

You know he’s. He he he doesn’t play much against like the super high gto wizard. So that way he can just say he’s better than them without actually having to prove it, and then he’ll mention you know.

I made the final table once of super high roller ball. I came fourth, okay cool. I made the final table of the one million dollar one drop. This is stuff that happened like five six years ago, the amount of theory and of evolution of the game that ‘

S happened in the last three years. I’d, say makes what we, but we saw then, like you know, not a thing. I think the best example of of like watching a really smart good young player, just completely dominate was fedor holtz against phil hellmuth.

In every single hand, they played on super high levels, not just some of them, but every single hand. Fedor was extracting the all the value with like a four card straight on board, with two pair getting check raises in like folding when he was supposed to he like he literally never made.

He never made even remotely close to a mistake against phil. He had him. He was so dialed in, like i think i have a pretty good. You know read on phil’s game, but i thought fedor. If anybody just like he, he just he wiped him silly.

You know in a lot of these spots so um so yeah like in the limited experiences he’s. Gon na have against players like that. He’s, not gonna he i i would hope. One day you know i don’t. Think it’s. Gon na happen.

I would hope one day the field goes. You know what daniel these kids, who worked really hard and studied really hard know some things that i don’t, but for him to claim he had a two-hour conversation with a couple coaches.

He’s like what are they gonna teach me. I know everything about theory: oh yeah. How many combos is ace king? I don’t, know [ __ ] and you either have an ace king. There’s, [ __ ], dead, ace and a king.

There’s two so two times four, i don’t know you know the [ __ ]. He has no idea kind of like breaks out hands at a very analytical level and understanding game theory so, and this isn’t to say that, like his exploitative style, isn’t good because a lot of the stuff he does like.

I said really works against most people. It’s, just not going to work against people who understand game theory and understand the deviations that he makes. Okay, because he makes a lot of massive deviations from gto like if you look at what a game theory optimal play would make, it would be like a standard play.

He doesn’t make that play. He makes obscure plays um in a lot of different spots, which again is part of what has worked for him for a long time. It’s just now. The game has evolved to a point where that shit’s just weak sauce compared to like what these guys will bring.

Daniel an offshore site posted odds. If you all were to have this challenge, which, as brent said, is on for season two of high stakes duel, they posted the odds at about a flip at hellmuth’s, light favorite the money poured in on you.

It moved you all the way from plus 110 to to minus 300 ish minus 300, now yeah to minus to minus 300 ish. Now you said in a 25 000 hand, challenge yes, nowhere to hide in in the sit and go format like you’re, going to see on high stakes dual.

Is there any way for you to quantify what what kind of a favorite you would be? Do you see yourself around that minus 300 range? Is it even greater? Is it smaller? What are your thoughts so anytime, you play a sit and go right.

It levels the playing field to a certain degree. Right, so imagine you know extreme example. You know let’s say we play just literally one hand: okay. Well, whoever wins that hand wins right. You play 10 hands.

You know it’s. Basically, going to come down to just pure luck right, the good news about high stakes duo and i watched all of it, and i thought it was really entertaining television. You know him and antonio had a good back and forth um is that there’s, a lot of play right, so phil’s going to have to play for quite a while at 500 big blinds deep.

You know for the first uh half an hour and then, like you, know, 333 big blinds deep. So the thing you his biggest weakness is deep stack play like he’s in no man’s land in a lot of these spots, especially you know any anytime, you’re playing 100 big, blinds or above and then His play is very exploitative when he gets down below 20 as well, so uh yeah, i’m, trying to think of like where he would be his good sweet spot.

I don’t, know like 40 or 50 or 60, something in that neighborhood. So i i suspect the match will go like this. Okay, when we’re deep, i’m just going to win. Okay, it’s, going to be very, very difficult for him to get a lead for the late stages right.

So then it’s, going to be a question of for him to win this match. He’s, going to have to win in all ends. Probably three or four of them without losing one is my guess, because he’s, going to have a big chip deficit um in the first half of the match.

When the play is deep and there’s. A lot of you know there’s, just a lot more post-flop decisions right, the more intricate post-flop decisions that require to play at a high level, some knowledge of like what what two artificial intelligence bots would do against each other.

You know having that knowledge for deep stack play is kind of essential and when you don’t have it you’re just going to have a lot of holes right now. It’s, a short sample size right. I don’t know how many hands we’re going to play, but uh.

Obviously, i feel like if we played a 25 000 hand match he’s just completely dead. He would never do that. He talked i’m ready. He says i’m ready. I’m ready to play doug how much you want to bet in a billion years.

If doug said yes, phil would say: okay, uh, oh uh. Can i get 100 to one or some [ __ ], like i think he asked doug for odds if i remember correctly, ten to one yeah, so the actual offer he made him was played fifteen thousand hands one table online, which is brutal and which is fine.

Whatever and then um he wanted ten to one odds to win the match, and then he said to him. I’m gonna i’m gonna you know i’m gonna limp ninety percent of my hands. I’m, like okay, wow ooh don’t don’t frighten me phil don’t frighten me like oh, my god, you’re gonna limp nine out of ten hands.

What will i do? He told us he would be even in that matchup that’s, why he was so excited yeah. He could get ten to one, but he considered himself about a flip against doug. I wan na i wan na make a couple points: one, the mass wide stream audience it’s, gonna be tuning in to to the high stakes duel against yourself very similar audience that we had when phil hellmuth played antonio esfandiari.

If daniel phil hellmuth, who just whooped esfandiari, if he comes in and he defeats you in high-stakes duel, is it fair to assume that the masses will off well assume that phil hellmuth is the greatest player of all time? And i know he’s? Got 15 bracelets, i know he will tell you he’s, the greatest player, but is it fair for everyone else to also make that assumption? People don’t know right bottom line? Is this like we built a big name? You know we have name recognition from all the years on being on an espn and being around.

You know poker for so long, but i think the mainstream that you know maybe isn’t his die hard. They don’t, know who jason kuhn is you know they don’t, know tim or fake, who’s? Netsoff is jungle, man, dan, you know they don’t know some of these like high stakes, crushers.

That would beat me and beat him right so phil, and this is what he does a good job. He’s, a branding expert right. He uh he basically sells to the masses i’ve won 29 of my last 30 heads up matches, okay against two.

You know. First of all, and oh antonio esfandari, i mean i love antonio right, but antonio is like the one of the best hustlers in the world he plays in games with, like you know, blind people for the most part um they’re, like you know, He’s, not he’s, not playing antonio’s, not grinding every day, with solvers playing against gto wizards right so um, so the masses will see phil and you know they look at the numbers – the bracelets this and That stuff and they think for tournaments um, he may be, you know the goat and you cannot argue with like the success he’s had over a long period of time.

He loves it more than anybody else and he tries really really hard to win these things. But if you saw some of these young guys put in the same effort or care they just don’t because, like they play high stakes and like a lot of the world series, tournaments is like what 1500 buy-in that’s way.

Better, it’s beneath them. If you will, but i think the people within the poker community know i’m, not the best player in the world. Okay, not he’s. Not they know that they know the best player in the world is probably some kid who hasn’t left his basement in the last two years, because he’s grinding every single day, and this is where i want to get phil Too, at some point is to show some respect for this generation, because i think he disrespects them on a regular basis, mocking gto something he has no understanding of mocking these kids and how they play, and they three bet with jack three of clubs and they, you Know they do that at a frequency fill and they dial it in and they do it exactly 14 of the time so that the ranges are balanced balanced and they’re playing at a gto level which exploits the [ __ ].

Out of what you’re, doing, like he doesn’t want to acknowledge that the kids that are grinding it’s like it reminds me rocky iii, the movie right in rocky 3. You know rocky’s out there, taking pictures, doing sponsorships, doing american express ads all this kind of stuff and what’s, clubberlaying doing sweating grinding in a dirty gym and guess what happens when they fight boom clubber lang knocks him out Because he’s, the one grinding, so you have to respect that.

Everyone has their time. If you will right – and i saw this uh interview with a boxer who was about to fight – and he’s already – a very successful boxer. He’s, got an illustrious career and they they said.

Is it still hard for you to get motivated to fight? He says you know what i will say this. It’s, a little more difficult to do. Those 5 a.m runs. We’re in silk pajamas right, so you know just being out of touch like phil’s wealthy.

He’s got money. He’s. You know he said he said he doesn’t have to spend eight to ten hours a day grinding right, but you got ta respect the guys in the in the trenches. Now you know i went through a couple times.

You know several times like three months or so of like hardcore analysis, diving into all these spots at an intricate level right, he’s, not above that he doesn’t. Have this light there’s? No such thing as freaking this you know.

Well, i don’t use the term, but he um he just doesn’t show as far as i’m concerned enough respect to this generation because he wants, like you’re, saying the masses to believe There’s, phil hellmuth, and then these up and comers right that they’re, like you know, they’re, trying to get his title or something like that when like in reality, the people in poker world know that, like All these up and comers are like significantly better, not just like a little better but like significantly better and would absolutely destroy him in virtually any format.

So speaking of diving in uh, we’ll talk about chess in a minute. But first is this high stakes duel the next poker event on your schedule and if so, what will that preparation process be like for you, as you approach a sit and go format instead of a cash game? Format? Yeah, as you mentioned, i’m prepping chess right now, because that’s.

All i’m playing right now, but like to be honest with you with phil hellmuth. There will not be much breath there really isn’t a lot of need for it. Okay, because i played with phil a long long time and you know um, i’m, trying to give too much it.

Wouldn’t even matter with him, because he’s. Just gonna tell you what he’s gonna do anyway. He literally just tells you i’m gonna. Do this. I’m gonna. Do that i’m like and then he pretty much does um.

So there won’t, be a ton of prep. I’ll, probably watch the uh. You know the previous matches against antonio for shits and giggles, but i’m just gonna come in and i have an idea already. You know of how the match is going to play out like i can envision it.

As i said in the early going, i’m going to build the lead, okay and it’s, going to be a grind and um. You know by the end it’s just going to come down to whether or not you know he can win three four flips in a row or something like that: um, because it’s, going to be very difficult for him to Find spots where he can extract value from me in certain in certain ways, just based on the way that you know he plays like he’s, going to be limping a lot totally fine by me right.

So, generally speaking, if he’s limping and i’m raising, i’m playing bigger pots in position than he’s playing. He’s. Fine with that, because here’s, what he’s, doing right, he’s, got 500 big minds. He’s just waiting.

He’s waiting. He doesn’t want to play with 500 plus he doesn’t want to play with 300 points. He wants to hold those chips and hold those chips and hang on to him hang on to him. Until we’re, both at about 50 60 big, blinds or less, and then he’s.

You know he feels like he’s got a shot, he ‘ S does not want to play 500 big blind steep, he might say so. Oh like deep, i like deep. Well, if you like deep so much phil, why do you always show up two three hours late for every tournament, smart for him not to because deep stacked is where he’s just the most.

He’s, the most like naked. You know you saw the picture for the show with the bulge versus bald, but he’s. It’s like the emperor with no clothes. When you play real deep, you were excited to tweet. That picture.

I love that photo yeah producer. John made uh the battle of the ball battle of the ball. Exactly what we’ve got check it out on twitter, daniel, take us inside uh pogchamps three, this chess challenge that you’re, a part of, and it seems like correct me if i’m wrong, that you’ve felt a level of uh nervousness that maybe you haven’t felt in a while when it comes to this competition.

Oh my god, the pair lost the poker in this. It’s. So interesting like i was petrified. So you know in chess, you get a rating right and typically it’s, not like poker where, if you’re higher rated, you know if you’re significantly higher rate you’re, just gonna you Should just win every game right, so i come in like rated around 1180, which isn’t great, but it’s.

Okay, but i’m playing against the beginner named pokemon. You know who’s this? You know streamer and youtuber and stuff like that, and she’s, a beginner. She’s like a 600 rating, so this should be a slam.

Dunk easy match right and then, of course i got this tricky open that i was doing for for those chess nerds it’s called the england gambit and it works against everybody at my level. Okay, because they don’t, see a comment and boom boom boom bam.

Thank you, ma ‘ Am i win? I win quick and easy. So now i’m playing the 600 ranking and she doesn’t fall for it and she actually crushes me in the early going and then i realize later i’m, like oh, my god.

Her coaches were looking at my games and seeing what i like to do and figured out the perfect counter to destroy me and i was able to like so she had a big lead on me and i was nervous as hell and then i finally was able To move my way back to win the first leg of the match, but then by the second i’m, like totally wigged out.

I’m like freaked out by this, because i’m. Like am i gonna lose and i choked so bad. I played the entire. Both games just played not to lose like all right. Don’t make a big blunder. Don’t make a big mistake, but i ‘

Ve been loving watching this uh, i just finished watching logic, the rapper and a guy named tubbo and uh this guy tubbo for the chest he had. He had a queen and a rook and logic had justice king. So it’s.

Just like you know, and they’re, all open pieces and tubbo he screwed up and he put himself in the only position possible. That would stalemate so he ended up losing the match, but it’s been so fun because when you see blunders much like high stakes poker, a lot of the shows that we have where you got some like.

Not all the gto wizards, like gto poker at the highest level, it’s, fun. It’s interesting, but it’s way more interesting. When there’s drama like oh, my god, is he really gonna? Do that um? I think it’s really super fun.

It’s fun to play, so it’s. A new challenge for me to take on i’ve, been grinding chess hard and i think i got a shot. I was considered the two seed in my group uh behind a guy named xqc who’s, a huge massive streamer.

He gets like i don’t like 80 million followers, or some [ __ ] like that and uh. So he’s. He’s. He played against rubius, we’re all in group play and i play rubius tomorrow and uh. I watched his games a little bit to try to get a feel, but i think what i’m going to try to do in that turn in.

That is not be as tricky in the early going and just kind of play safe because i think maybe my edge uh might be in the later stages, but it’s been a blast like i like. I said i love learning. I went from the heads up poker to to chess and i don’t know what’s next after that, but uh chess is fun right now chess seems to be just blowing up daniel.

I mean you tweeted something about that. The other day, obviously the queen’s. Gambit had to have a lot to do with all of the attention that the game is garnering right now. What else? Why is is chess booming right now and do you think that we could have a parallel with poker? Perhaps if some sort of movie were to come out about the game that we love, i think number one you mentioned queen’s gambit.

You know that’s, their rounders. If you will – and that was very successful – i think the other thing too, that helped chess was coded. Unfortunately, you know because a lot more people at home, you know a lot more people like either.

You know they’re out there. They’re done with their netflix, so you know they start playing the game. They start taking up the game so that’s been really interesting. I do think there ‘ S. Been a lot of shows that have been pitched to me.

I was involved in a couple uh with robert eiler and uh mars. Callahan, we shot. Actually those episodes are available. The first two anyway, i was actually acting in this thing i was, i was actually in it.

You know, wait, rob eiler from uh sopranos yeah aj. I was mentoring him to a certain degree um. You know in this in the show, and there’s, a couple episodes i don’t even know how to find them fight something fight channel or whatever i’ll.

Send you the link later um but yeah. I think there’s. I’ve, seen so many scripts. I’ve, seen so many ideas for sort of like a poker show, and i think i think there’s a there’s. Plenty of really good ideas and i think it would help a lot.

I also think for poker. I would love to see because now that i’m watching his podcast and i watch it every day. I watch these streams every day it’s. There’s, one right now that i’m late on that i’ll watch after this, but what they do is they take 16 players? You know you know not superstars, but like famous people in their genre, like rayne wilson from the office logic, you know myself from poker and then mostly you know a lot of young streamers and they put them into four groups of four and then there’s, like the you know, the quality of the first round.

Is you play each person once right and then the top two from each group move on to the next round? And then there’s a consolation round and they play off in a format like that. I would love to see something like this and i think, with heads up poker really taking off.

I think there’s, a market for creating this. If you guys want to do it with me, where we basically get 16 players, we can they all get. Coaches and stuff like that, and we’re going to leave out the super high-end.

You know geniuses. Maybe we get some uh, some players that are within you know within similar skill levels. Right and i don’t know if you can find 16 of them, but i think you might and uh that could be fun or we could just do it with 16 killers.

You know kind of, like i think phil galfon did something similar to that, but i could see something like this really being fun for viewers. I think a lot of people tuned in when i was playing against doug, of course, for the matches.

So i think we should do more um stuff, like that. I, like that idea, you get the the draymond greens of the world fire off a heads up, tournament of sorts uh. I think that’d, be pretty good uh daniel about 12 to 15 games into the nhl season.

More for some teams less for others, maybe due to uh covet, who has uh, stood out to you. The most we’re, going to put up an nhl futures graphic, looks like the abs, the golden knights, the lightning all around that eight to one range boston at nine to one toronto at 10 to 1 montreal at 12-1.

So again, who is maybe out of the out of that group, who has maybe been the most surprising uh to you with the way they’ve started the season um. Let me see, because i haven’t really been all that shocked.

I would say you know the one team, not in that group necessarily but the one team that’s. You know off to an amazing start and you wouldn’t expect it after the changes they made. Is the florida panthers.

You know florida panthers, don’t, typically get much attendance in the crowd, and i think that sort of leveled the playing field now with no fans, but they’ve, actually because florida they allow. So i think they have more fans now post cover than they did before.

People are bored uh, but florida’s, one that ‘ S really obviously started off, really really hot. Let’s, see. Who else has surprised me from that? Well, vegas has been good right, very good. You know um the only question there is.

You know they played a bunch of games against arizona and anaheim. You know la like san jose, like some really bad teams in that division. They did really do well against colorado. Yesterday, nate mckinnon just back for a game, so not sure there, but the team that also, i think i wouldn’t say it surprised me: they lost last night to the ottawa senators after being up 5-1, which is the toronto maple leafs, okay.

So the toronto maple leafs are in the funnest division. By far they are in the canadian division and it’s, a very weak division. You have ottawa, which is very, very bad, so then losing to ottawa was really just you know, not good, but really outside of like montreal, who’s been decent.

You got winnipeg edmonton, who ‘ S, got a lot of problems like toronto. Should be uh, especially without having to face boston or tampa bay? This year you know in the playoffs they should be a final 14 right.

So then it’s, a question of whether they can put it together because they’re, going to come out of that division. Um, you know if they get wayne simmons back. Who’s been the big. You know tough guy who’s, helped them a lot.

You know for the playoffs that that could go a long way. Um boston surprises me every year, just the fact they continue to stay relevant, despite seemingly losing pieces each and every year you know they lost torrey krug.

On the defensive end, um didn’t really have they didn’t, really get any replacements for them. They had that top line. They have solid goaltending uh. The team that i mentioned before i think on your show or whatever was that sort of sticks out as a, i would say, surprise team, but a good long shot.

I don’t know. I think you had them at like 21, which is the philadelphia flyers yeah. They are in by far by far the toughest division. I mean you’re, looking at boston, philly islanders, washington pittsburgh, which is all you know, should be playoff teams.

Then you ‘ Ve got the rangers which are improving new jersey’s, gotten better and buffalo, which is the doormat, but they’re. Not you know they’re, not that bad, so that’s. A really tough division for them to get out of if they do, if philly does get out of that.

Somehow they’re, going to need really good goaltending from carter hart who’s been shaky so far this year, but he can pull it together. I could see philadelphia coming out there. Um you know vegas. Is they’re? Going to be up against st louis or colorado and that you know that’s, going to be their path and then um.

Actually, i think that the central division is weird tampa is the class of the division, of course uh, and then there’s a whole bunch of like decent teams, so i could see tampa vegas i mean i just like the chalk right, tampa.

Vegas philly, maybe in toronto, in the final four something like that, and so you want do you want to get your sabers question out of the way? Maybe you saw a little value in their future. Stick it now yeah 100 to 101 to win the cup.

Let’s, go buffalo. It’s our year baby in a different division. I would say they’d, have like a better chance because they do have so they have some pieces. Jack eichel and rasmus. Dallin are like superstars right on one on the back end one at center.

I love watching jack. I can play he’s, a master, especially in overtime, but they’re just up against it. Bro, like i mean they’re already. I think five points out of a playoff spot and the problem this year is, if you’re five points out of a playoffs.

It doesn’t sound like that much. The problem is your division gets points every single night, because you know it’s. It’s. You’re, not playing into division games where the three teams ahead of you might all lose like they’re playing each other all the time.

So the the spread is already quite big and i don’t see them. I don’t, see them with much of a shot to make the playoffs this year. Unfortunately, but there’s, not much of a chance to make the playoffs, but you’re gonna fire him at 100 to one minute yeah, all right.

He’s. He’s gonna fire him to win the cut daniel before we let you go want to throw some trivia questions your way, and we want you all in the chat to participate as well brent. You will be participating, yes as well.

You’re, showing last week in the trivia was okay. It’s, probably better than expected. I think you got one or two questions right. So, if you are in the chat i won, i wasn’t trying. You won against two there’s.

No, there’s, no real way. I beat the channel okay. But anyway, if you’re in the chat, let us know a b c or d and daniel here is our first question. You have been on high stakes poker more than any other player in history.

How many times have you appeared? So how many episodes have you been on? Is it a 48 b, 64 c, 73 d, 92, 48, 64, 73 or 92 daniel will go to you first for your thoughts, while people in the chat fill in their answers, that seems really high.

I was what was the lowest one. 48 48 48 was the lowest. Oh, i’m gonna say 48. brent. What do you? What are you thinking? Oh man, i mean he doesn’t think he played that many times. God damn i love you.

It’s, probably a weird one, by the way it’s, probably weird for you right, because you go in for a couple days and they shoot the whole season. So you can’t think about how many times i would go. B-64.

Okay, brent is going 64. yeah daniel is going with 48. Let’s. Take a look at the chat, jason r, going with c 73 david going with c 73. Chris and jess and brian have b or david and yarko have c. The correct answer is 73.

It is c it is 73.. The more i thought about it. The more i realized the three was like a giveaway because you had 48 64. All these even numbers and 73 stuck out like a sore throat getting into the mindset of producer john producer, john yeah.

He caught you buddy got your ass. The old trivia trick speed. Let’s. Move on to question number two: in poker after dark’s very first season, you won the sit and go in week two in that sit and go who got eliminated first.

Was it mike madison, howard, lederer, gabe kaplan or jerry buss, who was eliminated? First from that week two sit and go: we got madison gabe, kaplan or jerry howard letter or jerry buss correct. I’m thinking.

It was either madison or howard thinking. I don’t remember, but i’m gonna go with mike madison, okay going to go with the mouth running. I’m gonna go with him there, because i think that everyone else is gonna play extremely tight.

Jerry bus, doesn’t want to sit and play for a little while gabe kaplan there’s, no shot. He’s, putting chips in the middle without the nuts. Well, i’m sure. Jerry buss was really bothered by that 20 000 entry fee.

That’s, a good point. He was probably the huge fish huh really affected. The bottom line uh jerry, the late great jerry bust, just an absolute legend, uh, let’s, see in the chat, ward and david have d matthew as a yorko has d.

Brian has a let us see that correct answer, and that answer is. It is jerry buss daniel any recollection of that. I do not really listen. I played so many times like that, one. Oh, it’s, just a blur. No don’t.

Remember i don’t even remember who i beat heads up. You beat david gray heads up how about that? Oh, that’s. Like my dream match up my god, i’ll, go to china. David grade pick the game. I don’t care. What it is i’m, just i’ll raise and he’ll fold and i get to win that’s.

Awesome. That sounds fantastic. All right. Next question: we’re, taking in a little bit of a different direction, and that question is what is the average rent for an apartment in las vegas nevada? Is it dollars one 1155.

1, two hundred eighty seven dollars fourteen hundred eleven dollars or one thousand six hundred eighty four dollars the average rent for an apartment? So an apartment? Not a house apartment, not a house, an apartment, okay in las vegas nevada, daniel? What you thinking the first one was 11, what 11 55.

and then the second was 12, 1287, 1411 and 1684.. I’m gonna go up to 1287. 12.87. I’ll, go cheaper, i mean an apartment. Are people really average? I’m, going to go 11.55. Okay. 11. 55.. Let’s, see what let’s, see what people in the chat think a lot of bees out there for that 1287 answer.


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