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Now that hurts! Tales of bad beats by JenGen7

replay baddest beats

Introducing a new blog contributor: JenGen7! In her first post, she shares one of the objectively worst bad beats you could ever hit. Read on.

Ah, the joy of landing Quad Aces. It is the dream of every poker player.

I spoke to Trish-da-fish about her elation of landing that little slice of poker heaven. Her reaction was one of pleasant surprise: “It happened very fast. After the hand, of course, I told the other Replay player who hit the Royal Flush ‘VNH’ (very nice hand) etc… and later we both played in another ‘Astral’ game. We struck up a conversation about the bad beat. We became Replay friends… and ultimately, he decided to join and enjoy a couple of leagues on Replay. So, I would say, good things can come from bad beats.”

In the history of bad beats, this is one that I actually have had nightmares about. It is the one beat you pray never happens to you. As opposed to that dream of Quad Aces, which we tend to think that hand is the ultimate always go all-in hand.

However, there is the even more elusive hand that is so rare I have only seen it one time myself on Replay and that is the Royal Flush. The Royal is always looming out there ready to strike when you least expect it. And who would be expecting it less than the player holding four bullets? I call that the double barrel whammy! But when that Royal decides to make a rare appearance what can you do except bow to the Royal court?

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Well played hand, Trish, and congrats you get the crown for the worst beat I have seen, well, ever!

Comment below with your story of your worst bad beat and share your hand if you have it. Good luck at the tables. — JenGen7

Watch the hand play out right here:

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