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dartagnan unrereunretires possibly

D’Artagnan Unrereunretires, Possibly

The scribbler’s Gallo – not d’Artagnan, who after reading this piece, requested I never write about him again. That hidden side… I had earned a break from an intense week,…

poker dad says

Poker Dad Says

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if you can read this you are too close

If You Can Read This You Are Too Close

Every time I use my car I must leave through the apartment building’s basement parking garage door. I depress the horn multiple times after the loud rumbling of the automation completes, and…

the big o man

The Big O, Man

The home game has shrunk in numbers. Interest in poker ebbs and flows, so while I have taken this development as a harbinger of something, it was not for the…



There’s a lot I could say about this hand, too much really, but I am not in the mood for pedantic poker piffle.  Hopefully I can knock this out without trouble….

gargamel if youre going to fuck me dont fuck yourself too

Gargamel: If You’re Going To Fuck Me, Don’t Fuck Yourself, Too

In which Gargamel explains his side of the hand. After years of endless braying, D’artagnan had enough. He looked at his stats one evening and was embarrassed. He was capable…

giant heads laments

Giant Head’s Laments

“AWISHALLINAPUSHINDA!” Giant Head exclaimed. Since nobody at the table speaks Giant Head as well as I do, I did let loose a short laugh over his brief mistake. He was…

poker blog roll part vi

Poker Blog Roll, part VI

The last time we spoke about it he was asking me to use my credit card (again) to restash, and I said no. He got angry, I stood my ground,…

2016 check up

2016 Check-Up

I wrote up some plans, goals, and observations in the post-holiday dark.  How am I doing a little past sunrise? …is the year I read poker books again…. what will Applications change?…

gargamels travels didnt come here to chop

Gargamel’s Travels: “Didn’t Come Here To Chop”

(Special post from Gargamel himself – P.) Much of my disposable income goes to food and travel, but I prefer having a good time with other people’s money. On the…