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The party poker live millions, germany main event, and we are in the money. [, Music ] the bubble burst on day two dominic panka, with the unfortunate distinction of being knocked out one place off the money, [ Music, ] – that my friends, though, was 64 eliminations ago.

Yes, 1022 players entered the main event here at king’s, casino roswell 127 are getting paid, sorry dominic and as we join the action on day, three 64 remain a quick look at the tournament. Leaderboard tells us that artan de ducha is top dog, but look at that name in second spot.

The one and only victor blom is here, and he means business. One man, not amongst the chip leaders but on our new feature table, is the charismatic brazilian felipe ramos and he’s here with marinetta.

Now it is day three of the party poker live millions main event here in rosvadav we’ve switched up our featured table and standing next to me is the brilliant felipe ramos. It looks pretty strong behind me.

What are your thoughts? Are you walking in the fireworks thanks for the breathing it’s about my shirt? It was a little shiny, yeah, you’re, brilliant that must be yeah. Uh nice talk to you and uh with the brazilians and everyone from south america.

Everyone’s railing you online. I love you guys and uh yeah very tough table here. So if you guys seen this table for the first two levels, if it was at the picture table yeah, so don’t go anywhere. You guys need to watch this some of the best poker players in the world here like two guys that i like very much as a person and poker players as well like uh, gerard and neo at this table like playing really really good poker, so got ta.

Keep uh very, very focused and positive, so in order to do a good job, so basically it won’t, be boring. Keep watching exactly! Thank you. Thank you. Brazil, brazil, indeed felipe on 33 big blinds with that stack just over 13 million chips.

The blinds currently at 200 400 000, and if you’re wondering why the stacks are so big. Everyone starts with a million here in roswell. It is, of course, the millions germany main event, and we like to keep things on message.

Everyone starts with a million, and you will see our table. Chip leader has parlayed his 1 million into 18 million over the course of the last two and a half days time to get the action now in the commentary box marcelo lusk joins yours, truly james dempsey.

To call the action now marcel, you just jump back in this table’s, a lot different in uh in chip counts. We have a lot of short stacks on this table. Yeah expect here a lot of action as we see ferrardo just under 17.

Big blinds yeah a pair of fives on the button, i think pretty easy jam for him and he does decide to move all in arnie ace 10 in the small interesting spot for him with felipe behind. But he’ll. Although ace 10’s way ahead of the kind of hands we’ll be shoving with it’s around six and a half still a big bat.

It is a big bet, but he ‘ Ll know that ferraro probably would just open ray’s smaller if he had a big pair and uh it’s, king a square, but he probably know he cannot be that much in front. Well, i mean you know.

Obviously he’s. Gon na be flipping a fair portion of the time, but ferrardo had a smaller race. Pretty much would have to just open jam king queen king jack hands like this question is: does he think felipe has a hand behind? Do you feel lucky i mean if he gets, you know felipe whatever reason felipe gives or something he’s.

Gon na play the hand that’s, important pocket fives against ace, ten of arnie corrado, has kind of made its business to they’re, hoping to see a better situation in the flip, but it is a flip. He’s quite present, isn’t.

He he’s. He’s quite present yep. Well, not a bad plot from king eight, six corrado, where the front arnie will need an ace or a ten turn. Is the this makes things interesting? He can now win the problem at ace.

Ten, eight or six twelve out see both bars. Give me a right smile. It is a queen, it is a queen. Ferrardo will get the full double winning his 47th flip in a row. I’m, of course. Joking he’s only been 45.

Anyone’s, wondering if i’m still the best at flipping yeah. I am confirmation there, foreign see 61 remaining in our main event, 1022 started. One of those one thousand twenty, two of course in the box zoom in now, hachi how many of those thousand twenty two.

Were. You marcel a couple of bullets of this one. I had a few bullets. You’re, a few of the thousand and twenty two yeah here we have ray under the gun. How’s? The picture table twitter. Good, i run good here can’t complain, but you know what this this is worth.

It to re-enter yeah, of course the structure is fantastic, as it turns out to be questionable in the beginning, and then they suddenly understand it’s, eased out. It makes it more playable for everybody and slowly.

You have to hang yourself or get out of trouble like uh. Our friend just did like feraldo just win flips always go deer and thomas yan in the hijacking. When you start playing poker day, the the pros told me that a k9 actually is not the best hand to play with, because if you flop the ten-year queen, somebody might have your ace king behind you, yeah uh, of course, that’s fairly clear.

But poker these days has obviously moved on a long way. Players i’d, definitely raise a lot more hands these days than they did back in back in the good old days. As you see here, that jam has raised up avid david or david as it calls from the big blind with five deuce of clubs.

He flops a flush draw, whilst jan flops top pair see david has 7.1 million back with 2.3 in the pot. I imagine he ‘ Ll, go for a check raise with the stack he didn’t only flop, the flush draw he might have a customer for it as well yeah.

He certainly get paid when he hits it because he’s up against games. Now it depends what sizing the ant goes for here. It does go for 1.15. It looks like all options available for david here. He does only have the five high flush draw.

He calls there will be four and a half million in the pot and he will have six million behind. Oh, he should lead. You have to go. Oh, he’s at least cool, but the question he made a slight of raise as jack was pointing out the payouts quite flat on that climb up the top.

So a lot of players may like to take more aggressive action in the stage of a tournament trying to build a stack. You play your hand like this. If i do shoot – and you flop like this, there’s no way, you can cannot fold your hand.

No, he i like this. I think i like this play both more for cool yeah. He’s, going to have a king fairly. Often, when you see bet this flop, raising up from the hijack and now turns a pair improve your hint, let’s, see how he plays this one mayfield.

He has the best hand. Of course, does it beat all of ian & # 39? S? Draws he’s, three nice, ten, queens and clusters. You can see, of course, looking at that stack size back six million. It’s hard for him to bet here and fold.

So really, if he does bet, has to decide whether he wants to go with this king nine should david check rose all in 1.85, wouldn’t make sense, because you must give him credit to have something i would imagine he has yeah.

He does shovel he’s very awkward for yan. He only has top pair and a nine kicker, but with straight jaws and flush draws possible, it would trying to work out would bluff this with nothing. David does decide to call so we’re, just four million back and eight million in the pot river three helps neither player and will win this pot unless he holds david.

If he doesn’t get the best end. We’ll know that three changed nothing really. Of course, there is a possibility: yan barrowed, with a three or eight five on the turn, but it’s unlikely to beat that hand on the flop goes one check check and ian will win this pot just in there.

What would have happened if he had check raised the turn and moving in a horrible spot, so this is what they’re playing for one million euros to the winner finish second, and you’ll pick up a cool six hundred thousand Make the official eight-handed final table and you are guaranteed at least 70 000 euros, and if you look there, you can see that we paid down to 127 places.

We are currently in that bracket. There 41 to 56, everyone guaranteed 17 and a half thousand euros. All the players, though, will be keeping a close eye on the number of players left in the tournament.

Looking for those little pay jumps as we go on, for example, they will be guaranteed another two and a half thousand once we lose 41st place and the money will of course, keep rising as things get more interesting, two players who will not be seeing that first Prize raymond kasam, as you see here his queen five, losing to the pocket deuces of gerald carlick assam out in 53rd spot here and then a short while later khalid was at it again, knocking out vassal pentillioc in 49th spot.

They’re, dropping like flies in roswell, more action after the break and welcome back to the party poker live millions. Germany main event here in roswell. Of course, you notice those two empty seats after we lost kasam and pentillion just before the break.

It was, of course, gerald carlick who sent them to the rail. At least they will hit the payout window uh. No, i’ve, been using this one. Of course, we are deep into the money now, in this main event, raising this one up ace, queen gerald nine, seven suit on the button.

I thought this is a spot. He can put some pressure yeah, but does decide just to call let’s. See he knows feraldo has that the hands ferraro is going to open the gun, with a lot of them may well, just four bit sharp.

Even if gerald does re-race this week tries to see a flop and, of course, no small blind in this hand, because vassal just busted from the big bang last hand, short-handed and jan does cool with jack nine flop.

Ten five, four two diamonds: you can see gerald with a flush draw there ferrardo still out in front with his ace high yeah, might get into some betting. Here you can see uh. Sorry geobalt is the favorite to win the hand.

Now he decides to check it back and what a turn card that is gerald you see, has the winning hand with a flush. Ferraro, unfortunately improves the top pair, and there aren’t that many flush draws. That gerald will check back on that flop.

That’s. What ferrardo’s thinking, do you think gerald has drawn a flat call here yeah. I i don’t think if, if her out of the stranger jared will just cool as he’s, gonna call with a lot of hands, he should play all of his hands with what i’m, saying.

As a cool gerald here, i think he doesn’t really have any blasts in his range. So when you, when you don’t really have any realistic bluffs it’s best to play all your hands as a cool. Take five, for you give me a question new man coming in when you shoot him off this hand.

There you are thank. You looks like a big stack coming in a rack of blues. We ‘ Ll eventually make the call yeah let’s, see yeah and my father interested in this plot. So we can see the pot already eight million parado ten million back river pairs of 10.

, which is sure both players won’t mind that card ferrardo will think. Gerald may well have a worse ace than him. How big does ferraro decide to go here? A 300 million four million seven point: eight in the pot he has 10.

1 behind he likes to get value out of his hand. Now, because he looks like he has the winning hand. He knows it’s possible. He’s behind, but it’s way more likely. His ace queen is out in front of this point.

What do you think heroic here behind? I think it’s, going to be only a call by joel that’s, not sure because he knows ferrara doesn’t doesn’t check that many flashes in that flop, but he does just cool get The bad news, 18 million pot heads gerald’s way.

The rush continues up to 40 million for aldo kill turn card left with just 10 big blinds, so ferraro left short there, but at the other end of the spectrum. These guys are the taunt big stacks and look who’s, leading the way none other than isr, but tucked in just behind him, his three-time world, who’s, a poker bracelet winner adrian matteos.

We’re gonna mix things up now with the feature table and nella is gonna hear from one of our new players. We are down to 43 players here for the party poker live millions main event in rozvadab. We have switched up our feature table yet again.

I’m here with philip gruesome, who was telling me that he received a little reiki session just mid break. You know yeah 50 minute break. You know. I went to the kitchen to check out my food and the cook offered me a reiki session and he did a really good job.

I feel much better and yeah. I’m ready to go again on the future table. You’re ready to sit right across from izzleder who’s sitting with about 60 million in chips. I think i’m. Victor’s, nemesis ask him and uh.

We have no problems there on that front. Uh i’m. I’m happy to be there and uh. I hope i get uh lucky again. I love it and if you come up in your chip count, i think everyone’s going to be looking for that cook here in rosbadoff for another reiki session, you might have a new job now best of luck.

Phillip, thank you thanks. So there you go philip gruesome in the middle of the pack on this feature table, but all eyes, of course, on victor blom, the huge chip leader on this table with just over 100 big blinds.

It is present roster bringing up the rear roster, especially so we’re, just five big blinds. So then action back to our feature table – and it is the chip leader – is under the gun. First act this table our tan, the next seat.

Like you say he has position yeah. We will call this one. He’s a little bit protected by the fact that easily has chip leaders might have given it away. Yeah, it’s hard to squeeze here right. When you know it’s all there, then you can can call behind him with a small bear.

Otherwise, you should yeah it’s, a good point by mother’s, making that he knows people aren’t gonna squeeze too often as they’re open. Let’s face it. Everyone’s, scared of this guy. You must you. Must i don’t advise people to be scared of him, but i do advise him to take him.

I’m scared of watching him. Just take him marcel serious, to hold my hand, whilst he watches her play, he does flop middle player checks it on over to artan. I’m. Just checking out the game we ‘

Ll bet 1.4 is the job we’re going. Nowhere with this pair of knights, of course, shot to go with his pair of knights expect our time to shut down him. Also, he’s not going to bend it. I expect him to check it now.

He uh he can put either of many hands. Seven eight is one of them tank queen tank king, queen king well, bad artan is lining up another barrel. You can see israel with his gut shot and pair unlikely for this one to work.

I don’t, see each other folding here he will proceed. It’s, nice to see a man in c5 playing a bit faster yeah. We have that seat. He make up his mind to do something then that’s. It. He checks over the river, pretty good card for his order behind anyway, to eject and the less combinations to beat him martin.

Maybe he’s, always the best hand somehow, but yeah. I think you get showdown value, but the rich get richer. When you get a lot of chips, you can start playing these uh pseudo connectors medium cards, opening up with 10 jack queen 10 and that kind of hands yeah.

That’s more hard. In the beginning of an event, you need to have your hands. Holding up create to get some chips here we have a new player. We’re coming in with looks like just eight million in chips.

Another short stack that’s, good for the action yeah we’ll, see what i mean these players quite quite so wide when you ‘ Ve got short stacks around because they’ll, be waiting to move all in on you, chicken action making its way around after presence.

You can see. This table is more serious now than it was before. When we had philip with jack sinclair yeah, there was more friendly and joking and because they know each other inside out a bit on the table and now that they was totally changed.

You got a very open player and a very tight player and an easel door dominating the field. Yeah and arcane is playing every hand. Mine do soft this time. Surprising, though, has folded his small blind and button protective hands.

I was a bit surprised by that. Not having any of this, thank you, pops it up to 2.6 million with five six well, he knows that artem is an open player, plays any two cards and he will not give up a small blind to take a flop.

You’re watching this table, yeah. Okay, good luck and you’re funny serious to you, roster in the big blind there. Things are getting desperate for our man unfold, not wanting to play the a7 there. He’s, got our town behind who will play the king jack.

Of course you get more credit while so, when you raise uh with the big blind having just three or four big blinds left, you know very unlikely. The raise will get through your opponents will give you more credit for having this is why uh fold his hand now with a7? Normally he would open it up and roster does go all in there’s.

Ten king jack so roster at risk with 10-7. He will have to improve if he wants to win this pop and remain in the tournament and hunt for a million euros. Good luck, seven of diamonds, the key card in his hand now, oh turn, removes take the jack of diamonds away exactly the jack of diamonds.

No, no! He don’t want that, oh and at the river three no use for roster, he will depart artan increases his stack even further. Unfortunately, for ross bay, just decided enough was enough. 10-7 will do me, no small blind in this hand, and that also means the next hand will be a dead button.

You have no anti, so these two pots less incentives to steal the blinds that it doesn’t stop out from his hands. I don’t think it’s very much different starting. He’s. Come to play oh time. Can he find out why he & # 39? S got the nine deuce.

We know he likes that one. Oh, he’s. Gon na want to fall, letting us down ace 10. This must be enough for him. Sure enough is he moves all in philip. He’s five, but one player behind him. I can’t, see him playing this one.

No, how much six looks like he may have a decision uh if he finds pocket eight or something there. Oh, if i’m walking yeah well, i think he has to go with this right with philip taking that long. It’s hard to see philip having a better hand than pocket sevens.

Yeah sure you don’t feel right. This is a this is a must play. Oh you guys. Let it go, you can see there shaking his head. Well, your stance is pretty strong. I think philip is pretty honest person. I think something that long with no, no, he’s.

Not he’s, not uh, taking uh making strokes. Well, oh my god, six seven, eight philippines, five or a four to win over nine, no kabula would make a higher. By now and it’s, a four philip will make the straight.

We lose couple exceptionally unlucky. There you see uh, the sevens would make full house sevens would have made. The full house presses would have tripled up if he decided to play the hands. I have to say he should have played the hand me no way philip had a better hand.

I know, but i do very, very good. So cabela’s. Stay here was short-lived good game. Are you lucky to feel that [, Music ] welcome back to king’s casino? The party poker live millions, germany main event.

There are just 40 players remaining and news just in from the tournament floor that neil fowl is unfortunately out saw him crippled by that hand against gerald carlick. Unfortunately, for him there will be no miraculous fight back.

I’m afraid triple crown. Winner is gone well, action back to the feature table and see how isr and arton get on with the big stacks positions. Well, it has actually folded around for the first time to stefan.

He has a nice hand ace two of spades. He will raise it, there up is well. This is another spot. Phillip might decide to shove. Cutoff race, give me a number of hands. He has 22 big blinds king jack suited.

He decides he’ll call and see a flop just a little bit too much isn’t. It yeah. I think he’s, deciding it’s a hand that flops very well. I, like i, like the core better. He does allow andrej, though, into the pot with queen 10 of spades.

You call you miss, you’re done with the end, otherwise you got more value in there. He is maybe thinking about a squeeze. I think this hand, though too good for that that’s, just the cool see the flop, and that is what he does so philip will like the situation.

King jack, suited on the button position is important done with the hand or [ Music ]. Not to bluff stefan now i expect a bit huge. He does cool. Well, i mean stefan’s, checked back the ac flop. He knows he doesn’t, have a big ace then, so he’s thinking.

Well, what a run out that is judge now deciding whether he wants to lead or check over to stefan, because he’s. Stefan’s hand. He no lead is the best option he does check it over. He was hoping. Stefan was bluffing for the person he is doesn’t, look like he’s, bluffing, hey guys, just a quick little update here.

From the tournament floor, we’re down to 39 players. The table right behind me sits johan, simon gaelic and adrian matteos from spain. Adrian started today with four and a half million in chips, and he is now sitting at comfortably around 65 million as chip leader that’s.

Why? He’s? One of the best in the world back to you guys. Well, thank you marinella, yes, adrian mateo certainly looks like he’s. The chip leader out there on the outer tables, with 65 million. However, on our feature table, victor blum is the leader with 53 million chips to his name, blind’s at 350 and 700 thousand, so ivo danev and perez sitting around that 20 big blind mark.

Here we are live from king’s. Casino in rotterdam is all the under the gun. With seven eight didn’t play too many hands. He sort of. Did he hasn’t played too many hands so far. No, but this man has – and he has another one – he’- ll – definitely play ten nine of clubs yeah.

He does ace king of spades, be three betting here i have no doubt probably make it five and a half against star ten, a little lower. 46., i expect other time we’ll. Call this one way, bigger way: better sorry than his usual hands, checking him out.

He does cool so heads up to the flop. I’ll tan 10 other clubs, stefan ace king of spades and what a flop it is. King, queen, queen two clubs, marcel r10 gut shot straight flush, draw stefan top pair top picker yeah beard on a pad board.

Oh don’t. Forget it’s, a a good port, but it’s, a scary one for ace king as well, because he might not be good with his hand as this he might be up against ice cream. And you see the apartheid slightly wrong, because the three bet was the four point: six, not two point six, so the pot is 11 million.

Stefan having 18 back besides the trap with his king and disaster strikes on the turn. Artan turns a flush, just the casual flush i don’t. Think stefan will go crazy when arton starts to battle. Oh wow, luckily for him artan has checked.

I don’t think stefan was folding at any point. No, he might start to bat it out. Now. Four point: eight: two million eight hundred four four million perfect four million bit of a total. From our time.

It’s, four million a lot of acting hollywood. He knows he’s, not going to fall down cool, most likely and then check the river out of stefan. Who will i imagine value about this river as long as it’s, not not a another.

I don’t know if a blank comes if he should check it, because he’s going to pay off when you have a better hand, so he might not bet into it. Well, i think stephanie will look to evaluate a blank river.

Well, it’s kind of a blank there, aren’t many straights attacking there, because we see he does improve to a straight with his flush. Stephan will consider that a blank stephan, probably here hoping artan, has a king.

Do you like don’t check back? I don’t like to check, because you call already with a made hand, i would have bet there. I think against r10, hopefully you’re cool with the worst hand. Well, you’re, going to pay off.

If you haven’t been eventually trying to build it. Stefan does check back our town turns over and as artan stacks those chips. We will take a short break. Well. Welcome back to the party poker, live millions, germany main event, of course, on our feature table headlined by none other than that man.

You see there victor there’s, a eight six of spades, raising it up our tan ace, seven, one million five hundred. Will you get this one go looks like he’s, three, our town. Now, with these stack sizes, i can’t, see israel holding eight six suited to our time.

Oh, look at that. Seven. Nine of spades just hold it and presses eight nine of diamonds gonna have to fold. So it is back to israel. Yeah 40 million effective waiting to catch our time and he does cool.

So we have a 10 million chip pop going off between artan and izzleder, our tan out in front with a7 into the eight six of spades yeah see some spades there. So i think a three spade flop is the one we want to see three three five, that flop is all our tan.

Sorry, three, eight five, i misread the board. Apologies is top pair. I fought 335 first, it must have been 335. It must be a graphics area, though, because there’s no way is a dough would fold. I thought it was.

We both thought. It was three three five on the flop. Yeah it’s. Uh must be a graphic error. Is it a queen, jack off where’d? This one go r-10, though n90 million in chips told you. You got positioned on this, although that’s good for him, because he’s quite aggressive, wants to play a lot of hands.

Yeah yeah i’d like to see what happens over the way around. I think there’s, adobe 3pm a lot evo, folds fives aces. Now here we go. This is a lovely spot to be in these guys already played. A few pots makes it four point: five: four million five hundred, that’s cool another big pot involving our 10.

jack, eight. What ten million in the pot jack 8 10 marcel that’s, what it is jack? 8 10.. I just said r-10 middle pair open the straight jaw under edge the aces. There will be fireworks here. It will never be easy.

Isn’t it. If you have aces and the problem with playing someone like artan, is you just can’t fold in these situations? This should be a dangerous board but against art, and you never know what he’s playing.

Well, he got 14 outs to beat him suddenly yeah. Well, you see there’s only 54, the aces yeah 43. He does decide to check it over after counting out a bit. Our tent is going to build it well, he might feel he ‘

S got the best hand up against ace king ace queen. I expect him to bet we haven’t. Seen him check many options? It’s, a headache for ages. If you got medium crops coming like this 7.1 here’s, the bet uh, sorry, the bet wasn’t 7.

1. The bet was 4.2 isn’t. It three point two four point: two yeah and there’s, andre just check, raise to ten million and just decide to let martin have a stab with it. First, before putting the big chips in my shovel, oh sounds trying to work out what hand you’d, be raised with free here that wants to get it in on this flop.

Andre knows exactly where he’s at he might have pocket jacks yeah. He knows his customer, he’s, got it, he’s, got it and he doesn’t move all in our tan moves. All in andrej won’t like it, but he has to call – and we have a monster pot here marcel who told you 87 million chip pop 14 outs, and we see there the equities 54 for android 43, queen ten, nine four seven pounds.

Yes, it is 87 million chip. Parts stress turn king. Our tan will need to hit now at 10 907 as a queen will give andrej the straight a great card from there, 10 9 or seven, the king, on the turn, saving on judge there, and that is a huge spot.

87 million chips you see our town crippled down to six and a half million it’s, nice to graphic joe, so quick how the chips are moving, unbelievable wow, how excited you are wow left with dust all over the place? Well.

Well! Well, a huge hand to wrap things up for us here in roswell, that is a brutal blow to art and douche’s, ambitions and bolts andre into the tournament chip lead unheard of outside the czech republic.

Before today we’ve. All heard of him now so 32 players remain, there will be a seat redraw and we’ll, be back next time with the action from king’s casino, as we play down from four tables to just one.

We’ll, discover our final table. Participants in our next show see you, then you

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