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Chain CC In Arenas And Rated Battlegrounds

Chain Crowd Control in Rated Battlegrounds is something that the highest ranked teams have mastered. This means keeping an enemy, usually a caster, completely helpless during the course of the fight. You can either make this a team effort or a solo effort.

Fake Casting In World Of Warcraft

Fake Casting in WoW PvP is an advanced tactic to bate enemy players into advantageous situations. Fake Casting is basically exactly what it sounds like. To master this, you should start casting a spell, wait for it to get around half way through, and then move your character to prevent it from casting.

Line Of Sighting In World of Warcraft PvP

Using Line of Sight in World of Warcraft PvP is key for both melee and caster classes. As a caster you want to maintain the most clear line of sight possible. Only cast your spells when you are fairly certain that the opponent can not Line of Sight you and hide behind a pillar, wall, or rock in the battlefield.

Shadow Priest PvP Guide – World of Warcraft

Shadows Priests in PvP are often thought of as one of the most powerful classes. Their ability to deal large amounts of damage as well as heal themselves, creates a very lethal combination. Shadows priests need to be very careful where they go, because they are cloth wearers.

Tanking In Battlegrounds – World of Warcraft

Tanking in battlegrounds is something that is very useful when it is necessary to defending a post, or carry the flag. The other purpose of tanking in a battleground would be to cause problems for fun. If you are trying to hold down a post, such as defending a flag in arathi basin, you should have a shield out, and your gear that has the most resilience.

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