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WoW Macro Addon – The Lazy Player’s Path To Awesome Effectiveness

You probably have learned so far, that without macros and a balanced keybinding you can’t score a high DPS, or keep everyone alive as a healer. However, writing your own macros takes time and requires LUA programming skills. And I’m not talking here about the easy “/use” macros for your trinket and 1-2 other abilities. I’m talking about “heavy” macros that allow your to reduce the whole activity of your toon to 2-3 buttons.

An Awesome WoW Macro Castsequence For Every Role

An advanced WoW macro castsequence requires quite some programming skills to write, you’ll have to agree with me on that. I’m not talking here about the simple ones, I’m talking about those that include many abilities and reduce the gameplay of your character to only 2-3 buttons.

WoW Death Knight Macros – Useful Death Knight Macros

A Death Knight can fulfill many roles in World of Warcraft. He can tank, deal damage and even do some crowd control. But with so many abilities to use, it can get difficult to play the class.

WoW DK Macros – The Good And Bad Parts Of Using Macros With A Death Knight

The Death Knight is a very versatile class that can take on many roles. It can deal damage, tank really well and even have very good crowd control spells for PvP.

WoW Druid Macro – Play Better Using Macros

The Druid is a very fun class to play. You can use a lot of forms to fill different roles in a group. You can become a tank, a damage dealer or a healer.

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