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Poker Zoo 72: Michael Lukich’s Solver School

solver school2

On the cusp of a new year, new ventures. One is returning guest Michael Lukich’s two-pronged effort to improve your game through better solver and data study, Solver School. It’s still in creation, but Michael has burned the ships: we find out that he has quit his day job and is committed to poker and poker consultation. The question I ask him is, in a now crowded marketplace of trading sites and solver aids, what can Solver School do for you?

Michael on Poker Out Loud, and previously on the Zoo, episode 44.

Check out his main website, featuring poker writing, data analysis, and teaching products here.

I’ve decided to call my project Solver School, as an ode to the tool that we’re all so fond of using. I’m still figuring a lot out, but my overall mission is to teach others how to use data analysis to dive into the game tree and lean more about poker. I have the website up and running. It’s a shell at the moment, mainly there as a placeholder and to build an initial interest email list. I also have some branding and a logo designed (as demonstrated to the right), which I will be showcasing on some hoodies and t-shirts while I’m in Vegas next week (more on that below). There’s not much more to say than that my plan is to launch in January 2022, and that I’m very excited to share my 20-years of data analysis expertise with the poker world.

As I have more updates in the coming weeks, I’ll share them both on here and on the Solver School website. But eventually, all the work for that project will stay on that platform, keeping this site separate. So make sure you sign up for the mailing list over there so you get all the latest timing on its launch as soon as it comes out. You can also follow my new social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There’s nothing there now, but more to come very soon.

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