PokerNews Week in Review: The End of Daniel vs Doug?

Hello, everybody and welcome back to another episode of the poker news podcast i’m, your girl, sarah herring with chad, holloway and jeff platt. We have had another exciting week in poker. Obviously i went to the lone star poker series, which was not a surprise, super fun and the founder miss kim stone who uh i love also happens to be pregnant, so it was really nice to really have this like pregnant, bonding poker time together, and i know Of a couple other pregnant, uh poker women too, by the way guys so like look out poker world, we’re, making a whole new generation of spawn for you um, but yeah.

The tournament was awesome. I had a great time down there and i just really am excited in general about the potential and the future for poker in texas and hopefully in several other states, and even just areas where um you know they don’t have indian casinos and Stuff they just want to have like poker clubs kind of on board.

So correct me. If i’m wrong and we’ll get to the actual lone star poker series in a minute, but i do believe this is the first time on this podcast that you have blatantly admitted that you are pregnant once again now you’ve dropped a little little hints here and there where chad and i are like – does she want to just go with it here or not? But i do believe that is absolute confirmation again correct me.

If i’m wrong yeah, it’s official and actually you’re right, because i haven’t officially announced on you, know social media or any of that, but uh just the same as last time. It’s, the poker news, podcast family that finds out first.

These are my peeps. These are the people who know are like loyal, 3 000 listeners. You are the only people who know um, we are making another another herring and another little secret that i’m, not sure i was gonna tell you guys before we started the podcast, but i may or may not be in talks with bbo Poker tables to get the gaming table and to feature it on our podcast.

I am so excited um. For those who don’t know bbo poker tables. Has they just started a kickstarter campaign for this gaming table, which also doubles by the way? As a dining room table, which is like this other cool function because you can like have your games going then put the top on like eat dinner and then pull the top off and just continue your game for those of you who play some of these games.

I don’t know if you ever have, but i have a few games where it takes a long ass time to get your pieces all down and ready, and you can’t always finish a game in one night. But then your kitchen table’s, taken up for like three weeks and you have to eat.

You know on the floor in the living room so anyways. It may not happen, but i really hope that it does, and i’m – very excited right. The baby’s, nice, but the table the table will be big. Congratulations.

What did you guys do while i was gone? Well, i mean jeff had some drama on the social media sphere, which we’ll. We’ll, get into a little bit and uh yeah. I’ve, just been uh on the work run. Like i said, the lone star poker series was going on.

I did not get down there for this one. There was just too much work to be done. There’s. Some live tournaments. Coming back, you know we’ve, seen the seminal hard rock wrap up uh, which we talked about in last week’s episode.

There was a big event at best bet, jacksonville that wrapped up, there is another event coming up this weekend at uh: the venetian mspt poker, bowl five and then of course, football. You know we were talked a lot about sports.

We had a show with phil hellmuth a couple weeks ago, so it’s. Uh, you know culmination of a great, albeit unprecedented, football season. America dude. We’re. Coming back, we’re having poker tournaments.

I’m excited okay, but so obviously you picked my interest here: uh jeff, what’s going on buddy? Okay, by the way, even other people have commented to me. This is not just my opinion. As the like anti-pc, like unpopular person, jeff is like the most pc person.

If you’re, an advertiser, you 100 want jeff to be the host of your show. He just says the right thing all the time, so how jeff found his way into some juicy drama. I will never know. Please share the details.

Yeah i’d, be happy to, and i did text you knowing that you would be proud of me for just making some drama you didn’t know any of the backstory, but i think immediately. You were proud for jumping in the mix so guys, uh saturday night, a relatively tame saturday night for me – go to sleep a little bit before 11, wake up fairly early on sunday and see a couple tweets from espn world series of poker broadcaster, lon mccarron uh Tweet number one was showing no class again tonight at jeff platten at buffalo hanks, that’s, my guy brian hanks uh.

Let’s, see tweet number two was what a disgusting display of trump-like behavior from real kid poker. That would be daniel granu jeff platt hello, that’s me again and buffalo hanks last night. A different style of announcing is one thing and that’s fine, but for these two poker announcers to act like psychofence to the all-powerful poker.

God is beyond the pale, so lon mccarron was upset with our broadcast on friday night, not saturday, night friday night, an edited clip went around of our post game interview with daniel negranu. We talked to him after every single session of the high stakes, feud against doug polk, one of our post-game questions.

It wasn’t even a question. We were really saying goodbye to daniel negrano and it was my question: was all right brent, you know, should we let the the president go? You know norman chad has referred to us.

The gg broadcast as russian state tv like negroni, can do no wrong. President putin can do no wrong. That was his comparison on twitter. We took shots at norman throughout the broadcast like we always always do, and then we defended norman and then we complimented norman and we raved about him and long as poker hall of famers that have had a tremendous impact on the game.

But in that post game interview said something about norman chad that opened the door for daniel negranu to go off on norman chat. He and norman have their own separate, feud and uh. He certainly went off.

I thought that in the moment it was funny. I laughed brent laughed and i think lon came after us because he thought that we should have uh stood up for norman chad. I disagree with that. I don’t think it’s, our place on the gg stream to insert our opinions into interviews or we’re.

Just we’re, the into interviewers, not the interviewees, and i think we had we’ve shown enough support for norman chad throughout the course of all of our broadcast. This is a bit i mean if you guys at home.

Listening have listened to any broadcast that brent and i have gone through you’ve watched any broadcast. We always always take shots at norman chad, and then we always compliment norman chad, norman chad’s been one of the most welcoming figures in this entire game.

To me, i consider him a a true friend, and you know, because negronu tells him to f off that that doesn’t represent my feelings about norman chad. So you know lon and i and brent had some back and forth.

You guys can get into it on twitter if you want – and i i think we’re good now i i i i don’t know to be honest with you guys. I haven’t talked with norman yet, and i look forward to uh when he would like to talk to me and i have an immense amount of respect for for both for both lawn and norman uh.

You know that’s, so really it comes down to the laughter, you think, is the real problem. Here i don’t think that’s, the real problem, but that’s. What lon came after us for for just laughing along with a negroni rant, and he’s, saying like well, you aren’t sticking up for norman chad, and i i laugh at negroni’s rants.

I think they’re funny. I just do i personally do uh. You know we’re on the gg stream, so we’re, certainly biased towards negranu. I’ve mentioned that a thousand times that we’re, going to be biased towards him um, but i i just i i don’t know.

I think i think his rants are kind of funny. Norman completely disagrees. Obviously long completely disagrees obviously, but you know when negroni’s going off. You want me to be like excuse me daniel, let’s.

Let’s. Get serious here on this poker stream. It’s, built for entertainment, right right right, what a done, what a dud that would be. So i even i think i told you that with jungle man once like he was describing a situation that he had been in where he’d thrown chips.

At someone and during the course of the interview, i never chastised him or told him. That was bad or wrong or whatever, like not my business, i want to. I want the interview so right, you’re, asking the questions.

This is not the opinion hour. This is not a podcast that we’re doing with daniel negroni. This is this is like uh, an nba game, and you know lebron james was the star and they interviewed lebron after and they just ask questions and ask questions and ask questions the interviewer.

The sideline reporter does not insert his or her opinion into the mix and to be fair, sometimes – and i feel like lon and norm would know this like better than anyone, sometimes in the course of interviewing people.

You also interject uh laughter head nods, lots of things that are not even always necessarily things you’re thinking about it’s. Just this is part of how you get people to keep talking and how you how you best communicate.

You use those nonverbal pseudo verbal cues, oh jeff, i’ll. Tell you when brent hanks was going to take you down. I was wondering when you were gonna, go to the brent, slash, auntie chardonnay level, and we’re.

You’re coming boy. We’re, bringing you with us. I’ll. Tell you how this has to play out now, please negronu and polk. Their challenge is about to finish. We’re gonna get into that here, probably next and then bulk, because polka’s already said there’s, not going to be a rematch right, be interested in coaching somebody, so hulk, coaches, lon, mccarron, daniel legrano, coaches, Jeff platt heads up challenge the whole new heads up: challenge: 25: 35 000, hands whatever it is, and you two just go at it: yeah, let’s.

Do it it’s. Funding this challenge, because we’re gonna be deaf is rich, but what about? Who’s? Who’s watching this challenge? Like 14 people? You know i don’t know if the viewership will be as high as polk versus negronu, but i’m down.

I like it and also shout out to everybody uh on twitter. There’s, just a ton of support that was thrown brent’s way and my way – and i know that some of that support came from some of our podcast listeners.

So thank you. Thank you and thank you again. That’s right. I i let’s. Talk about that negron new polk challenge! Then we’ll pivot right there, because this thing it could be over today. I think they’re going to play today as we’re, recording this, probably by the end of the week, by all indications and correct me.

If i’m wrong, but i think isn’t polk back up to almost like a million dollars like 900 and something thousand yeah he’s at 946 000. They do have just a little bit over 1700 hands to play now their longest session before this week was about four and a half hours, maybe a little bit more.

On monday, they went completely ham, they played for more than seven hours. They played almost two thousand hands, so it does seem like chad that they they really want to uh, hit the fast forward button.

You know it’s, not that close. At this point, i think they both realize what the results are going to be. Doug polk hates poker, i mean he’s admitted it multiple times. He can’t wait to get out to run for the hills.

So i think you know we’re taping this podcast on wednesday, like we normally do. They have a session planned for wednesday afternoon and i think they might be going the whole way. So it’s like six seven hours, or maybe they save a little bit for friday, but regardless they are done by the end of this week.

And this high stakes feud is over well and obviously you’re in the middle of all of it and talking to daniel. You know, regardless of what you think about daniel or or his play or his personality or whatever you know.

He’s very much a person who, i think sets goals and really puts his mind to things and quite frequently accomplishes things that i think most people would never expect. So where does he seem mentally at this stage, where in some respects they’re kind of just playing it’s, just like playing itself out yeah? It’s, a great question.

I think that, overall, that he’s, he’s, happy with his effort. I think that he’s, fallen in love with high stakes, no limit hold’em heads up and – and i think that he could take on challenges in the future.

I think he’s. He’s drawn to this aspect of the game, and you know he ‘ S got to be proud for being competitive with doug polk. One of the best heads-up players in the history of the game, polk is, is an absolute stud and for negronu to progress to the level that he is at right now, where doug polk has admitted that he is a worthy opponent and a worthy competitor and doug Polk tweeted yesterday, you know the two always study right.

They study after every session they get prepared for the next session. They make little tweaks here and there so yesterday, instead of studying with their respective teens. They study together and sarah will hate to hear that, because there’s, no more drama between negronu and polk, but doug said quote: we have talked about hands and stuff here and there from the get-go.

But today we really talked about a bunch of different situations and spots from the challenge: some really fun stuff. One bluffy ran, i could not [ __ ], believe velol glad we buried the hatchet, a worthy opponent, and – and so i think that the respect level is there for for negronu as a heads-up uh player.

I think you know if negronio could have run a little hotter. Of course it’d, be it’d, be a brand new ball game, but uh you know it’s. It’s been entertaining throughout the entire course of the high stakes feud and i think again i go back to what i said at the beginning that negroni has to be proud of his effort and doug polk does as well.

I mean just an incredible player um and some incredible results on the way for him. What was this drama? I heard i didn’t really dive into it. Jeff, i’m sure you know, but like last week or a couple sessions ago, i was seeing all over social media about that.

Was it negroni who was like tanking? Oh yeah, he’s, had some sort of tanking strategy. So in one of last week’s sessions, maybe it was monday. Doug polk started to limp in on the button. Sarah, you’ll, like that, this, the really specific poker strategy talk instead of making a standard raise uh mainly and doug, has said this to play, prevent defense right.

He had a big lead, so if he started limping in pots, pots would be smaller. Variants would be a little lower, etcetera, etcetera negranu, who has studied how to play versus a race on wednesday, came out playing very slow, tanking just about every hand on every street.

Doug was not thrilled with this uh he paused play. They went to the mediator, who is phil galphon phil coming off his galfond challenge, win probably just wanted to sit back and relax, and then he gets a phone call from doug polk and daniel negranu.

He has to deal with that. They agree that when polk was limping in on the button that daniel could have all the time in the world, daniel has told us he has a bunch of different things to go through when there is a limp on the button.

It just takes him a while um, but then poke stop stopped limping and then they started playing fast and then all was good. So there was some drama for about an hour, maybe an hour and a half, and then it was like it’s.

Gone under the rug, it’s, amazing to me, and like a little bit confusing, sometimes that the vitriol can be so extreme, followed by. We’re good. Like everything’s cool, you know it’s. One thing: if you guys have you know like a pseudo drama or a little drama, but these players are like.

I will effing bury you. You are disgusting like so much rage and then that we can just be like. You know what it was great buried. The hatchet moving on like are we in some sort of like a sim that doug and daniel are like, like they’re like we don’t really hate each other, but we’re just gonna.

Do this funny game on social media? I kind of feel like yeah, i don’t know. Maybe we’re being we’re like puppets in this game that really daniel and doug are just playing on all of us. It’s possible um, okay, well.

Moving on, i’ll, be happy for that whole thing to be over in, for some other cool fun drama to emerge. Fingers crossed um the yeah. Let’s, move into the mike sexton classic, which was one by daniel devoras and obviously you know, i think he ‘

S come in second, so many times, but in the last year or so he’s managed to have several, i think, pretty solid victories, but still for someone who, i think is one of the most accomplished online players and certainly one of the best Players in the high stakes, game – uh – it was a long time coming, i think, for him to catch capture.

Some major titles – and so i’m – always happy to to see him on top and, of course this was a sick field. You guys can talk, maybe a little bit more about it, but i did just notice that the a percentage of each buy-in was donated to the nevada partnership for homeless youth which, for those who don’t know when i was arrested and had to Serve what was essentially two full months of community service.

I ended up serving them at the nevada partnership for homeless youth, which was actually a really awesome experience. So i just wanted to shout out to the homies. You know at the nevada partnership for homeless youth.

Let me sarah and i were there – i i’m, going to do it before i get chastised by llama karen or anybody else. I’m going to ask the hard-hitting question that’s lingering there. What were you arrested for sarah? For those who don’t know? Oh, my gosh, everyone has to know um.

I was arrested for i had a little bit of brass knuckles in my purse, which i took to the airport and slid through the x-ray machine um to which they said ma ‘ Am is this your purse and i said hahaha funny story, because actually it was a prop from a movie that i was working on.

I had the call sheets and everything doesn’t matter. This whole, like possession, is nine tenths of the law thing or something like that, and they have extremely strict laws in california, which um there was some sort of revolution in the 90s against gang violence and so um.

They have very specific laws and punishments that have to do with the possession of deadly weapons. This brass knuckles is, in fact, a deadly weapon, and that is the crime i was charged with possession of a deadly weapon and then also it’s like an additional federal crime to bring that into an airport.

I was facing the no-fly list uh. It i was facing jail time and i was like really guys i might have been a little bit drunk when i was packing to go to the airport. No, you know who doesn’t have a few cocktails when they know they’re, not gonna drive for a long time, um anyways.

Fortunately, my husband. Actually, my now husband was at a charity. Poker tournament met the head of the nevada partnership for homeless youth, told the guy in my story, and he said if she would like to do some community service.

She could come work for us which i did, and it was infinitely more rewarding than like picking up garbage on the side of the 101 in hollywood. Actually, like helped, these kids learn how to make videos, and little did i know, even at the time really at the time youtube and all this was not really that big of a thing.

But probably these kids are now making like rap videos and basketball videos and whatever else they were interested in. Actually they’re, all probably like 35. Now so yeah it’s cool it’s. I mean you loved it and loved it.

What’d? You say chad, sorry, that was to say it was the. It was the charity that mike sexton’s. Family chose to be the beneficiary of this particular tournament, so it wasn’t uh a charity tournament per se, but it had that charity aspect.

So it was a ten thousand three hundred dollar buy-in with a certain amount of the proceeds going to that nevada, partnership, homeless, youth, charity, 125 runners. So a nice turnout for this kind of like kind of like a high roller and then, like you, said daniel divorce.

Taking it down for almost 300k, i’m. Looking at the final table results and there’s. Certainly some big names that stick out rm zobian finished. Second, for 200k, mike watson in third for 140, 000. john van fleet, was there ilis parsinen out of finland.

Was there so a lot of big names that i certainly recognized and were grinding out that wpt montreal? Like sarah said it’s been a hell of a year for daniel divorce? He wins super high roller ball, bahamas, then the world shuts down.

Then he wins the world series of poker uh, millionaire maker event on gg in the summer set a couple. Other big wins a couple: nice super millions showing and the showings, and then just the momentum continues with this one.

All that hard work. Well, while we’re still over there in the uh montreal side of the world, chad, you want to tee us up for the wpt montreal maine on party yeah. Another player, in addition to divorce, who has been hot, is one jack hardcastle who’s, going to be our guest this week.

Now, if you recall jeff – and i left last week’s, episode talking about the wpt montreal main event final table and at that time dan shak was the chip leader. He did not end up closing it out. As i said, it was jack hardcast who came out on top uh shaq finished in third place for 212 thousand dollars, and it was jack hardcastle out of the uk, defeating rayan chamas out of canada for the title 447 000, and it was actually his second win In as many months i’m.

Sorry not second win his second big score in as many months he was part of a four-way deal in the poker stars, blowout series um – that was 109 buy-in tournament and he chopped that up for 270, 000. So 270k, there to 447 000 here obviously one of the hottest players in the poker world right now, and that is why we had poker news’s very own jason glazer sit down with jack hardcastle and do this interview here it is so what So hello, everybody – i’m here today with jack hardcastle, recently crowned member of the wpt champions club jack has been on what i’d, like to call the winter of hardcastle, basically ended 2020 with the storm with big scores on many Sites including his biggest score at the time to date in a four-way deal in the big blowout and then as if that wasn’t enough jack had to go on and win the wpt montreal main event: 3200.

Buy-In 2 million guarantee uh for his biggest score of nearly 450 000, so welcome jack. It’s, a pleasure to have you and uh. What have you done to uh to celebrate this one? It must be difficult to celebrate in normal ways with everything going on, but did you do anything to celebrate your recent accomplishment? Uh i couldn’t actually do anything too crazy.

It was mostly a few uh skype calls that got a bit out of hand, but other than that there’s. Nothing ready to do. I can go out and celebrate so like the old, like virtual zoom, happy hours, uh to celebrate with uh yeah.

Happy hour every hour and uh yeah, so you must have been uh. This must feel like every day to you like in december. You had this big score and the blowout and uh. I know you’ve. You felt on top of the world after that.

So how do you compare how you felt after each one of those big wins? Uh, i think the player one was obviously that was incredible to actually get, but that was the first massive score that i had like that so uh.

It felt like very special, and that happened, and that’s, not to say that winning a wpt isn’t special, but that one just more felt surreal like what is this even happening? Can you run this thought like it? Just didn’t seem like it was that obviously i’m very happy about that good, good and uh.

You know i know jack. I met jack about uh. Two years ago i was doing commentating at an npm pt and i saw jack wearing uh eye-catching hoodies every single day and uh jack went deep in that main event and we invited jack to come on for the final day.

Unfortunately, he didn’t, make it to the final table and i was just blown away by your knowledge of poker. I was expecting to invite you in and we joke around about, hoodies and maybe talk a little poker, but your analysis was uh.

Was ahead of the curve? Even then so, maybe maybe it could break down for us uh when you got into poker and uh when you took it more seriously and who maybe some of the people that helped you uh develop your game over the years.

Well, i started uh at least with content stuff. Before i was 18 watching videos like i was. I had the game, it still cooked me already before then, and then, when i was 18 playing very small steak, stuff um, like with a 50 deposit and then grinded that eventually, but it took like over a year to get it to about 500.

So it wasn’t like a quick rise or anything um. But then i got some coaching from my friend ryan the plant who helped me out massively like he got me like pretty good, and when i was at university i was trying to do poker and university at the same time, which meant i did crap at both Um so i ended up dropping out of university.

I was gonna go back the year after and do a different course, but in the meantime i thought i want to give poke a real shot here. So then ryan coached me up every week from then on. It wasn’t just the occasional thing and thankfully i just ran really part of the start and like spammed, a few thousand that i had up to about 40k by april.

I was just like. Oh, this is easy, absolutely cracked. It then, obviously it doesn’t always go that well, but and when, when did you start with ryan? What year was that um? Oh? Is that 2015.? Okay, so a little bit a while ago, and then basically i’ve met you playing live and i think that’s, where a lot of people know you of because you know we can hide behind our screen names.

But you know when you’re face-to-face at an event and you’re, a pretty social guy. You, you tend to meet people. So obviously i know you’re missing live poker to begin with. But what do you prefer? Do you prefer playing live, or do you prefer playing online? You’ve had great scores in both you’ve, had two six figure: scorers playing and live events as well.

I’m, definitely ready to go flat and to go back and play more live like now that i’ve got the funds behind me to go play every sort of 1k to uk 5k. I’m. I’m very much ready when that returns. Also, i do miss certain social interaction of the live events, but i guess historically, it was mostly online for a while and then it was starting to turn into live, maybe in the last year before going to shut down everything.

So i’m really. Looking forward to go back playing live, and is it going to be like as soon as you see a place open in europe, where you’re, going to basically uh gauge things out a little bit because, obviously like in europe, we had the first Wave which wasn’t too bad, and i know you played a little bit of live poker during the summer.

We almost actually were in the same place. At the same time, i was i even covered event. During the summer, i played quite a bit of live poker during the summer too, but it seems like now. People have more of like a wait and see kind of attitude.

You know maybe not jump in as soon as casinos reopen. What are your thoughts there? Well, i might be in america before that, even because right now so um yeah, i understand like an inherent risk for doing it, but i do want to go to a live paper and it is kind of how i’m, expecting to make my Money over the next few years, as well as online, gets tougher so um i’ll, probably be in casinos as soon as they offer tournaments.

But i don’t see europe, because there are pockets of areas in europe that do have casinos open, but they’re, not running big events, because you know they’re, either closing at a specific time or they’re not allowed to have more than a certain amount of people in the poker room.

You know so they’re. It’s prohibitive, but there’s. Still some live poker going on in places like malta and even estonia, but it’s not like in the us. You look at the u.s and wow. I mean i was blown away by the numbers in texas by the numbers in uh florida numbers in vegas it’s, just people are hungry to be playing.

So, yes, i guess, if you’re itching uh, i won’t, be surprised to see your name on the leaderboards in the united states either yeah. I genuinely think it’s. Gon na be a second boom when it returns you’re good.

Let’s, hop into the wpt. I mean this is the main reason i wanted to talk to you. I mean it was a pretty sick event. It was a obviously it was meant to be at the playground, poker club. It’s wpt montreal and for obvious reasons it was held online at party poker.

Hopefully, next year we see it back at its uh live home uh, but 888 runners uh just two opening flights, a 3200 buying event. So this first of all, wouldn’t have been an event. I would picture you just flying directly in a year ago, you know, or two years ago at least maybe not even two months ago, but uh.

What did this event been on your radar back then? Where was it a matter of? Let’s say you were able to play it because of your big score in the blowout, or do you think you would have found the way to play it anyway? Maybe selling pieces etc, um? Well, i wasn’t sure if i was going to play it first of all and if i was going to, i was going to sell these amount after friends.

But i just fired two satellites before and then got through on the second one and then by the time you’re through you’ve got less time to sell action to people as well. So i was thought more action. If i just sold for it so again, like another instance of me running really hot, that’s true, but i guess you have like a couple.

People, like your study, buddies, uh, et cetera, et cetera that you know will always take uh action. You know that you just have to give them a few minutes notice kind of thing. Uh, yes, like i don’t, think i’ve ever seen your post on, like a public board, for example, but maybe you have yeah, but i mostly like just give some pieces of clothes to your friends.

But i’m sure in the future. Where live content, i want to be selling and probably more publicly to some of the biggest stuff but online as it’s been early, makes sense, uh and then i was happy at the end.

That of, i believe it was day one b uh when i saw your name on the leaderboard uh, you finished with a big stack right away, um. So when, when you have time in between, like days, are you studying in between let’s, say day one and day, two and studying between day, two and day, three and day three in the final table, whereas you don’t really Have time to even be thinking about that and you just cruise through each day, uh accordingly, you have time to think about it, well to study for it if you want to, but i said between day one and day two i didn’t because It was the end of sunday.

I was knackered, i just needed to go to bed and um. I think if you wanted to just analyze it every single day like studying this with the icm situation or this spot, the ft that could come about you could.

But then i think you’re, probably just not going to be able to play at 100 on the ft, because you’ve already extended energy before so. I i don’t know probably goes both ways. It’s, not really my style, so i just get really sharp and confident in my ability, but i know some people who really analyze plants and labels very hard and all those situations they do well as well.

So i think one’s superior to the other. Would it make a difference to you if you had a weekend between let’s, say day three and the final table uh like uh, you know like the wsop had for some of its events over at gg yeah another week.

I think you have to as everyone’s going to be doing it but get good yeah. You can also still get the base of rest before if, if you wanted to so yeah but um when it could just go back to back to back to back, i think it’s just important to reset, and you know not not be tired.

Before the final table or things like that good good and then on day one, you finished with the big stack on day two. You were also near the top of the leaderboard uh as well. I think you were at least in the top half with 23 players.

I believe going into day three uh, were you just cruising along or were there any spots that you got lucky or any spots that you made like a fantastic uh bluff in the early part of this set? You up, you know, with the top four stack heading into uh.

You know the final table, obviously, on day three, we know about the big hand, but uh on the first two days, yeah uh first two days, uh, i can’t. Remember anything like exceedingly yeah, like huge, no huge blast, no massive suck outs.

I mean i want a few clips, but that’s, pretty normal. I think just getting jacks out of this thing for 30 something days and hold probably more than more than the average amount, but like it, wasn’t anything crazy.

Then obviously it went a little bit off the rails. Yeah! Let’s. Talk about that, so it was an interesting spot near the end of the day and uh i mean you know the players better than i do and pocket h shorthand that you were short-handed by then.

I believe you had six players on your table. It might have been seven if i remember correctly, and you show up with pocket, eights and probably hoping at best to be flipping, but two over pairs show up and uh.

Basically, you were looking to hit the showers, but instead you eliminated one player and double that. So obviously, that’s, that’s, a good feeling and it’s, not like uh. Was it a spot, though, looking back at that you could have avoided, or are you always getting it in there with uh with the pocket eights and just happened to get there this time against the two overpairs? So i’ve, looked at it a bit afterwards and it is close.

It went hijack open off 90 betas trip, leading on the table with a 600 table and then uh forget his name because it’s like over the top and stars like one of the really good german guys. He was the button of 60 and he’s just going to be quite wide there.

I’m, pretty sure because he’s. He knows his vegetables, he’s, going to be mixed up. So i’ve got eights in the small blind with 32 gigs and if it was versus any two of the tighter positions or tighter players in this situation, i would have just flattened the eights and gone to a flop, but because it’s, a wider chip lead and a wider button.

I re-jammed for 32 gigs. I still think it’s completely. Fine. I’ve, looked at ranges afterwards, it’s close, but i believe that the button’s, flattening more than the ranges say that he should be so. If that is the case – and i think it is, then the job is probably moving it’s hard, because in those spots too, you don’t know how often you’re, going to be playing for that kind of Money on like one decision, so it was really showing a lot of guts and it’s, not the only time you showed guts uh throughout i mean i watched the entire final table and there were some very nice calls.

I i saw a very nice bluff by you uh, so it seems like maybe mentally in your head. You’re kind of blocking the amount of money out or is that not the case? You’re, just trying to focus on what the best decision is as if it was like another.

Let’s, say 50 buying event or it’s. You’re, not really doing that um, so it wasn’t like pretending. It was the big 55 or something like that. But i i don’t know i did absolutely just have to put it all to the side and just be in the mindset of i’m going to play the best i can right now and that’s.

All that’s, all it’s going to be, and i don’t know. I just felt really in the zone for that final table as well, like, i think, probably threw in confidence as i’ve like got a call, correct or a block through or something, but i just didn’t.

Think of making the mistake heads up was well, probably short-handed. Even there was a great structure, so it gave you a lot of time. Also to pick your spots. The 40-minute blind levels online is ridiculous.

I don’t. Remember seeing that very often any at any time i mean that translates probably to having like close to two hour. Blind levels live where it’s at least 90 minutes, so that has to make a big difference going into the final table.

I mean you were near the chip lead, but it looked like you were being very patient in the beginning waiting for you know a good spot. You even were one of the lower stacks. At one point, i believe when it was seven-handed and uh, you know found a good spot with ace king versus, i believe it was ace three to uh to double up and it seemed like from there.

You know you were off to the races yeah. So i well, then, the bigger ruling was the kingsville kingdom suited that happened, but shortly afterwards they i got it and had to pay the gutter for a lot of.

We can start to apply pressure on, because i think at this point i’ve. Just been very careful of not making my skin mistakes, i don’t want to just punt it in eight or something. So i was trying to look for the more clear-cut spots and then, as you get short-handed, and then the pressure is kind of released a bit you’ve, already locked up a fair bit of money.

Then i think i was just like working confident and just completely started to run it over it was. It was a pretty talented final table. I mean obviously, with the 3200 buying event, you’re, going to expect some talent uh.

How did you feel about the final table coming in? How did it let’s say compared to the big final table that you had in terms of uh overall talent uh. Obviously, you have guys like dan shak, who you know winning winning the event is nice, but it’s.

Not gonna you know change his life in any way. You know what games he plays et cetera, et cetera. You know with the title uh: what are your thoughts there? I actually thought it was quite soft final table in the context of a three thousand dollar buy-in, because all the safers went out between 10th and 20th, like if you check the lobby and just see the names that went out it’s.

Kind of crazy um, but yeah it’s. Obviously, that’s, a tougher, tougher final table than the blowout one, because the 109 with 40 000 people should be really smart and and does winning this money change your lifestyle at all.

Or is it all going back into poker? You know like uh, you know between the two events: you’ve won now around seven hundred thousand, give or take a few thousand one way or the other yeah. My mom and my nana sort of nagging me to buy a house and i don’t – think i can really blame them at this point.

So i might have to do that um, but i’m, mostly just waiting for live, focus to be able to buy pieces and all of my friends in every good tournament, and i think, like the real. But that sounds weird. But we begin to spend life returns, because i think i should be playing every single event that’s around.

But i don’t think there will ever be a spot like this again but, like playful, is going to be make or break for so many people in the next five years so backers, if you’re listening jack is available for 10K and higher events give him a good deal uh.

He’ll. He’ll, maybe toss in some of these 1ks. You know as well into the backing deal you know to to flatten things out, but uh keep it in mind. When live comes back uh. I hope i hope we see it back soon.

Um. You know we had such like a teaser. This summer we had a taste and then they took it all away. Again i mean, can you imagine the absolute state of it when it returns like ept 3, 000 runners, i wouldn’t, be shocked at all, but the the pspc in barcelona.

Let’s, say 2022. How massive is that 25k between the demand and just the bitcoin prices uh going through the roof? Who knows what it’ll, be by the time we’re done with this, but uh always when bitcoin goes up everything you know with poker.

All of a sudden. You see, you know like uh people that you wouldn ‘ T expect to see in 10ks and 25ks – oh yeah, please i mean i have zero bitcoin, so i’m, not like riding that wave at the moment, but maybe i should be.

Who knows which way the wave will go, though yeah it’s, a just hypothetical, really good, good and uh yeah. I believe that is all that. I wanted to cover that’s, a good 20 minutes of content. I had one other question and i’m, not sure this will continue and they’re going to have to edit the end of this anyway for the uh.

If they’re using this in the podcast, but does party poker using real names, help you and at all, while you’re playing or when you’re studying, or does that not matter to you like you, you, when You’re playing online.

You’re thinking screen name anyway. I don’t, think it matters too much uh other than making kendama a lot easier. But anyone who’s really good. You generally tend to know their real name: man’s screen name anyway, so i just don’t.

Think it matters too much in the highlights, though, i think it is a bit weirder than the 55 dollar comps when you just see like keith smith like in in the mix but not normally and yeah. I don’t think it matters too much.

Okay, good, and what is next for you uh, do you have any plans or are you waiting for, like another festival series to be announced somewhere? We’re in a couple. Friends are looking at going to mexico and getting out of here, but not on some sort of holiday and probably just move out there for a few months until things calm down and then hop over to america and then play stuff in vegas.

Hopefully there’ll, be some. I don’t, think they’ll, be fooled. They’ll, be sop but lexington reduce series, and i’m if the vaccination rolled out so as good as they seem to have been so bad yeah. I believe that’s, going to be the determining factor, and hopefully people are open to taking it as well.

But let’s. Uh, let’s, see what happens there and there’s. A lot of there’s, a lot of pockets of uk grinders in mexico. So are you friends with any of them? Is that why you’re picking mexico or it’s, just pretty random um, a few of them? Yeah um also just a couple of other friends.

We were looking at their cases today and in terms of the visa requirements and also just the what’s open because, like mexico just seems like a place to go out everywhere, like europe’s, not not really warm.

It’s, not gonna, be that pretty thing for a while. So we’re looking at just getting out of here, entirely might as well. Young, single and uh might as well go to the warm weather of uh mexico. You’re, not leaving uh.

You know you’re, just gonna leave the the grey skies of uh, the uk behind for a little while yeah, and one of my friends would look a pretty funny story because he knew someone who’s already out in mexico.

Yeah they’re, shutting the bars at twelve yeah. Then maybe we should all go to mexico. Okay! Well, thank you, jack for your time and uh, as always wish you the best of luck on the felts and in life in general.

Hope i get to do commentating with you again another day. It was very uh interesting or i hope we get to start a party in an airport again, but that’s, a story for another time in another place and then perhaps even another channel.

Yes, airport is for sure, okay take care jack. Thank you. Gigi poker continues to revolutionize online poker with exclusive new games and features that set it. Apart from the opposition play at neck breaking speed on the site’s, exciting spin and gold jackpot sit and go events and win big or grind it out in the weekly three hundred thousand 000 guaranteed gg masters, you guys will not want to miss Out on the gg poker bonuses you can get either a hundred dollars in cash and free tickets or 100 match bonus up to a maximum of six hundred dollars.

You guys definitely do not want to miss out on their match deposit bonus. You can check that out. On be sure to search ggpokerbonus on Well, as everyone knows, i love a good juicy drama, but if i can’t get a juicy drama or controversy.

Even some sort of you know, like pseudo, maybe drama a little bit of fireworks. I’ll, take it and we definitely got that um while actually, i was at the lone star poker series. I was talking with um. Some i want to.

Is it eric anderson, chad, eric yeah? I worked with the mspt spent many years on the road with eric many miles. Many hotel rooms shared eric’s, a good buddy of mine really liked him. He was a great guy and he was talking actually about how they had just had a fantastic stream for the world series of poker circuit, which featured drum roll, please in first and second place, but of course they didn ‘

T know that at the time but heads up against each other, chris morman and katie lindsay aka katie lindsay mormon, so married couple up against each other. Now we’ve, seen similar situations in poker before we’ve seen, you know, couples playing against each other.

There’s. Always the question of you know soft play, i can say for sure, katie lindsay is never soft playing.

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