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PZ 89: Porter Returns & 2023 Poker Review


OOP Oberleutnant Greg Porter returns to the Zoo pod for an update on his successful career as poker pro. I can’t believe it’s been six years! Time has really flown since the early days of our little group and teaching community.

Greg is an indispensable and senior member of said little community. He runs the OOP training games, providing high-level poker feedback, and specialized coaching. Greg edits my more challenging pieces and, more importantly, provides timely puns in the Poker Zoo chat.

On today’s episode, we hear about his games, and in particular about the influence of the Stand-up Game on mid/high action.

We then go through some of the highlights of 2023 in poker, the year of Doyle’s departure, Berkey’s ascension, and the long-needed return of produced poker content. Speaking of, here’s that opinion piece where I called for the return of production and writing to poker media.

After a short mental game interlude, we get into some hands from his local games.

A previous episode with Porter.

Here’s today’s hands discussed:

Hand #1 10/25 6.3Ke 8h

s5 75

s6 c

s2 c 88ds


s2 x/f

s5 100

s6 c


s5 275/c

s6 1100


s5 x

s6 5025ai

Hand #2 10/20/40 8Ke 8h

s7 130/c

s8 c/c

s1 650 AJss


s1 600

s7 c

s8 f


s1 x

s7 x


s1 x

s7 2500

Best wishes in 2024.

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