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[QUIZ] Do You Know When to C-Bet in 4-Bet Pots?

Poker players get more aggressive (on average) every year. As a result, playing well in 4-bet pots has become a vital skill if you want to succeed in today’s games.

This quiz will help you improve that skill. The focus will be on playing 4-bet pots as the preflop aggressor (a future quiz will have you playing as the caller).

You decision in each spot is simple: c-bet or check. For each question, assume you are playing a low stakes game with no specific reads on your opponents. All of the answers are backed by solver solutions with “GTO” preflop ranges/sizes as the inputs.

(Note: This quiz uses abbreviations for the table positions. Click here if you’re unfamiliar with any of them.)

Let’s get started!

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How Many Questions Did You Ace? And Which Player Did You Get?

Let us know in the comments below.

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