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5 Steps to Becoming a Better Starcraft 2 Player

Starcraft 2 is all about timing, speed, and knowing what your opponent is doing as much as you can. It takes some practice to better your skills but then once you get it down it all can seem like second nature to you.

Floating In Poker

Floating is an advanced bluffing play in poker where you call a bet on the flop with the intention of bluffing on the turn. Floating is a good way to exploit a player who continuation bets a lot.

WoW Strategy Guide – How To Look For The Top Warcraft Game Guides

Online gamers, especially those who play World of Warcraft often become so absorbed in their adventure in Azeroth that it almost takes priority over their affairs back in the real world. Hopefully this does not describe your own playing experiences, but you may still be dedicated enough to spend hours behind your laptop trying to hit that gold cap, or excel in mastering your class, raiding, or PvP competition. Obviously you will need some guidance to reach the highest levels, this is where a good guide comes into play.

Online Gaming And All Its Glory

Playing games right now are a lot more fun than it used to be before. You get to play with people and there are all different kinds of games on the internet. Many people would usually play quick flash arcade games that does not require a big deal of commitment and usually you only can play by yourself. Other times there are RPG games online that people can play with other people and it requires strategy to be good at.

WoW Dungeon Guide – Are You Using One?

It does not matter what game you play, people are always trying their hardest to find the best and quickest way to improve and reach the higher levels and stages. World of Warcraft is no different and players are continuously on the lookout for the quickest way to level their characters.

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