Ryan Hagerty Captures WSOP Online Event #23 for First Gold Bracelet

ryan hagerty wsop bracelet 2021
Ryan Hagerty eliminated four of his final eight opponents to win his first WSOP bracelet Friday night. (Borgata photo)

Seven months after falling short at the 2020 World Series of Poker Main Event U.S. final table, and one night after busting in fifth in another bracelet event, Ryan Hagerty battled his way through a WSOP event and emerged with the gold hardware that had previously eluded him. Hagerty, the fourth place finisher back at the hybrid final table of the 2020 WSOP Main Event, topped a field of 694 entries in Event #23 ($500 NLHE Turbo) Friday night.

Thanks to the turbo format, final table bustouts were fast and furious. The first coming less than a minute after the final table began. From UTG, ‘Lukaslo0413‘ moved all in for 965,058 with TcTs and Ray Fillipone called off his last 103,337 from the small blind with KcJd. Fillipone was unable to find any life preserver on the Ah9h4h2d6h run out and he was eliminated in ninth.

Three minutes later, Hagerty added to his already massive stack thanks to a cooler. From the cutoff, Kyle Miholich raised to 251,000 with JcJs. Hagerty moved all in for 2,099,950 from the big blind with QcQd and Miholich called off the rest of his 1,800,316 stack. Neither player improved their holding as the 5s4d3d4c6c runout allowed Hagerty to eliminate Miholich in eighth place.

Hagerty waited all of 45 seconds to find another player to bust. ‘Lukaslo0413‘ shoved for 1,065,395 from the cutoff with AdQh and Hagerty flatted from the small blind with AhAs. Calvin Anderson folded the big blind. The Qs8d5c flop gave ‘Lukaslo0413’ some hope but all of it was extinguished as the 6c turn and 9h river completed the board and eliminated them in seventh.

Two minutes later the table went from six players to five with another all in pre-flop battle of big pocket pairs. From the cutoff, ‘sub_zer0’ shoved for 1,000,0004 with JcJd and action folded to Anthony Chin in the big blind and he called with AcAh. Chin dodged any sort of danger on the Ks7s2h flop and then coasted through the 4c turn and 7c river to eliminate ‘sub_zer0’ in sixth place.

After taking just six minutes for the first four eliminations, it took 11 more minutes to get the next one. Once again, Hagerty was the one doing the heavy lifting. As the first to act, Chin moved all in for 1,373,400 with Ad3c and Hagerty re-shoved for 6,312,661 from his immediate left with 8h8s. Hagerty had nothing to worry about on the JcJs7s flop. The 3d turn gave Chin a few extra outs but the 5c river completed the board and eliminated him in fifth place.

Former #1-ranked PocketFiver Anderson was the next player sent to the rail. With blinds of 120,000/240,000 (24,000), Anderson shoved his last 2,264,547 from the button with Qs7s and Russell Crane called from the big blind with AhTh. There was nothing for either player on the 9c9d5h2s4h runout and Anderson was done and dusted with a fourth place result.

The pace of play then slowed considerably. It took more than 30 minutes for the next bustout hand to come. Richard Liotta raised to 800,000 from the button with As8h and Crane moved all in for 1,153,296 from the small blind holding 8c8s. Hagerty got out of the way, adding his 400,000 big blind to the pot, but Liotta called. Crane was looking good after the Qd6h6sKh flop and turn, but the Ad river gave Liotta a pair of aces and eliminated Crane in third.

That hand gave Liotta a slight chip lead over Hagerty, but over 20 minutes of heads up play, with less than 24 total big blinds in play, the lead went back and forth multiple times. Hagerty finally found a spot to end the battle. Liotta open-shoved for 2,062,496 with AcJh and Hagerty called with Qc5c. Hagerty took control of the pot on the Qs9h2c flop. Liotta bricked the 7d turn and Td river to finish as runner-up, leaving Hagerty to collect
$41,630 and erase the zero next to his personal WSOP bracelet tally.

Event #23 Final Table Payouts

  1. Ryan ‘hagzzz021’ Hagerty – $67,207
  2. Richard ‘Na_Cho_Cheez’ Liotta – $41,630
  3. Russell ‘njpincher’ Crane – $28,669
  4. Calvin ‘projector52’ Anderson – $20,081
  5. Anthony ‘boom81boom’ Chin – $14,303
  6. ‘sub_zer0’ – $10,368
  7. ‘Lukaslo0413’ – $7,651
  8. Kyle ‘JackintheB0x’ Miholich – $5,746
  9. Raymond ‘Tastemybeans’ Fillipone – $4,403

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