SCOOP: Adrian Mateos Wins Fourth Career Title, Second of Series

Adrian Mateos SCOOP 2021
Adrian Mateos won his fourth career SCOOP title on Thursday, his second of the 2021 series. (photo courtesy: Poker Central)

Thursday was another big day for the 2021 PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker as eight more events played down to a winner and awarded titles to 24 players. The day’s highlights included one of tournament poker’s most talented players adding to his legacy plus a little unexpected extra value for those who were on the mid-week grind.

Adrian ‘Amadi_017’ Mateos took down his fourth career SCOOP title, second of the series, after besting the 477-entry field of Event #50-H ($1,050 NLHE, PKO). Mateos took home the $36,993.73 first-place prize and added another $47,117.14 in bounties for a total haul of $84,110.87. Mateos grabbed a SCOOP victory earlier in the series when he topped the 873 runners in Event 13-M ($1,050 NLHE). Even though that tournament was considered a “Medium”, it came with a massive $146,714.34 payday.

Just like his earlier victory, he was forced to face down against plenty of top talent in Event #50-H including Belgian grinder ‘karimmae’ who finished in second place, earning a total of $47,743.35, bounties included. Not to mention, Niklas ‘Lena900’ Astedt, who is running white-hot this spring. Astedt ended up in third place, adding just $26,113.55 to his over $22 million in recorded career earnings.

There was a little extra value to be had on Thursday as three different tournaments missed their advertised guarantees and provided players some (always welcome) overlay.

Sweden’s ‘Grus/Snus’ navigated through the rebuy-heavy field in Event #47-H ($530 + R PLO, 6-Max) to take home their first SCOOP title. After 157 entries fired off 309 rebuys with 83 add-ons, the prize pool came up $25,500 short of the $300,000 guarantee. ‘Grus/Snus’ took full advantage and took home $60,683.52 for first place while ‘MB TREMENDO’ locked up $45,601.02 as the runner-up. ‘Samustti’ finished in third place which was good for $34,267.17.

The overlay in Event #48-H ($5,200 NLHE, 8-Max, Midweek Freeze) was nearly double that of the tournament that came before it. The Midweek Freeze drew 140 runners which left it $50,000 short of the $750K guarantee. Lithuania’s ‘necgaidziai’ was the biggest beneficiary of the overlay, earning the title and the handsome $157,426.77 first-place prize. ‘DingeBrinker’ also booked a six-figure score, banking $121,869.52 as the runner-up. Dominykas ‘Mikensonas’ Mikolaitis earned $94,343.47 for finishing in third place.

The end of the overlays took place in Event #52-H ($1,050 Limit Hold’em 6-Max) and it wasn’t much of a miss. The Limit event drew 62 runners, which technically missed the guarantee by just $3,000. It took just over eight hours for ‘coman567’ to min-raise his way to the $22,850.02 first-place prize and their first SCOOP victory. German grinder Julian ‘jutrack’ Track barely missed out on his second SCOOP win, falling in second place which was good for $15,134.41. ‘2bb100hands’ was the last of the five-figure winners, earning $10,024.09 for third place.

In Event #51-H ($530 NLHE, Freezeout) ‘PatrickRass’ topped the 687-player field to win $58,501 for first. ‘qieng’ from Austria was the runner-up and walked away with $42,157.48 while ‘Jesper8’ captured the bronze and booked a $30,380.17 score.

It was another deep run for Russia’s ‘FONBET_RULIT’ in Event #54-H ($530 PLO8, 6-Max) however the two-time SCOOP champion fell just short of acquiring a third title, falling in third place for $16,127.09. ‘onmybicycle’ did one better to finish as runner-up which paid $22,379.58. It was ‘texasilainen’, from Finland, who collected all the chips and claimed their first SCOOP title and the $31,056.39 up top.

Ukraine’s ‘Andre_Hansen’ nabbed his second career SCOOP title and $98,159.82 for taking down Event #55-H ($2,100 NLHE, 6-Max). ’FreeLancerZZ’ took second place for $72,978.36 and Alex ‘Pwndidi’ Theologis ended up in third place, padding his bankroll with a $54,256.94 score.

The final event of Thursday’s schedule was Event #56-H ($530 NLHE, Turbo, PKO) which took under five hours to play to a champion. In the end, it was Russian crusher Rinat ‘Zapahzamazki’ Lyapin who walked away the winner and earned his third career SCOOP title and $69,958.97 (bounties included) for first place. Finland’s ‘mnstrkll’ was the last elimination of the night, falling in second place and banking $40,142.13 for their efforts. Julian ‘jutrack’ Track notched his second top-three finish of the evening, ending up in third place for a total payday of $22,827.75.

Other winners on Thursday included ‘RUS_FISH’ (Event #47-L), ‘exstrike1’ (Event #47-M), ‘davideriksso’ (Event #48-L), ‘mrAndreeew’ (Event #48-M), ‘Castanella’ (Event #50-L), ‘Mr.Pedr0’ (Event #50-M), ‘Alcoholix20’ (Event #51-L), ‘$aymon9’ (Event #51-M), ‘paulera292’ (Event #52-L), ‘pokerqmaster’ (Event #52-M), ‘bamboking’ (Event #54-L), ‘Kashmir_uzi’ (Event #54-M), ‘fafinharj’ (Event #55-L), ‘onmybicycle’ (Event #55-M), ‘Archigram66’ (Event #56-L), and ‘LeoMattosAK’ (Event #56-M).

Event #47-H ($530 + R PLO, 6-Max)
Entries: 157 + 309 rebuys + 83 add-ons
Prize pool: $300,000 ($25,500 overlay)

1. Grus/Snus – $60,683.52
2. MB TREMENDO – $45,601.02
3. Samustti – $34,267.17

Event #48-H ($5,200 NLHE, 8-Max, Midweek Freeze)
Entries: 140
Prize pool: $750,000 ($50,000 overlay)

1. necgaidziai – $157,426.77
2. DingeBrinker – $121,869.52
3. Mikensonas – $94,343.47

Event #50-H ($1,050 NLHE, PKO)
Entries: 477
Prize pool: $477,000

1. Amadi_017 – $84,110.87
2. karimmae – $47,743.35
3. Lena900 – $26,113.55

Event #51-H ($530 NLHE, Freezeout)
Entries: 687
Prize pool: $343,500

1. PatrickRass – $58,501
2. qieng – $42,157.48
3. Jesper8 – $30,380.17

Event #52-H ($1,050 Limit Hold’em 6-Max)
Entries: 62
Prize pool: $65,000 ($3,000 overlay)

1. coman567 – $22,850.02
2. jutrack – $15,134.41
3. 2bb100hands – $10,024.09

Event #54-H ($530 PLO8, 6-Max)
Entries: 331
Prize pool: $165,500

1. texasilainen – $31,056.39
2. onmybicycle – $22,379.58
3. FONBET_RULIT – $16,127.09

Event #55-H ($2,100 NLHE, 6-Max)
Entries: 254
Prize pool: $508,000

1. Andre_Hansen – $98,159.82
2. FreeLancerZZ – $72,978.36
3. Pwndidi – $54,256.94

Event #56-H ($530 NLHE, Turbo, PKO)
Entries: 885
Prize pool: $442,500

1. Zapahzamazki – $69,958.97
2. mnstrkll – $40,142.13
3. jutrack – $22,827.75

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