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Horde Leveling Strategy – Dungeon Leveling

Dungeon leveling is a Horde leveling strategy that many players use nowadays, to raise their characters from level 1 to 85. Well, maybe not exactly from level 1, you cannot enter any dungeon or use the Dungeon Finder until you’re level 10. But from 10 to 85 it’s not a very bad way to level up a Horde character. So, here are a few tips regarding this Horde leveling strategy. Also, I will provide you here with a full World of Warcraft dungeon leveling path, from level 10 to level 85.

Important Horde Leveling Places in Kalimdor

Cataclysm has brought many changes to the old zones of World of Warcraft. Many new quest hubs were introduced, and zones that were not so great, XP-wise, for Horde players, are now great to level up through. Therefore, in this post I will put into view a few Horde leveling places that should be in your leveling path, if you’re questing in Kalimdor.

3 Horde Leveling Spots Where You Can Also Level Up Your Professions

Crafting professions can be easily maximized without leaving a main city, once you’re level 85, but when it comes to gathering professions, it’s a different story. However, if you focus too much on leveling up a profession, you may diminish the XP rate of your character by a lot. That’s why, here are 3 Horde leveling spots where you can also complete some quests, while skilling up your Mining, Herbalism and Skinning.

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SWTOR – Earn Credits With PvP

There is a common belief, that PvPers don’t need so much currency for their needs and neither their activity into the Warzones is profitable. If you are in that particular group of people, you can keep reading.

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