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(Sneak Peek) Road to Victory: The Ultimate Poker Tournament Course

If you’re a serious tournament poker player, read on.

Two of the world’s best poker pros have combined forces to create the ultimate course for players who want to final table and win more tournaments.

It’s called Road to Victory and it reveals the strategies that Darren Elias and Nick Petrangelo use to navigate from the first hand to the final table.

Darren and Nick have combined for $40 million in live tournament earnings and around $20 million online.

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Darren has a record 4 World Poker Tour titles and is a master of exploitative tournament strategy, while Nick is a Super High Roller regular who is a master of equilibrium strategies.

You get the best of both worlds as the two longtime friends reveal their winning strategies in this course. Expect an emphasis on practical strategies that work against real-life opponents.

Road to Victory: The Ultimate Tournament Course drops on May 8th, and there’s a special offer if you get the course during launch week.

The offer: Sign up for Road to Victory by Friday, May 12th at midnight and you’ll also get Darren and Nick’s other new course The Victory Vault as a free bonus. Once May 12th comes and hoes, The Victory Vault will be available for purchase for $399.

Darren and Nick have been working hard on this course and its extensive preflop charts for many months, and that hard work shines through.

Here’s a look at what’s inside Road to Victory and The Victory Vault, including 2 sneak peek videos at the bottom of this article.

What’s Inside Road to Victory?

The course comes with 27+ hours of video training content divided into 7 sections, most of which follow the Tournament Journey from the Early Stages to the Final Table:

  1. Darren’s Approach
    Darren breaks down the 5 player types that are regularly referenced throughout the course and provides general tips and mindset advice.
  2. Exploitative Ideas
    Learn 7 hyper-specific exploitative strategies which Darren has used for many years of his wildly successful career.
  3. Early Stage
    Your walk through the Tournament Journey begins with an extensive section on playing the Early Stages, when stacks are deep and weak players are in abundance.
  4. Intermediate Stage
    The key strategic concepts for when re-entry has closed and around half the starting field remains.
  5. Bubble Stages (Soft Bubble and Hard Bubble)
    Discover how to set yourself up for a deep run and/or survive to lock up some cash (depending on your stack).
  6. In The Money
    Learn how to adapt to the stacks at your table and make that key push to reach the final table.
  7. The Final Table (Including Heads-Up Play)
    Lock-in, ladder up, and close the deal. This section is highlighted by an incredible series in which Nick and Darren review every hand from a massive online final table, which Darren won for $448,842.

Now, have a look at the extensive tournament preflop charts the fellas included.

Road to Victory Preflop Mastersheet

Nick and Darren included over 250 solver-generated, hand-adjusted preflop charts so you know exactly how to navigate any common preflop situation.

The upgraded Preflop Mastersheet covers the following situations at 6 different stack depths (100BB, 50BB, 30BB, 25BB, 20BB, 15BB):

  • Raising First In (RFI)
  • Big Blind Defense
  • Blind vs Blind
  • Vs RFI
  • Vs 3-Bet for 30BB+
  • Squeezing for 30BB+

This custom-built tool is easy to use and has a bunch of features that make it easy to extract the value for your own game.

Darren’s Exploitative Ranges

As a master of exploitative play in large-field tournaments, Darren Elias is uniquely qualified to provide special preflop charts that will help you adjust your strategy like a top pro.

There are a total of 50 Exploitative Ranges. Most show you how Darren plays versus different player types in different situations, while some show you what Darren estimates different player types are doing.

The Exploitative Ranges cover a variety of spots, such as playing versus limpers and cold-calling 3-bets versus relatively weak players. You’re sure to get value from these charts and Darren’s explanation for each throughout his videos.

What’s Inside The Victory Vault?

If you get Road to Victory before May 12th at midnight, you’ll also get this 4-hour hand review based course.

All hands were sent in by Upswing Poker tournament members. Here’s a list of the videos (which include two blooper reels to prove these guys are actually humans and not perfect poker playing robots):

  • Early $109 Ignition Hand
  • Early $55 Global Hand vs Good Reg
  • Early $109 Stars Hand vs Streamer
  • Bubble $250 Stars MI/NJ Hand
  • Intermediate $1,700 WSOPC Hand
  • In The Money $1,600 Venetian Hand vs Loose Recreational
  • Intermediate $1,100 MSPT Event vs Table Chipleader
  • Deep In The Money $1,100 WPT Event
  • Hard Bubble Hand in Medium-Sized Tournament
  • Early $15 Online Tournament: To Bluff-Catch or Not?
  • Intermediate $55 Online Tournament: Fold Aces?
  • Hard Bubble $1,500 Small Field Tournament
  • Fiji vs Poland Spring (Blooper Reel)
  • You’re Gonna Hurt Yourself (Blooper Reel)

Road to Victory FAQ

Q. How much does the course cost?

Road to Victory costs $999 for lifetime access. Darren and Nick’s Victory Vault ICM Unmasked course costs $399, but you can get it as a free bonus if you sign up for Road to Victory during launch week (offer expires Friday, May 12th, at midnight)/

Q. Is there a members-only group?

Yes. All members get access to a Facebook group, where you can ask questions and discuss the course content with fellow tournament players. Note that Darren does not have Facebook, but he will be recording Q&A videos to answer questions posed by members in the group.

Q. Is the course appropriate for new players?

Players at all skill levels will benefit greatly from Road to Victory. Several advanced players were part of the beta testing period, and they consistently praised the course as high value. Due to Darren’s easy-to-understand presentation style, beginners will be able to extract a lot of that value too.

Q. What is the difference between this course and Nick’s previous tournament course?

Nick’s previous course, Winning Poker Tournaments, had a heavy focus on equilibrium, solver-based strategies. Those key strategies are not neglected in this course, but Road to Victory puts greater emphasis on practical strategies that win versus the players you actually play against in most tournaments.

You’re ready to start winning more poker tournaments, right?

Save your spot in the Road to Victory course here >>

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