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The SWTOR Sniper Guide

One of the advanced classes of the Imperial agent characters that you can play in Star Wars: The Old Republic is the SWTOR sniper. As the name suggests, these units use long rifles and recon to eliminate enemies. You would also think that because the SWTOR sniper is a Sith agent that they work best in legions of troops.

Alliance Leveling – Cataclysm Leveling Tips For Alliance

If you play Alliance, you’ve come to the right place, because in this post I will share a few nice tips for Alliance leveling. Cataclysm will be a bit easier for you if you read this. I hope this helps.

Alliance Leveling Areas – Cataclysm Quest Hubs for Alliance in Hyjal and Vashj’Ir

Are you leveling your first Alliance character in World of Warcraft? In that case, working with an Alliance leveling guide would be the best, because it’s the only way you won’t miss any of the Alliance leveling areas Cataclysm has brought to the game. Anyway, in this post I’m going to point out a few quest hubs in the Cataclysm zones that you shouldn’t skip when leveling up an Alliance character.

4 Things I Like About the Alliance Leveling Addon I Use

Almost every World of Warcraft player wants to reach level 85 as fast as possible these days, to be able to start arena or raiding with their friends. Leveling is just a big, fat obstacle between level one and the end game tons of fun. That’s why I’ve always been using an Alliance leveling addon (yup, I play only Alliance, you got me), and here are for aspects that I like about it.

Alliance Leveling Areas That Must Be in Your Leveling Plan

I started World of Warcraft as an Alliance player, then I moved on Horde for a long while and after the release of Cataclysm, I re-rolled Alliance once more. But things had changed, the Alliance leveling areas were not the same, therefore I realized I had to follow a totally different leveling path.

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