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Squeezing ACE KING vs. MANIACS | SplitSuit Poker

Skill Games

Skill games are all about you… how fast and how sharp you are. Many people think that they have what is needed but they’re wrong and don’t manage to finish the game.

ESPNU College Town Promo Code: All About It

ESPNU College Town Promo Code is used in a Facebook game created by the famous sports channel ESPN in collaboration with Disney’s Playdom and it tries to create a campus management and college sports experience, both at the same time. The game released in late September has created quite a havoc amongst the teens as well as college students and within a month has made more than half a million players addicted to it. The Game puts the player in charge of the college campus and running it, from financing the management and maintaining the school to keeping…

Video Game Design and How It Relates to Urban Design

Video Game design is built in a whole new world, a world that does not have to deal with politics and social issues. Urban design is closely connected to the social issues in this world and many could argue that there would be no need for urban design without a social cause. None-the-less, the foundation of urban design and video game design are the same and that is to create spaces that have an effect on the interaction of people.

FarmVille Secrets: The Ultimate Gaming Guide!

The sheer popularity of the game has meant that there are many social groups that discuss about the game and share their views. Besides, given that the game is not straight forward, FarmVille secrets are bound to be invaluable in these discussions. If you go online and search for FarmVille secrets, you can see how popular the game is and the volume of discussions around it.

WoW Leveling Zones Overview

Selecting the right WoW Leveling Zones is extremely important but not as important as getting the right mental attitude when it comes to the task of leveling. One of the traps that many World of Warcraft players fall into when leveling their characters are to fall into the social aspect of the game, which doesn’t really help much when you’re trying to get to level 60, 70, 80, or – now with Cataclysm – level 85. While WoW is definitely a social game, that same friend aspect can end up being a waste of your time when trying to power-level your character.

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